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Twitter Integrates Videos, Photos, And Instant Previews

Twitter is all set to release an update related to search results which will place altogether a fresh section called ‘Top Photos’ above the matching tweets. Besides that, users may also be able to see ‘Top Videos’. This leading social networking site will also soon start showing tweeted pictures for those, who are searching on Android-based devices and iPhone. However, Twitter already displays top images and photos for a search, but they have been positioned to the side of main search. After this new change comes into effect, top videos and pictures will appear at the top of matching tweets. This change will take place for mobile searchers and desktop, both.
At present, a process related to viewing photos is comprised of two steps, where a user would require selecting a tweet, in order to let it open up a fresh screen showing the tweet with the picture. After the fresh changes, tweets along with pictures, will automatically display a picture preview, where the tweet text would itself be used as a caption. This will benefit users in a way that, the focus would remain on the pictures shared by the people but simultaneously, they will be able to view the tweets as well. Another change made by Twitter is an effort to explain the manner through which Twitter personalizes the search results for an individual.

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Google Losing Grip In China

A shocking news piece has literally set apart the internet foreseers and it is that Google is losing its position in China. Recent reports have revealed that Google is now on the fourth place when it comes to search market share in the dragon country. Not only this, reports also confirm that Google maps have also lost their position because apple will use its own maps for iOS 6. It is currently on the 6th position. Bing is above Yahoo when it comes to the positions as shown in the search engine market share in the country. Google has been the most popular search engine and most compatible with almost all applications. It has been receiving mixed responses since it has started making changes in its current format.

Apple smartphones are also inclined to use their own mapping technologies on their new iPhone discarding the ongoing Google Map which is a big loss for Google.  The search engine is still on the top in India but losing its share in China is a big blow to Google. It is still ahead of Bing and Yahoo and many other local search engines. Google has introduced various new features like Google +, Google Maps, synchronizing Google places to one. These changes are being done with a view to improve the search engine presence but it is getting mixed opinions and that can be one reason why it is losing its share in China.

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Relevance of Principle Of Proximity in the Context of Web Design

Be it any kind of designing, it is always based on some principles. However, the only difference is that, few designers are well-versed with the principles related to the designing while few other unconsciously or sub-consciously implement designing principles.
Among such major designing principle, one is ‘Principle of proximity’. This principle states that related objects are supposed to be grouped visually, in order to create less clutter & ensuring further organized layout. In simple words, items, which are not related to each other, are required to be placed apart from each other so that a lack of relationship between them may be clearly highlighted. If this principle is being taken care of properly, it can play a crucial role in ensuring an overall success of a website.
The first & foremost point, web designer needs to remember is, not to fear white space. Sometimes due to client’s pressure or sometimes due to own misconception that even a slightest white space would mar the complete appeal of a website, compels a designer to fear from White space. It is important to understand for a web designer that a white space plays an important role in guiding user’s eyes in intended directions & makes a long-lasting impression by creating a contrast. One more important clarification regarding a white space, that white doesn’t imply towards using white color it implies towards empty space. In order to add effectiveness to the white space rule, a web designer needs to ensure that items are grouped properly, featuring logical order.
Another most important aspect of the principle of proximity is, flow of content information & website’s architecture. A ‘list’ is a brilliant example to summarize important information & to highlight important information.

Organized Layouts really appeal website visitors to a great extent. One can get more clarity regarding how principle of proximity can be used in ensuring organized layouts, by taking a glance at online news editions. News websites can make a web designer understand, how to choose colors & typography, how to ensure uncluttered appearance, how to make a logo appear more effective, etc.
Another aspect of principle of proximity is, ensuring a grid-based layout, featuring proper gutter sizes, ensuring sufficient room between sections. However, there is no denial to the fact that use of this principle of proximity offers an effortless navigation to a website visitor and enhances an overall appeal of a website.

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Bing features news writers on side bar

Search engines are constantly improving themselves and adding new features every now and then. The latest addition has been made by Bing. Bing has announced recently that news writers will feature on the social side bar. The people are generally confusing these as those who answer the question. Bing has further said that the people who appear on the side bar would be experts in the field. Bing is still in the process of selecting the Authors who can be shown on the sidebar. The search engine has already shortlisted some of the authors and is in the process of finalizing them. 
This will certainly be a feather in the cap as people will visit Bing more than any other search engine because Bing will provide an added advantage of expert advice. The expert in a field would certainly have more knowledge and would help the users in their search and will have much more ideas and knowledge about the topic. There are many blogs and tweets available over the internet but the reader would now see the experts directly without much browsing and then can select and search further. Bing is certainly improving day by day and like Google is trying to give maximum benefit to its users.

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An update from Google on Webmaster Guidelines

Google has rolled out its new webmaster guidelines which include the guidelines related to do’s & don’ts besides some facts & fiction. Way back in 2006, the information contained by webmasters became a complete information center which would offer help since it featured lots of explanations & details. Google is committed to enhance the quality of information for website owners since this tech-firm strives to refine the information in order to let users know about the latest information & offer them better clarity.
However, in the latest updates, Google has added guidelines around the rich snippets. There were few examples which were being added to the details related to link schemes like Text advertisement which pass PageRank, Links which have been inserted into articles featuring little coherence, widely distributed links in footers of numerous site, forum comments featuring optimized links in the post or signature, etc. Google has also made this point very clear that since rich snippets are created algorithmically, company holds a right to take manual action, for an instance, disabling rich snippets for a particular site. The whole concept behind this latest updates is to discourage people from an act of manipulating search engine algorithms

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Upcoming Kindle Fire Tablets by Amazon to feature Bing as Default Search Engine

A latest report has reportedly confirmed that it is not Google but Bing which will be featured as a default search engine on the upcoming Kindle Fire Tablets by Amazon. Though the original version of Kindle Fire Tablet did feature Google as a default search engine but this time Amazon seems to be altogether in a different mood. Amazon is expected to sell few million new devices because an aggressive pricing strategy is likely to favor in work of these new tablets and if Amazon gets successful in achieving expected sales target then it will certainly bring benefits to Bing as well.

There are available many other browser options for Amazon’s kindle Fire like Dolphin, Opera & Maxthon but majority of people are expected to make use of default Silk browser along with Bing. If reports are to be believed then Amazon has partnered with Nokia in order to employ its new mapping service.

Well this step taken by Amazon will compel Google to get indulged into an act of reality check since it has been believed so far that it is Google which can make the best out of Android. As far as Amazon is concerned then it is truly making a great effort in order to make Play, Maps and Search features more appealing that too without relying on Google services.

The decision by Amazon seems to affect Google in some way but being the most sought after search engine on PC and other devices, the search giant will remain the hot favorite of companies to feature their website on top of searches. Baytech Web Design can greatly help in securing a prominent place for your website on Google. By pitching in robust search engine optimization technique the San Jose based company can really do wonders to a website.

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Bing experiments more than 10 search results

As per the latest information regarding the searches on Bing, the search giant has launched an experiment through which it is trying to show more than 10 search results per page and it is determined to continue with this experiment for some time.
Some vigilant searchers have identified the change that began showing up recently. As part of the change that was witnessed by several users, Bing displayed search results in random manner that would give an impression of a bug. Nevertheless, a representative from Microsoft tried to clarify that it is not a bug but a kind of an experiment which will be extended further by a company till its June update.
A statement released by a company revealed that the company is trying to do this experiment on Bing for enhancing user experience. Company also revealed that they did continue an experiment for couple of months and then released new format during June. However, if user feedback regarding this change are to be believed then they witnessed 11 to 20 search results on page 2 while 23 to 32 search results on page 3 so it is really difficult to understand what Bing is all up to and after releasing a statement will it be really able to deliver a better user experience?

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Web Design Steps for high ROI websites

Web design is no doubt the face of a website. The degree to which a site’s content is “rich”, well promoted and functional will determine a site’s bounce rate. This is the reason why a good looking websites wins over the heart of the visitor but also prompts them to buy the product or opt into the services offered. If you have ever pondered what the significant stages of Web Design are, then Baytech Web Design can answer that question.   

Stage 1 – Style and substance

The first stage is developing an appealing web design which can grab the attention of your elite target audience. You may spruce up your website by elements, incorporating flash animation or you may incorporate stunning JavaScript mouse over effects or probably drop down menus in the design. No matter what you opt for, do not forget to add a dash of style to your web design.  This can make it not only appealing but also empower it to work well.

Stage 2 – Designing for online visibility

If your website lacks proper substance then no matter how eye catchy the design of your website is, it will fail to deliver your expected results. Many companies fall prey to doorway page companies and ad agencies but despite the interference of these companies, your website does not seem to generate any business for you.

Stage 3 – Designing for your audience

Stage 3, consists of identifying your target audience and their preferences through the assistance of industry data or a marketing specialist.  From there it is critical to have your web design and marketing strategies in alignment in order to optimize the site design. 

Stage 4 – Site redesign

After a long head scratching exercise, a website owner finally gets an effective website. In order for a website to gain the maximum potential traffic, it must written, coded, and designed in a way that it is both user and search engine.


In nutshell, a perfect website is one which is capable of appealing your target audience because ultimately they are the source of your revenue generation.

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Google introduces handwriting recognition

It seems that keyboards will soon no longer exist and touch pads will replace these. Google latest addition to its search revolution is hand writing recognition for tablets and smartphones. When on, one can go to the settings and set the handwriting recognition feature on and one can scribble anything on the screen to search. For example if one wants to search “Olympics”, one need to just draw O L Y M P I C S on the screen and it will be there on the search bar. This feature no doubt is going to revolutionize and will further empower Google searches.

Furthermore, handwrite queries means that it is an addition to the image and voice based queries. This makes Google searches simple and easily accessible without the need to type. Just scribble on the screen and the results will be displayed. Google uses the Handwriting recognition technology to convert the touch inputs into text and then puts it onto the search bar leading to freedom from typing on the screen keyboard.

The hand write queries will allow users to have more space on the screen to type and it will be a boon to smaller smartphones that have little screen space since the keyboard takes half of the screen. This will allow them to have the entire screen free to write. Google has also issued tips on how to activate this feature as well as the correct way to get the desired results. Stay updated with the latest additions to the web and mobile web experience and also empower your website with Baytech Web Design and development services.

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Highest ROI Facebook Campaign Designing Basics

no doubt has become the most prominent launch pad for any product or service as
it assures instant results. With so many people online on Facebook, the product
or services promoted on it gets instant hits and this assures the highest ROI.

However, only a well chalked out Facebook strategy could result in exceptional
results while others are a waste. The sole factor that drives a campaign to new
heights of success is its goal. Setting the goal of the campaign is important
as it decides the strategy. The campaign could be for getting more fans,
specific action or to engage people on the Facebook page. In all the cases,
success depends on the nature of the campaign planned for it and whether it
fits well with the goal.

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