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Company had entrusted C-Quel with the responsibility to sell its PF securities portfolio as they wanted to transfer their Trust to the PF Department .        C-Quel empanelled different reputed brokers, negotiated selling rates and made a substantial profit from this sale. This entire transaction was               completed in 3 months’ time.
    * Negotiation with Insurance company to bring down Gratuity Premium Rates : Before C-Quel took over, the client would pay the sums demanded by       the insurance company as Gratuity policy renewal premium without any challenge. After C-Quel took over the account, the insurer’s senior       management team was summoned to the client site for a meeting by C-Quel and the entire cost- benefit structure was analyzed. As a result of       C-Quel’s analysis and constant follow-up with top management at the insurance company, the latter brought down the premium quotation significantly.
    * PF & Superannuation Transfers : When C-Quel took over the account, it was found that several employees’ PF & Superannuation transfers were       pending since many years. C-Quel proactively co-ordinated with previous employers, PF offices and insurance offices, nationwide, to resolve these       long  pending transfers.
    * C-Quel was given the responsibility of Pan-India PF compliance of the world’s no 1 cement company in 2001, in preference over another MNC       consulting firm, which was handling the PF prior to C-Quel.
    * The client’s PF accounts were frozen by PF offices all over the country and Lafarge was being prosecuted under Section 7A with the threat of bank        attachment, prosecution of the MD and huge penalties.
    * The Trade Unions were up in arms against the management as PF accounts were frozen by the PF Department and no PF claims were getting       settled.
    * C-Quel was able to successfully close all 7A proceedings nationwide,recast the PF accounts since 1999 and get all account slips issued from 1999       onwards. C-Quel also organized PF events at all client factories wherein PF officials came and distributed PF and Pension cheques. The Trade       Unions were deeply satisfied and C-Quel was greatly appreciated by them.
    * The client had entered India by buying the TISCO & Raymond Cement Plants. C-Quel handled thousands of PF transfers from TISCO & Raymond to        PF offices nationwide and ensured the recording of these transfers in RPFC’s books of accounts, Pan-India.
    * C-Quel has successfully negotiated with Insurance companies on behalf of the client to get them the lowest rates for their EDLI policies.
    * C-Quel has successfully handled PF transfers of employee from multiple previous employers. The most recent case, for which was C-Quel was commended by the client, was obtaining Rs 45 lacs from the previous employers of an Executive Committee Member. 
CASE STUDY 3: Premier Ready Mix Cement Client
    * the client purchased 73 Ready Mix Concrete Plants (RMC Plants) from Larsen & Toubro in 2008. Initially appointed C-Quel only for the Mumbai        location and to handle 500 employees’ PF & Pension transfers from LNT / RPFC offices. After being satisfied with the performance of C-Quel they        appointed C-Quel for several Plants, nationwide.
    * C-Quel successfully concluded the LNT transfer cases and invited PF Department to a ceremony whereby the accounts slips including the transfers        were incorporated and handed over to members.
CASE STUDY 4: Navratan PSU Oil Company
    * In 2003/04, the client was facing huge problem because of non-implementation of EPS’95 Pension Scheme.
    * There were repeated strikes by the Trade Unions for this non-implementation. Despite all efforts of management they could not solve the problem.        There was no compliance since 1995 to 2003 (case pending in the Supreme Court) resulting to a huge backlog of over 2500 pension claims and                creating a huge union issue.
    * The client appointed C-Quel at that critical juncture. C-Quel was able to handle this situation very successfully and was instrumental in releasing over        two thousand pension orders from 45 RPFC locations all over India. Since then C-Quel has been working as a trusted vendor of the client.
    * C-Quel also decentralized the PF account at Mumbai, opening PF codes in all the major zones and ensuring speedier delivery of pension to local        people in zones.
    * C-Quel ensured thousands of transfers from PF office Mumbai to all the zonal level PF offices.
    * C-Quel was successful in inviting the Union Labour Secretary and the Company Chairman to a Pension Distribution ceremony in New Delhi, whereby        hundreds of Pension orders were distributed by PF office Delhi.
CASE STUDY 5: World’s Leading Mobile Devices Company
    * The client’S existing PF vendor, an MNC consulting firm, had not succeeded in obtaining exemption for their PF Trust since 1997. The Trust        administration and record keeping was also found deficient by the PF Inspecting teams. C-Quel was appointed to obtain the Trust exemption. After        setting  right all accounts and records C-Quel was able to successfully obtain the Gazette Notification from the Ministry of Labour for the PF Trust in        2010.
    * The client was charged with a Demand Notice in December, 2007 by the ESI Authority, Bangalore demanding payment of contribution for a period of        seven years (1998-99 to 2004-2005) on the amount of Rs.6.15 Crores paid to one of their Logistic Vendor based on an Inspection Report of 2003        conducted by the ESI Inspector thus casting upon Motorola a liability of Rs.2.06 Crores. A proceeding under Section 45A of the ESI Act was initiated        subsequently against the client. C-QUEL was entrusted with the case and finally succeeded to bring down the liability to Rs.3.33 Lakhs based on        submission opf contractors documents and payments.
       Apart from ESI C-Quel was instrumental in building a strong compliance infrastructure under the various labour laws which resulted in      almost              100% compliance across the country.
    * C-Quel was appointed in place of another PF vendor who had been serving the company for 14 years. The previous vendor’s services were not found       satisfactory or committed. Several PF claims and transfers were pending and the Gratuity and Superannuation claims and transfers were also       pending .
    * C–Quel successfully de-centralized the account at Mumbai Hyderabad within a month of takeover. Claims and transfer cases were streamlined. A       fresh members’ database was created and provided to RPFC Mumbai and Hyderabad.
    * Members’ PF ledgers were updated and put on the web for web view
    * Executive Director of Insurance Company was contacted at Mumbai and complaints regarding pending claims and transfers were lodged at the       highest level. Success came with this initiative and insurance company started taking quick action to resolve pending issues
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