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Cheongdam Dong Alice Episode 10 Watch Online Free Streaming | Cheongdam Dong Alice Episode 10

Cheongdam Dong Alice Episode 10

 Han Se Kyung believes her positive attitude and sheer determination will help her get whatever she wants out of life. Illusions shattered. Enter her Prince Charming. Cha Seung Jo, Chairman of the Artemis Group Korea, who thinks he is falling for a Candy girl. But no, his love now wants to be a Cinderella and become a Cheongdam-dong wife. He is plotting revenge against his father, head of a rival group, and his ex lover is her boss. Will the two of them learn about love and marriage?  School 2013 Episode 8

 The drop into hell is just as bad as I thought – if not worse. The truth really changes people, and while you’d hope it’s for the better, in this instance it changes people for the worse. We’ve seen Se-kyung grow into a stronger person who will do whatever it takes to achieve her dream…. More »

 This episode in particular was a little more somber as we watch Se-kyung at a crossroads – should she continue to love a man she thinks isn’t wealthy, or should she abandon him and focus on her goal? Whichever she chooses, this series is better whenever comedy comes into play. I don’t mind if this.

How do I describe this episode: it’s 50% cute, 40% Park Shi-hoo, and 10% sweet. And that adds up to… 100% of full crazy fun that makes my heart lift with giddiness. I never thought we’d get this kind of episode from the way this drama started off, but I’m thankful for it.

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