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The World I want

I keep looking for images and words that express what I feel our world should be like. Well, here’s a pic I saw on L Kini’s iland ( With Kini’s kind permission, I am posting it here.

What does this picture signify?

I see humankind, having voluntarily given up all their technological achievements and all their acquisitions, all protections, comforts and clothes, bowing in the midst of the grandeur of nature.

I see people bowing before nothing in particular. (Maybe in reality they were bowing before a guru, an idol or a symbol when this picture was taken, but that need not concern us.) They seem to be bowing reverentially to the world in general, which includes themselves.

I see all of us at ease with our own nakedness and humanness. Our shame and self-consciousness is replaced by a superconsciousness, a supreme fellow-feeling, a sense of being one with all others. A serene oneness pervades this picture.

I see us all accepting one another in our nakedness and completeness, as God or Nature made us.

I see a congregation of the basic human being — people without heads held up in the arrogance of individuality. It reflects a kind of humble recognition of inner reality, which is lost in our daily battle for staying alive and getting ahead.

In this picture, I see perfect ibaadat and fakiree — perfect worship and renunciation. It brings tears of joy and reverence to my eyes. It makes me love this world and all humankind.

Bless this world, my Good Lord! Bless us all!

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32 Responses

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  1. RAGHU IYER says

    very nice post

  2. meena sundar says

    ur explanation is better … like neetu, i dont want a world like that pix :)

  3. binny bunnz says

    too good thanks for sharing

  4. J G says

    Thanks for your prayer!

  5. umesh chhikara says

    u made it sound wonderful!

  6. Vibhuti says

    Or one more meaning that this is the same position we have when we are inside Mother”s womb!! so near to God and so pure and innocent!

  7. Vibhuti says

    I”ve same feeling when I saw this pic on Kini”s blog but you made much better with you words!

  8. Samprati Me says

    Since long… I was thinking of forwarding a picture to you… Now I must do that…. & you may reflect/write on that whenever you feel like Friendly…. Pra~! :o)

  9. neetha nair says

    a ha, everyone has said it all , i too join them . ( but words apart , no- i dont want a world like that pic ).

  10. belina singh says

    A truly nice post FG.

  11. rumana Kapadia says

    Amazing!!! the real picture and the picture that is drawn before our eyes with your powerfull words.!!!

  12. shivani narula says

    what ever the event was…the explanation u have given is a better one….i would impress upon more on ur words the naked reality fazed out in our times….

  13. Turbo Jet says


  14. The Princess says

    :)))))…Ghost, so manyyyyyyyy nudies together??!!?? :)))))

  15. poornima k says

    There are few nudities so objectionable as the naked truth. We are ashamed of everything that is real about us; ashamed of ourselves, of our relatives, of our incomes, of our accents, of our opinions, of our experience, just as we are ashamed of our naked skins. Who knows what true loneliness is – not the conventional word but the naked terror? To the lonely themselves it wears a mask. The most miserable outcast hugs some memory or some illusion.

  16. poornima k says

    His breath like silver arrows pierced the air, The naked earth crouched shuddering at his feet, His finger on all flowing waters sweet Forbidding lay – motion nor sound was there – Nature lay frozen dead – and still and slow, A winding sheet fell o”e ~ Frances Anne Kemble

  17. Reshma Thakkar says

    Liked the way you visualised the pic and agree with you wholeheartedly….Reshu.

  18. V T says

    Hmm FG, ”Mann laga mera yaar fakiree main”. I liked the interpretation, nice to see some folks not taking too much offence and threatening to kill u (!!!).. The pic must have been taken in one of those nudist colonies somewhere in europe, people who figure in this picture will agree with the way u interpret the picutue, I am suire! :))

  19. Jo P says

    I have seen this picture before. It is a work of art. Thus, everyone can make an impression of what it is as they see it. At this point, I want to comment, not on the art itself, but how you have dished out your impression on the picture- your thoughts are divine.

  20. Name says


  21. Stacy Sin says

    All human beings are born naked, as clean and pure as white snow. Sad to say it is the world which corrupt them as they grow.

  22. Kush A says

    Inasmuch as you talk of shedding the external clothing, methinks thats cool. My uncle says that he wuld shoot the man who invented clothes! Hmmm…And where does individuality fit in here?

  23. ashminder bahal says

    Yes when you give up all things materialistic, one does reach the highest level of conciousness. Interesting post and well analyzed. Regards, Angad

  24. prasanna srinivas says


  25. dhaivat rangray says

    It can also be a picture of war prisoners about to be executed…. Heads hanging in shame, dispair, utter lack of hope and abjectness of surrendering their pride to some inevitable horror, an impending doom? Like it could be a picture from Nazzi camp during the hight of world war two…..

  26. Devil Head says

    Pic is beautiful.
    and so are the words .. as usual put thoughts eloquently.
    God Bless

  27. ROSY LIPS says


  28. savi savi says

    i wonder where the pic was taken and wat the hell is it?

  29. savi savi says

    aaila! why cant i see what u see?Youwant the world BEFORE eve ran for cover??where she was supremely unaware of her own nakedness?Before the apple? no krishna ..sorrry i disagree! that world is not here and cannot beand in todays context i find them devoid of dignity bowing before wat seems to bea tree. man was meant to walk straight not bent. That is why he has 2 legs to walk TALL. even before god the bowing is metaphorical. You can pray WITHOUt bowing. Maybe i am too steeped in convention and the worldly to see the beauty of this. Why didrobe to bow? why bow?

  30. L KINI says

    what a beatiful meaning u have given to this picture, i appreciate, this made me to post some more pictures of my huge collection. See it in my next post soon, and u can foresee where our generation is going towards, its(pics) really a barbaric one, i never saw such kind of pics on this iland

  31. soloman williams says

    i recollect reading somewhere that,nature is the real supreme power,or God almighty.The feeling of God or superpower in the early humans started with nature…..they worshiped nature…as we still have,the surya devta ,varun devta….so on.i hope i understood what you wanted to convey here ghost.and i sincerely feel…….your ideas and thoughts find univeral acceptance!

  32. Jolly Jacob says

    That”s why this is called ”Kaliyug”, I guess you will have to wait for ”Satyug” to come back for your dream to come true :-)

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