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RTI Union for Building Problems — Report of 9th April Meeting at Andheri

Dear All,

I am thrilled to report that the meeting held on Saturday, 9 April, was our most action-oriented meeting till date. This meeting – fourth in the series — was attended by 30 persons, including 6-7 wanting advice and hand-holding on matters involving builders, redevelopment, unauthorized constructions etc.

Contact details of 30 persons present:

Photos of meeting:

Highlights of this meeting:

1)    The Union took up the major problem of REJECTION OF RTI APPLICATIONS BY MCGM’S BUILDING PROPOSAL DEPARTMENT IF CT SURVEY NUMBER IS NOT MENTIONED. Utsal Karani had pointed out this problem. It was decided to immediately procure lists of CT survey numbers of all under-construction plots in the city, and put them up on internet. Accordingly, Prashant Uikey circulated this list of PIOs of Building Proposal Dept. to whom RTI application will be sent:
•    Prashant drafted this RTI application:
•    Later, a short version of the same RTI application was drafted:
These RTI applications are being filed with different Building Proposal dept. offices by G R Vora, Mohammed Afzal, Sulaiman Bhimani, Prashant Uikey, Advocate Namitabh Kothari and others.

2)    The Union took up the task of SURVEYING THE 32 SHODDILY-EXECUTED SRA PROJECTS that MMRDA handed over to MCGM in September 2010. As MMRDA’s Metropolitan Commissioner, Ratnakar Gaikwad let the builders get away with half-done work worth at least Rs 640 crore of taxpayer’s money, involving street lights, drainage, sewer connections etc. Details:
•    Interior designer Sulaiman Bhimani and architect Jagdeep Desai will visit these 32 sites, and record the conditions with photographs, interviews etc.
•    Bhimani undertook to file a complaint with Anti-Corruption Bureau or CBI for undue favour to Adarsh society:

3)    NAMITABH, PRASHANT AND SULAIMAN gave excellent advice and practical suggestions to people with grievances. They gave aggrieved persons their phone numbers and email addresses, and offered to help them by drafting RTI applications and complaints. Their leadership bodes well for the future of the RTI Union. The aggrieved were:
a)    A group from Chembur ld by Mrs Neha Nimbalkar, affected by an SRA-MHADA Project, where the builder was forcing unfavourable terms on the existing occupants, using the difference between old FSI norms (2.4) and new ones (2.5).
b)    Yogendra Shah of Ghatkhopar who received a demolition notice from MCGM on his tenented property, which he had been occupying since 1960, despite regular payment of tax and cessed property.
c)    Yogesh Dahibavkar and his family were tenants in a building in Grant Road that was redeveloped. Although the building was complete, the Dahibavkar family was not given possession of their new house by the builder, who wants to force them to agree to a smaller flat and also other adverse terms that are not in the original agreement.
d)    Tilak Shetty of Mahim is the owner of tenanted property, which is being extended without permission. Despite repeated complaints, MCGM is not taking action.
e)    Ashok Kuwadia of Ghatkhopar is fighting against an Illegal development by a builder. Although the builder was arrested for forgery and was in jail for 21 days, the Irregularities in construction persist. The building is being constructed on improper foundation, but MCGM is not taking action.
f)    CJ Pinto of Kalina is fighting for Church Property encroached by a builder. He is working to get relevant information and take action.

Grateful acknowledgment: SUDHAKAR MALPE kept detailed notes during the meeting. These minutes are based on his notes. GOPAL MEHTA lent us the excellent venue, thanks to the good offices of activist MUKUND MORE. We now plan to have meetings with greater frequency, 2-3 times a month.

This week: We shall put documents on internet showing MODUS OPERANDI OF BUILDERS CHEATING FLAT OWNERS OF THEIR FSI, substituting them with flower-beds, voids, dry-balcony and such other dubious space. They cheat the society of common spaces such as terrace, society office, etc. The FSI that is skimmed off in this way is then used for building more flats for sale.

Please note:  OUR MEETINGS, ADVICE, DRAFTING OF RTI APPLICATIONS ETC. AND FOLLOW-UP ARE FREE. We are a group of RTI activists who love the Right to Information movement, and also have more individual and collective experience than any RTI consultant charging fees. Come, join us to make Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) a clean and non-corrupt place to live!

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