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StarToken is a fantastic offering from Bank of India

Has anyone tried using the Bank of India StarToken internet banking application? I tried it recently to explore the various features of this software, and I can tell you it has been a great experience! Bank of India has offered this extremely exciting innovation and done wonders as a public sector bank. What makes StarToken so comforting is that it has been provided with some hi-tech security features, to ensure that password theft and phishing does not happen! This online banking solution from Bank of India comes with many riders that ensure safe banking. For instance, StarToken can only be accessed from selected and secure platforms. As a customer of Bank of India, I have to download, install and activate StarToken on my computer to access my account. This gave me the peace of mind that nobody can hack into my account from another computer. The fraudsters will need my machine to login into my bank account. And even that is protected with a ‘Device PIN’ so even if I leave my computer unattended, nobody can even start the StarToken application, let alone access my account. Such high level security prevents phishing attacks and keeps hackers and fraudsters at bay. It was a different experience for me, and I wondered why Bank of India is doing this. But now I understand the importance of StarToken and that it is for my own benefit and security. Like most other banks, Bank of India has also provided the option of a virtual keyboard on their website. But after installing StarToken, I don’t have to worry about malicious softwares like key-loggers and screen-scrapers that can be used by criminals to steal my password. The individual verification key and one-time password make StarToken doubly more secure. In fact, I will be able to access my internet banking account from any computer safely now, once I install and activate StarToken on that computer. It can’t get more secure than this. I used to have a lot of apprehensions about online banking earlier. We frequently hear (and read) about all kinds of cyber attacks and stories of how victims lost all their hard-earned money to fraudsters. This was all quite scary and I used to stick to branch banking instead – the old and safe way to do transactions. But StarToken has changed all this. Now I too can start doing online banking without any fear and enjoy the benefits of modern technology. Transactions are fast, reliable, secure, quick and confidential. I can make payments, transfer funds, check my account balance and a lot more. Most importantly, StarToken from Bank of India has made life simpler because now I don’t need to drive through heavy traffic, fight for a parking spot and stand in long queues at the bank branch :). I can do all transactions from the comfort of my home or office! Incidentally, it has also become easy to make payments online with StarToken. You can purchase practically anything online using their online payment authorization option. As a Bank of India online banking customer I can book railway tickets online, pay bills via an internet gateway, and shop online! It is also easy to protect my identity on such e-commerce websites, as the StarToken gateway system strictly prohibits internet frauds such as password theft. I can now be rest assured that my… details and credit card or account-related information is secure from spying eyes. StarToken from Bank of India is a safe and user-friendly online banking application and I recommend all customers of Bank of India to download and install it on their computers right away! Bank of India has really given a pleasant surprise to us all by being one of the first banks to come out with such a safe and secure technology and we should take full advantage of such a fantastic opportunity.

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  • Sudhir Shukla

    Hi Babu,
    I think you have spoken about this most accurately. Startoken has really proven to be a boon for the users of Bank of India’s banking facility!

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