I danced the dance

I hadn’t heard that song before. Never.

It just started off.The lyrics to me did not make any sense then. The beats did.
It set my foot thumping. 
The thumps got louder.

I got up and my feet began to tap the dance floor.

Fast. Faster.

I broke into a jig.

My hands swayed and my body began to groove.
Oh… ah… this was fun.

Every muscle danced to the rhythm. The song was at it’s catchy best.

And that’s when I spotted her… my partner… standing in the corner, smiling at me.

Gracefully, I skid on the floor and held out my hand to her.
She was waiting and gladly accepted my offer.

I pulled her towards me, my arms on her waist; her’s on my shoulder.

I coiled her in me and then just unwound her.
A lift followed.
The dance just flowed.
Cartwheels, summersaults… the moves were unbelievable.

I never knew I could dance so well and hidden were her moves too, until now.

Every muscle in my body was burning to fuel my moves, and I was unstoppable.


I had never danced like this before. Never.
The song went on. I danced like there was no tomorrow.

So what if I was sitting in the bus.

So what if the music played on the radio.

So what if the dance floor was in my mind.

So what if my moves were my imagination.

So what if my beautiful partner was my creation.

I had danced the best dance of my life. 

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