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Heel Lifts So Much Better than Elevator Shoes

Heel lifts are one of the simplest ways to improve your gait and increase your height instantly. These devices are much better than elevator shoes for several reasons, with discretion being one of the most obvious reasons that you should choose lifts over elevator shoes. There are also several other benefits that you may not know about.

heel lifts are small and very discreet. When you wear them with sneakers or loafers no one will know that you have a device in your shoes at all. You can easily increase your height by up to two and half inches without any noticeable difference in your shoes. Elevator shoes have very thick soles that can look odd in some outfits. Since heel lifts can be inserted into any shoe you aren’t stuck wearing elevator shoes with every single outfit that you own.

The freedom to wear your favorite shoes is an advantage that brings many people to heel lifts rather than elevator shoes. Another big difference is that you can use heel lifts for leg length discrepancy in only one shoe and no one will notice the difference. With elevator shoes it is easy to see the difference in the sole heights. If you are self-conscious about your elevator shoes now is a great time to switch over to heel lifts, instead.

Using heel lifts
With discreet heel lifts you can correct many problems with your gait, including those that cause pain from the Achilles tendon. You don’t have to suffer with leg discrepancies or pay hundreds of dollars for special shoes when you choose heel lifts. heel lifts can also be used when you simply want a height boost, as well. Simply slip your lifts into any pair of shoes and you can have a one to two inch boost automatically.

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Heel Lifts and Celebrities

Heel lifts may not be talked about often
but they are worn by thousands of people every year, including celebrities who
would like to appear taller than they are naturally. Heel lifts have many
advantages and are simple to use, and can actually make you taller instantly

What are Heel Lifts?
Heel lifts worn by celebrities are the
same as those you can purchase right online. These devices are made from foam
or rubber, with silicon and foam being the most comfortable and popular options
available. There are varying heights available for heel lifts. Celebrities may
have their lifts custom made but the type you can purchase premade have the
same results as more costly custom lifts that are made to your specifications.

These wedge shaped orthopedic devices are
simply slipped into the heel of the shoe for an instant height boost. That is
it, there are no special tips or tricks that you need to know to use shoe
lifts. You can also find these devices in several widths so if you have narrow
or wide feet you may want to order with care to ensure the lifts fit into your
shoes properly. It is also a good idea to buy a few different heights to find
the right height for your personal use.

Growing Taller Instantly
Getting an instant height boost from heel lifts isn’t
just for celebrities. If you are uncomfortable with your height there is no
reason not to try these handy little shoe inserts. Models, singers and actors
all use heel lifts at some point for an instant height boost. No one can tell
that these lifts are in your shoes so you simply look taller and feel more
confident when you use the device. Plus, lifts work with most types of shoes so
your style doesn’t even have to suffer.

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Heel Lifts for Men and Women

Heel lifts are traditionally considered
to be devices used to make one appear taller, but these handy shoe inserts also
have several medical uses. If you have heel or leg pain a set of heel lifts may
be just what you need to find some relief.

Pain Treated With Heel Lifts
Heel lifts for men and women are sold in
all sizes and in a wide range of heights. The tallest lifts are about 2 ½
inches tall, just right for someone who is experiencing a height difference
between each leg. Lifts can also be used for conditions such as Achilles tendon
pain that is a result of injury as well as pain in the tendon that is caused by
a shortening of the tendon. Lack of exercise and stretching, injuries, and
disease are all culprits that can cause pain in the feet and tendons.

Heel lifts for men and women can treat a
variety of conditions, but they can also work to increase your height
significantly. Most heel lifts range in height from one to two and half inches.
There are also many variations in height so if you just want a subtle change
then you should look for half-inch or smaller lifts to use in your shoes. Also,
you can try using detachable lifts that can be used interchangeably among
different pairs of shoes.


Heel lifts for men and women may also have different
width sizing that you need to take into consideration when choosing the set
that is right for you. Most people can use the one-size-fits all variety but if
you have wide or narrow feet you may need to have a specific size made or
ordered for you. Finding the right size will ensure your comfort and help
reduce pain significantly.

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