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Best Pocket Knife Spring Assisted

The purpose of the pocket knife is so you can carry it
anywhere. From the jack knife of old (where opening it requires you to have a
long fingernail), to its modern-day evolution which is the spring assisted folding
knife, having a knife in one’s pocket ensures that we meet the demands of
life’s daily adventures.

So the question now is what is the best pink pocket knife
spring assisted
that is in the market? There are a thousand and one options
available right now. But generally, the best version to choose is one that fits
the wearer’s lifestyle.

Compact Size

But first, let’s look at the pocket knife. The pocket
knife is generally looked down upon because of its very nature—it folds, hence
the blade and handle are separated which translates to the knife not being as
strong as a fixed-blade, full tang knife. But in its design lies its ingenuity:
it fits into whatever small pocket we have.

Therefore, a best pocket knife must be sleek enough to fit into
the pocket, and remain inconspicuous, must be light enough to be worn the whole

Fast Deployment

Fast deployment is also important when it comes to pocket
knives, and this is where spring assist comes in. The spring assist feature is
quite recent. With this feature, flicking the spring assist nub (which usually
juts out of the side of the handle), would enable the blade to jump out and
lock into the liner. All this using one hand. As the saying goes, an open knife
in the hand is worth more than ten in the pocket.

With this feature, a spring assist folder is ideal for
those who foresee a need to deploy a knife in emergency situations, such as a
fireman conducting rescue or a police officer requiring the use of a knife
while on duty.

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