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Prayer of a Restless Soul

Two and a half bowls of curd rice
Satiate both tongue and belly.
Yet, gazing at the world with greedy eyes,
Dreaming of swallowing it whole,
I wander hungrily.

The honest love of family
Satisfies both heart and soul.
But with truth in my heart beating steadily,
I seek intriguing lies. With heaven within reach,
I stray about restlessly.

Your serene cup I thirst, my Lord,
I crave your warm embrace.
But I cannot drink, forgive me, Lord,
From you I turn my face.
For how shall I forsake this wanton earth?
An artful, lustful, faithless woman…
Daily she wounds me, nightly she heals me,
Professing undying love for me, for everyone!
Of the smell of her bosom I’m unduly fond.
Father, how shall I ever leave her
To join you in the Great Beyond

Copyleft FG. This piece of writing, and every other piece of writing in this blog, belongs to everybody. Feel free to read, copy, re-publish, whatever. FG doesn’t own it. FG didn’t write it. FG ain’t capable of writing any of this. FG is only a paid messenger-boy, doing his job. Sort of like one of Santa’s elves.

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22 Responses

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  1. savi savi says

    restless indeed! ”daily she wounds and daily she heals ..” our torturers are our consolers?? we hate and we love?? we find and we are lost?? hmmmmmmmmmmm. I like the poesy! kush told me to read ur pomes.

  2. jack jai says

    I guess i must find new adjectives to praise you for the poem but you”ve asked not to shower encomiums .. for fear of pride is it ?.. so shall for bear ..

  3. dee vine says

    hey elf : ) lucifer”s back to say hi : ) lemme now go n catch up…

  4. V T says

    Great poem and a wonderful PS.

  5. A J says

    Saala Son of a Gun, you are not only ekdum mast writer but bloody you are also a sweetheart level headed chap :=P

  6. Mystic Fakir says

    good poem FG

  7. Kanchan Bhattacharya says

    the great beyond awaits us all… is it a matter of our choice? Mother Earth… faithless to whom, if at faithless because she loves all? gr8 poem!

  8. RS says

    eHugs & eKisses !!!

  9. RS says

    u r going from humble to most humble … :-)) … u hv arrived ghost and this time not in terms of a writer But in terms of a human being !!!!

  10. Jolly Jacob says

    I wonder why people are wary of the smelly bits (even if used metaphorically). Kinda cracked me up. Reminds me of Vikas and his ”pakhand” post. Do you know where he is?

  11. bronzegoddess bright says

    this reminds me of a poem by tagore which i read sometime back..a good one..

  12. The Princess says

    “With heaven within reach,I stray about restlessly.””Father, how shall I ever leave her to join you in the Great Beyond?”~ lovely! Speaks volumes !! :)

  13. Jolly Jacob says

    The conflict between body and soul so beautifully expressed. It is said that King Janaka was an advanced soul but who continued to live the worldly life ruling his kingdom and co-habiting with his many queens and progeny.

  14. P Nayak says

    Blowing a kiss towards you …….. ! And a big smile :)))) Wonderful prayer.

  15. meena sundar says

    beautiful prayer( different FG)….. i ignored the smelly part( usaual FG stuff)……..

  16. dilip krishnan says

    moving words………

  17. a b says

    such a beautiful poyum reee … cept for the smelly bits

  18. Kush A says

    ahem ahem.. so i can speak anything?? ha ha ha! thats heady.. ok then i will………………….. i want ya to write MAYA part-2 ;-)

  19. hari sree says

    Why do you expose me, man!!!LOL…

  20. Kush A says

    thats mi prayer too.. ah! how much yu move me!

  21. savita dutta says

    wat a lovely prayer. Fg it set me thinkin….w e really are a wicked least I am. i have, and yet i yearn…..aaila!! will i sleep tonite?? hehe the demons wil rise??

  22. EkAjnabee Mallu says


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