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Courage in the Face of Adversity

About a week ago, while at a “superstore’’ I saw a group of young boys. They were young teenagers, perhaps 13 maybe 14. I smiled as I watched them as they were laughing, having fun and enjoying themselves. As I looked over at them a flicker of recognition came to me. One of the boys was familiar.

I don’t know this boy. I don’t know the whole story. I think it was at Karen Lenz’s site.  I saw and I remember the media version. The real and complete story will probably never be told.

But what I saw on that day looked like a happy and joyful ending or perhaps even a happy and joyful beginning, after all his whole life is ahead of him and he looked ready to live it to the fullest. My heart filled with happy thoughts as I watched him. He looked to me to be very happy, very healthy, very alive and very full of joy.

The reason why I recognized this boy was because a few years back he and his parents were at the center of attention in all of the local news media. I saw his face on the TV. I saw his face in the newspaper. He was the lead story on the news. It was not a happy story but it was a story of courage and conviction.

The media reported that this boy had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the soft tissues. I don’t recall, nor do I care to recall the exact name of it. That is not part of the story. No, that is not the story that I will tell!

More next time!

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Working with An Excellent Divorce Attorney

Separation is an unpleasant and hard time to go undergo experience so any sort of help with the technicalities could be very welcome. It is additionally a long, pricey and complex process if not attended to properly. An attorney can be important to make things run smoothly.

The first thing a lawyer can assist with gathering information about the separation case and finding if there are grounds for divorce at all. The divorce attorney in orange county will listen just what the client desires to accomplish from the process and will certainly figure out what can reasonably be done to get just what the client wants.

An attorney can separate the emotional nature of the separation from the practical action and will certainly ensure the procedures follow the law and are reasonable to the client. They will be the communicator in between the separating couple so they do not manage each various other directly.

The divorce could either be objected to or uncontested. If uncontested, the process has to go with experience the courts, which is not something effortlessly done by anybody without a firm education in law or even more particularly, separation law. Any sort of arguments of terms in between the two sides can be battled by the lawyer who’s objective is to gain for their customer.

It is really beneficial to have an attorney offer with the pushing or legal concerns of a separation such as the dividing of assets and child support/custody etc. the structured nature of a case led by attorneys is the fairest means to attain exactly what the two parties desire with the witness of the law and a possible court. extreme separation cases where the divorcing couple have a volatile relationship or have committed any type of crimes against each various other, an attorney could be necessary to protect the two people and any youngsters they may have that would be effected by the separation. Using a lawyer will certainly ensure that no scams or tricks could be pulled to make either party prone or treated unfairly throughout or after the separation.

Lawyers are often good at efficient confidently beginning divorce proceedings where a customer may be wavering or stressed to do so. Making the experience as quick and pain-free as possible is vital to lawyers and this ultimately thoroughly benefits the customer who might not be in their right mind to think virtually. A great deal of divorcees want to complete the procedure as rapidly as possible without considering benefiting themselves. A lawyer can provide a logical, useful support in this tough circumstance. Lawyers are often good at with confidence starting divorce process where a customer might be alternating or stressed to do so. Making the experience as quick and pain-free as possible is important to attorneys and this eventually completely benefits the customer who could not be in their right mind to think practically.

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