One More Journey!!

When you are part of a gathering
But still a third person wondering
Are we the same girls blundering
or mature women, remembering

A kind of journey with reflection
Spanning two decade’s separation
Everyone is each other’s apparition
Is someone else your aspiration?

Have some had it easy? Really?
Have some battled demons stoically
Bruises hidden by a smiling-face ally
Or beauty unmarred by life’s reality

I stand there looking at them all
The stance independent and tall
Sensitivity at a moment’s call
Love shining through to enthrall

A long separation could not quash
The spontaneous camaraderie I watch
As if two decades between – a mirage
Hearts beating in a perfect chord

I saw them as lives I could easily lead
Each one unique and far from defeat
Each one radiant in her sweeping feats
One more journey into many instincts


Why is it so?

I feel so lost

Thinking about the future

And mulling the past!


Thoughts go back

To the child I was

Is it really me?

Or a shadow of course


Is it me who loved?

Is it me who lost?

Recalling memories

To quench my thirst


Does my Present

Give me Hope

Do I have the strength?

That I need to cope


There have been setbacks

And also the lone winning

But why do setbacks haunt

And winnings lose meaning


Sometimes the heart wonders

Why am I alive?

What’s the essence of being?

Why do I still strive?


Do the one’s that give up

Go to God’s Heaven

Or is there another Hell

Waiting for them to cave in


Is it easier to combat?

Battles that we understand

Or to fight the unknown

Without anyone to give a Hand


Where will I find me?

In this wide, wide world

Sometimes I don’t know myself

Even when I am mirrored!!


So many pathways beckon me

How do I know where they lead

Mirages galore in this journey

Life leads me, where? Let’s see


Do the one’s that keep the Faith

Meet You on yonder side of Death?

Does Death clear their name

Though Life had been full of hate?


Don’t ever stand in church

With your head bowed down

Nor you ever seek Peace

In any Bible Psalm


Raise your eyes to them

Who lend the weak a hand

More important than pity

Is dignity and encouragement


The world holds them in high regard

Who leave footprints in the sand

Who move away from the beaten path

Testing their strength against the wind


You don’t smoke

You don’t drink

Even if you are

On the brink


Head held high

Maybe you could fly

Putting heroes to shame

Bringing Heaven nigh


Difficulties exist

Why do you resist?

They make you strong

Teaching you to persist


Man, a mere speck

Fate has him by the neck

His sheer Courage invincible

And Will impossible to break!!


Seconds tick by without any meaning

Become minutes stretching into hours

Light goes out and darkness looms

Living seems like an excruciating farce


What does a long day award us

Hours of misplaced efforts wasted

What do we accomplish everyday

Only regret and eyes tired and misted


In our time here do we touch hearts

How many eyes look up to us with hope

Do we appear to them humane enough

Or does our mien shout “he’s a rogue”


Do we give back to time its due

The return gift of every second fulfilled

Does time not feel the emptiness

Of relationships sordid and long dead


Pray, leave me time to find myself

To learn and clear my mirror first

To dig into the depths of my soul

To fathom what is right and just


Forever & Through Eternity!!

You broke my heart, but it was no longer mine                                                                  

It was pledged to you always through time

Your fears drove you away, my destiny

I am still waiting – Forever and through Eternity


Your dreams are mine, to cherish and realize

My aspirations I live only through your eyes

I hope to quell your frustrations, my destiny

I will soothe you – Forever and through Eternity


Everything is fair in love and war

You might have heard the saying, my star

I will abide by you in failure, my destiny

I will make you win – Forever and through Eternity


If you save your love and not give it me

Then the lack would be greater to me

When you consult your heart and mind, my destiny

I will be patient – Forever and through Eternity


I love you with all for and against you

Whatever you offer is a gift and not my due

When your mirth fails to amaze, my destiny

I will still laugh – Forever and through Eternity


When with time you wither and gray

When time hides the radiance of May

When the mood tempest reigns, my destiny

I will pine for you – Forever and through Eternity


All fairytales have happy endings I agree

But the protagonists have to fight to a degree

Why expect our spirits to always win, my destiny

Our love will live – Forever and through Eternity


You talk of tomorrow, even today is uncertain

If we have to drown, let sorrow not be a burden

Let love help us reach the shore, my destiny

I will face storms with you – forever and through Eternity


Those in love never needed the world’s mercy

Their strength was love’s sweet ecstasy

With unspoken words do they talk, my destiny

I will hear you – Forever and through Eternity


If fate took you away from me tomorrow

When you are lost in the maze of sorrow

When you have no one to find, my destiny

I will find you – Forever and through Eternity


I have saved all my love for you dearest

You can have all of it and also my heart

I will embrace death and welcome, my destiny

Knowing you are mine – Forever and through Eternity

By the sweat of my brow!

Hands are all I got

Education I do not know

Pulling hard on the hand cart

By the sweat of my brow


Vehicles racing by

All around me a row

Laying the tar on the road

By the sweat of my brow


Education I do have

But circumstances shallow

Distributing mailers

By the sweat of my brow


How many of us are there

Living our pain in the raw

Are those tears in our eyes?

Or just the sweat of our brow


Give Him Wings!!

Beautiful lofty mountains, welcoming you back, when you return from a vacation in the beautiful lofty mountains!! “No,” thought Geeta “I am not repeating myself. I am just reacting to the sight of the fog enveloped mountains, growing on me as I walk uphill to my residential complex.” The onset of the rains have put a chill in the air, washed away the grime from the greens and put hope back into the hearts of the people tired of the summer heat. The continuance of the weather in Matheran closer home gladdened Geeta’s heart and soul.

When she rang the door-bell, it chimed “Home Sweet Home!” It was so good to be back home. One more surprise awaited her, Aai pointed out the Brahma Kamal plant, a sparrow had built her nest in it. Delicate twigs arranged nicely in the shape of a small bowl – you can call it a baby bowl. It was sheer workmanship – skillful and artistic, the most delicate thing in the world, it looked delicate than gossamer!

The sparrow had finished the nest twig by twig in two days. Geeta warned Yug to stay away from the nest, even the birds held their home sacred and trespassers were not allowed. Yug’s eyes were as wide as saucers, “It’s so cute and right here in our terrace! I am so honored she chose our house to build her nest!”

The next day, when Geeta arrived back from work and peeped into the nest from afar, she saw that the nest had served its purpose – two small eggs lay inside it. “Oh wow! We have a make-shift bird hospital in our house.” Yug was very excited, but like a very good boy kept his distance. The sparrow flew in at all hours to hatch the eggs, but flew away, whenever someone set foot into the terrace. “Looks like, we will have to quarantine the terrace, if the eggs are to be hatched in time!” thought Geeta.

Few days passed and the eggs finally hatched – two very groggy baby sparrows could be seen. The mother brought morsels of food to feed them. Geeta and Yug watched from behind the closed French windows, fearing to disturb the feeding sessions. With time the babies grew stronger, attempting to take off from the nest, it was becoming cramped for them anyways. First flight saw them flap their wings for a little distance and then crash on the floor of the terrace. The mother kept an alert watch. They tried again the next day and the next, slowly gaining confidence. Finally they found the strength in their wings and soared, not very far from the terrace, but made it to the Gulmohar about a yard away.

Geeta stopped awhile and glanced at Yug, “Will I be able to achieve what the non-interfering mother sparrow had achieved – Give him wings?”


The sun doesn’t set

When you don’t come home

Sunrise may have been splendid

To me sunshine is your smile alone


The dinner tastes bland now

Delicious is your being with me

Even the apple of our eyes

Misses you exceedingly


When you phone out of the blue

Your voice sets my heart aflutter

The unsaid words chime an echo

I close my eyes and in you saunter


Words become sounds not making sense

Scenes run by as if someone else’s life

I live in a vacuum all by myself

Your absence cuts deep – a two-edged knife


Still I am happy, you know

I know it sounds queer

Distance proves time and again

How much you mean to me, my dear!


Pain can also give you company

Think, not about the person who caused it

Look around there maybe someone

Who is in pain, because you endured it


You have the right not to consider

Talking to the one who pained you

Look around, think of the silent friend

Who is ready to understand you


You can subtract your tormentor

From your lost battles of Life

Look around, there’s a healer around

Who will soothe the hurts and strife


Remember the rain brings

New life and immense hope

Look around, there are new roots

Someone to help you cope


Yes, maybe you loved in vain

Nobody to help you take the strain

Look around, take another friend

Someone to strum your pain