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Why Congress mothers and sons blame Prime Minister Manmohan Singh?

April 18, 2012 By: Gemini Category: Uncategorized

When you lose elections, you can blame anyone but yourself. But if you are in the Congress party, you can always blame Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
Well, that seems to be the trend ever since the Congress lost Punjab, Goa and Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai civic polls and, now Delhi municipal polls.
The humiliating defeat in Delhi has quickly prompted Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and her son and East Delhi Lok Sabha MP, Sandeep Dikshit, to point fingers at the image of the UPA-II headed by Dr Singh. They have blamed price rise and allegations of mega corruption under the UPA for turning Delhi voters away from the Congress!
Not surprising, say other Congress leaders. When Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi reviewed the UP results, many defeated candidates blamed the UPA government’s image for their drubbing!
“Why, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi could be thinking on the same lines,” commented a Congress functionary.
Sheila Dikshit split the Municipal Corporation of Delhi into three units, hoping that the Congress would win at least in one of them. Her rivals in the Congress warned her against the trifurcation of the 53-year-old civic body ahead of the polls, saying it could prove expensive for the party. They say it is no surprise that the BJP won 59 of the 104 seats in North Delhi and 35 of the 64 in East Delhi. It emerged as the single largest party in South Delhi, winning 44 of the 104 seats.
Dikshit believes that “this is not an election for me. It is an MCD election. When it comes to my election (assembly polls next year), my referendum will come then.”
Her son, Sandeep Dikshit attributed the defeat to a “disconnect” between the party and the people and the BJP’s success in taking advantage of a series of mega scams inclduing those connected with the Commonwealth Games, in which his mother’s name too figured.
Typical of his style, a cool Dr Manmohan Singh has, naturally, sought to play down the Congress’s dismal show, saying the MCD polls were fought on local issues. “These are local elections, local issues, people who work for the people. These are the qualities that count. In every election, there are winners and losers and one has to accept it with good grace,” he said.
But many Central Congress leaders and even Union ministers acknowledged that the results of the elections were a reflection of the larger “national mood” against the party.
Of course, the most optimistic among the Delhi Congress leaders give a spin. “Last time, the BJP had won the MCD polls but the Congress came to power in the Delhi Assembly,” Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said, adding: “The Congress even went on to win all the seven Parliament seats. The MCD polls should be seen only as MCD polls.”

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