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Surat Gang Rap Case

Surat police arrested three Muslim youths who kidnapped and gang raped a
school girl in the city, within hours of the incident.

Two of the suspects Shahid Saiyad and Tarik Saiyad are sons of Policemen.
Shahid’s father Nizamuddin is Circle Police Inspector in Dholka, while Tarik’s
father is Head Constable in Surat Police’s Mahidharpura. One more suspect is Abu

According to Surat Police, Abu, Shahid and Tarik spotted the 17-year-old girl
at a bus stop near the Regional Transport Office (RTO), Majura gate in the
morning. A girl was exchanging Chemistry note with a boy. Shahid, Tarik and Abu
called a girl near the car saying they were from Police. Later they pulled the
girl and the boy in the car forcefully. They then tied a boy with a tree and
continued to keep a girl in their car. Each of the three youths gang raped the
girl in the moving car on rear seat and abandoned her on the Udhna road. They
captured a video of rap incident and threatened the girl that they would make
this video public if she complains.

The badly bruised girl called up her parents from a telephone booth and
narrated the incident to them. Her parents and relatives reached the spot and
took her to a government dispensary for treatment after informing the

Three arrested rapists Shahid Saiyad, Tarik Saiyad and Abu Bakar were beaten
up by the angry common public in a civil hospital in Surat today. The people of
Surat grabbed a chance to express their anger when the rapists were taken to the
hospital for medical examination.

Crowds attacked two of the three rapists when they were on way to X ray room.
Around 200 ladies gathered with sticks in hands managed a chance to attack one
of the rapists by repeatedly kicking and punching him on floor. People also
damaged x-ray room’s windows expressing their anger.

Two policemen, one in civil dress and one in uniform had to show their
service revolvers to control the angry mob. Policemen tried to ward off the
attackers, and whisked away the accused men to the emergency room where first
aid was administered to them.

The three Muslim youths had kidnapped, gang raped and filmed a 17-year-old
girl, the niece of a noted psychologist/poet in a car as she was on way to a
tuition class on Friday. Medical examination confirmed that the girl was raped.

Two of the rapists are sons of Police persons. One rapist Tarik failed in
three subjects in 12th standard recently. Another one Police Inspector
Nizamuddin Saiyad’s son Shahid has mobile phone shop ‘M.R.Electronics’ in Janta
market. Shahid’s elder brother Nadir Saiyad is policeman in Godhra. His uncle JG
Saiyad is Police Inspector in Banaskantha. His grand father Gulam Rasul is
retired constable. Rapist Abu Bakar is married and father of two children. He
owns ‘M for Mobile’ shop in Janta market. Both Abu Bakar and Shahid became
friend due to their business in same market.

Meanwhile, Bajrang Dal’s Surat unit staged protest in front of Surat Police
Commissioner’s office today. The Police Commissioner on Friday had tried to hide
names of arrested Muslim youths and their Police connections. The Police
Commissioner had also passed some contradictory statements while briefing the

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16 Responses

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  1. Kartik Shrivastava says

    very sad…….but y u used word ”muslim youth” again n again in ur post…..


    I am pretty sure the three Youths will soon meet the fate of their destiny for the sins they have committed.

  3. anamika r says

    agreed to rakesh tiwari..

  4. rakesh tiwari says

    final order they will hang till death

  5. Dr Brijesh says

    Rapist must not be relaxed in any case…it doesn”t matters who they are…

  6. Karizmatic Keyur says

    Rapes are the most evil things in any society….
    I wont wish this for even the biggest enemy of mine..

  7. HariOm Chawla says

    Rape is the most henious crime and the rapists must be tried in fast track court so that guilty are punished at the earliest.


    u hav just shocked me……………..n iam wordless ………….frnd……..kya yehi is yug ke ”Bharat” ki ………….”SURAT” hai?………..very hard to digest such news……………frnd…………….

  9. Mohan Mudgal says

    Shoot these bastards.

  10. Anvesha says

    Shit!!!itsreally sick….a school gal n dey evn filmed whole crap…besides being sons of police men…

  11. vikas gaonkar says

    I`m Shocked ! This is totally a case of wrong enforcement of power by the fielthy rich and powerful sons of the society, who have a damage mind and full time to destroy the nation. This is also a result of wrong gardianship by the parent. It leaves a question before the society that are we in a civilised age or we are going back to the wild age. Not only a law can stop it, but social action is needed against the rappists.

  12. chandrakant parmar says

    ham kanha ja rahe hai, ,eetana galat knyo ho raha hai, yahi sochane ki jarurat hai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  13. vinay vaidya says

    It is really a horrible incident, and the criminals deserve severemost punishment. That too as early as possible, because justice delayed is justice denied. One can”t imagine what trauma a victim of the rape undergoes. The whole life becomes a nightmare, and the society, keeps on exploiting emotionally her, a sad story! I think this part of the problem remains un-addressed. Thanks for bringing-up the news.

  14. nirdosh kapoor says

    horrible !!! the culprits should be hanged publically ……….

  15. ivee nia says

    i do not know what to say – for me rape is happening even in marriages and women or men – (that happens too) – keep quiet… however – rape is terrible – cause it is against personal freedom and it hurts. so it is time to teach differently – not only the parents – also at schools…

  16. Richard says

    I am certain that any rapists needs the death sentence. I approve of the women who assaulted the rapists. I also encourage the community to be relentless in their fight aagainst bribery, corruption and mismanagement in all its manifestations. The fact that the rapists are related to members of the police is no excuse for rape. I admire that girl who went to her parents and reported the rape. There is no doubt that many people will have their own views but nothing will change teh fact that an innocent girl has her life altered because of criminals. Those criminals must be dealt with by the law, by the community. The religious leaders must be vocal and condemn these barbaric acts. Where are the Muslims priests to condemn this crime? Where are the Hindu priests to condemn this crime? Where are teh Christian priests to condemn this crime? Where are the politicians to condemn this crime? Where are the police to prevent such crimes? If the police wont act, the community must do so now!!!

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