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spraying agent orange.

during the vietnam war the US military troop used 20 million gallons of herbicides containing dioxin between 1962-71 to remove forests which otherwise provided cover for enemy forces.even troop members took ill and they were told having dirty blood.on jan 2004 the vietnam association for victims of agent orange filed a lawsuit in a US fedaral fdistrict court,Newyork against several US companies for developing &producing the chemical.Attached picture shows an aircraft spraying agent orange over vietnam forests

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Vietnam war

Dear friends we are preparing an article on dioxin and our lab.It will soon appear in newspaper.Hope your encouragement will be there with us forever.Thanks a lot for viewing my blog and giving inspiring comments.Today i am going to focus on vietnam war.It was after the vietnam war that dioxin got public attention.during the war the US army in its herbicidal warfare program used agent orange,a was used to defoliate forests where vietnameese were was sprayed from aircrafts.the aftermath was shocking.agent orange cotained dioxin which led to the death of many,caused cancer,genetic effects etc.still children are born with birth defects.It was after this war the world identified the culprit as dioxin.the chemical was named agent orange since it was shipped in orange-striped barrels.dioxin caused cancers like soft tissue sarcoma,Non-Hodgkins lymphoma,chronic lymphocytic leukemia,abortions,neonatal death,low birth weight,childhood cancers etc and many are pictures of vietnam victims.

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victor victim

you have seen the worst face of chloracne in previous blog.Today we will have a glance at the dioxin poisoned ukrainain president victor yushchenco.he was poisoned with dioxin by a third party by adding the chemical into his soup.The incident took place in 2004 dec.11.The concentration was 1,000 times above the normal levels that you would find in blood or tissue.Dioxin has the property of binding to fat so it was intentionally added to the soup which contains cream as fat.Yushencho had long been kown for his good looks.But doctors said more treat ment wiil be needed to determine whether his face can be restored to the way it looked.

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thanks a lot dear friends for ur precious suggestions,requests,and wishes.Your support has given me lot of confidence to continue with this blog.Hereafterwards i am going to giv simpler, blogson dioxin.
Dioxins are the most poisonous,longlasting chemical produced from paper and pulp industries,waste incinerators,chemical industries,etc.if a chlorine containing compound is burnt dioxins will be released.similarly paper industries make use of chlorine for bleaching purpose.after bleaching chlorine containing wastes are released into rivers where they undergo reactions to produce dioxins.once dioxin enter the environment they remain there for long periods causing environmental and health hazards.In medical field the syringes,surgical intruments.blood bags,etc are burnt in incinerator after use.when plastic ciontaining wastes are burnt dioxin is produced.plastic is chemically poly vinyl there is chlorine isnt it?We collect ash from incinerators and test for dioxin .dioxins are cancer causing.they also cause a skin condition called chloracne.The ukrainian president victor yushencho was poisoned with micro level of dioxin by his rivals.still he is stuggling with the aftermaths.more storie larter.hop my friends got a picture of dioxins.

the picture given shows the shocking picture of a dioxin poisoned lady who developed chloracne

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Important classes of POPs

Amongst  the most impoprtant classes of POPs are families of brominated &chlorinated aromatics,including polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs),polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and furans,organochlorine pesticides.Among these dioxins are known potent carcinogen.I am dealing with research on dioxins.currently i am working on dioxins present in incinerator ash samples.I am going to give shocking facts & photos on dioxin.

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what are POPs?

Coming days i am going to give you a clear picture of POPs.Today let’s have a glance at POPs.(Prsistent Organic Pollutants).As the indicate they are persistent in the environment having long half-lives in soils,sediments,air or biota.They could have a half life of years or decades.POPs are water hating but fat loving.In animals rthey bind to the fatty tissue and become stored there permenantly leading to complications.POPs could accumulate in an area far removed from where they were used or emitted.(Long term atmospheric transport).

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The truth about dioxin

Imagine a  family of toxic chemicals so widespread that no one can escape exposure,that at low doses can disable the immune system,promote cancer & other diseases-& even at the placental barrier to disrupt embryonic developmant.I am talking about dioxin the most potent cancer causing chemical ever tested.It is a deadly killer of the people.scared? Dont worry here the crew of dioxin research lab is ready at your service.We  are emerged with strong research background to fight out  this deadly poison.Since feb.2005 dioxin research lab have been providing dioxin/furan analysis in support of industrial compliances.Precision,Accuracy,Data integrity ,-our main feature.dioxin research lab  carries out R&D work on POPs under NIST which is a multidisciplinary research organisation under CSIR-India.Dioxin lab is dedicated to POPs research with modern facilities &instrumentation(HRGC-MS),significant dioxin capacity and a commitment to on-time data delivery.We would like to have cooperation of the interested scientific community to make this programme a leading one in the world.Presently dioxin research lab is the only lab in india as well as in indian ocean region working on dioxin.I am a researcher in dioxin lab.Interested scientific community can contact everyones valuable comments on this blog

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POPs-nightmare to the humans

POPS or persistent organic pollutants are chemicals found everywhere.these chemicals are supertoxic in nature.Produced from incineration,paper&pulp bleaching,exhaust emissions etc.It has been associated with human lymphomas and lung cancer.With an objective to  carry out POPs research especially the most toxic dioxin ,a dioxin research laboratory has been established,which is the unique laboratory in india as well in the indian ocean region.The lab is at trivandrum,kerala under CSIR-NIST.We expect the support of whole indian community to make this program a grand success and to make our homeland leading in POPs research.

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