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Vastu and Kids Room

Vastu Shastra recommends west direction for children’s room.  The door of the room should not be exactly opposite to the bed. The furniture should not be placed at the centre of the room.The door of children room is not exactly opposite to the bed and the location of bed is in south-west portion.
Vastu verifies to position children room in west direction which is beneficial to the health and mind of children. 
The location of bed should be in south-west portion whereas the head should be in south or east direction.
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Bedroom Interior Decoration Tips

Paint colors play a dominant role in satisfying couples love for each other as well as enhance the beauty of bedroom. If you want to create romantic mood, some eye-catching colors evoke certain emotions or moods. Let’s know much more about an energetic and cheerful bedroom.

A traditional bedroom can be turned into beautiful one by applying several tricks like changing articles of furniture, altering their positions, using matching bed sheets and covers.

These days there are a number of new assortments available at
reasonable prices. The best idea is to go for neutral shadow and prints
that match up with the décor of the room

Bedroom Interior Decoration Tips

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Trendy Office Furniture Ideas

Are you in search of right office furniture to make your office comfortable? Opt for modular office furniture which plays important role in smooth working of the office.. The chairs, tables and other articles have adjustable settings. This enhances the look of your office and creates an innovation in office as well.

This office furniture is cost effective and provides a large work area for group of people sitting altogether.

For more info on modular office furniture, click here.

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Decorating Home in French Style

French style gives a charming look for its elegant designs and bright colors. The furnishings of French style are often decorated with golden colors. Carving on furniture with padded arms adds to the warmth of French style interior. Here are given a few features of French style.


Color: Light yellow and soft gold, red and bright green, cobalt blue and soft ocean tones are found in décor of French style. Bright black and tedious grays complement bright colors on several accessories. Corrosive metal furniture and lighting fixtures add to warmth, color and superb lines in French style decor.        

French Style Furniture


French style includes several architectural features like stone walls and floors, raw wood ceiling beams and timbers and uneven plastered walls. French style interiors consist of contrasting texture and color. Plaster walls and ceilings are complemented with rough wood beams. Bright and printed fabrics are used for natural seats. 


For more tips on French country style décor, click here.

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Master Bedroom

Your choice of a right bed gives a lot of pleasure besides relaxation. You can choose from a variety of beds for your bedroom.
They come in lots of styles, sizes and materials. Canopy bed, Slate
bed, Divan bed, Bunk bed, Loft bed etc. add charm to the interior of
your bedroom and the house as well. Modern style beds
meet practical requirements such as you can use them for reading,
sitting, and watching TV in addition to sleeping. So the choice of a
bed is very important decision and it is essential to know types of
beds available in the market.
Ive found out a few following tips to make your master bedroom wonderful. Just try them.

  • Use trendy furniture: opt
    for the furniture that blends well with paint colors of your master
    bedroom. You can choose stylish designs of furniture to add the element
    of fun. An attractive dresser is used to adorn master bedroom. The
    mirror placed on dressing table is used for decorative and storage
    purposes. It is fixed to the left of bed to make the room looks large. 
  • Apply soothing colors:
    Colors give subtle glow to your master bedroom. Calming colors like
    green, ivory and slate blue in master bedroom reflect light without
    shadow. Light colors give relaxing atmosphere. Attractive walls create
    visual effects throughout the room.

canopy bed

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Warm winter tips

To add warmth to your living room/ house during winter season, you can apply following warm and cozy tips.

Utilize heavy fabrics: Heavy fabrics give more warmth. Bed sheets and cushions in energetic colors provide warmth to your bedroom.
Multiple cushions add cozy feeling while velvet gives soft feel.  Heavy
blankets, quilts in bright colors and other embroidered cloths give
cozy feel in winters. You can utilize furs and velvets to keep yourself
warm in winter season.

Apply bonfire for warm feel: create bonfire which
looks amazing and helps to boost up the romantic mood.  Wood lampshades
and bright antique pieces in drawing rooms will look wonderful.

Try bright colors/ wall paints: Apply richer color accents like
red or ruby, deep chocolates, pine greens, amber, gold etc. all through
the house. Bright wall paints like sunflower yellow, pink etc. can add
to the warmth of your house. You can use a square or rectangle rug with
favorite color to compliment the table or chair in the room.  

using heavy fabrics for warm winter

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Know what Abby say about GharExpert

Know what “Abby” say about GharExpert?

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Vastu and a happy married life

Vastu leads to a happy married life which every couple dreams of. Life becomes joyful and peaceful if your life partner is compatible with you.Vastu defects may cause non compatibility with life partner. Incorrect placement of bedroom may cause problems in married life.

If your bedroom is in fire direction, you may indulge into quarrelsome activities.

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Add color accents to your living room :-

Is your living room really living!

Living room reflects your personality and style; here you can indulge into your heart contents because this is the place where you spend hours with your loved ones and guests. So you should decorate your living room with deep understanding and enthusiasm. Here are some tips that can help you in making the right choices while decorating your living room.


Lets make your living room alive
It does not matter whether your imaginations run to the exotic, the minimal or the plain regal, you can make your room alive by paying attention to the natural focal point of the room. Its better to start the fun by choosing the appropriate color.



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