Give Him Wings!!

Beautiful lofty mountains, welcoming you back, when you return from a vacation in the beautiful lofty mountains!! “No,” thought Geeta “I am not repeating myself. I am just reacting to the sight of the fog enveloped mountains, growing on me as I walk uphill to my residential complex.” The onset of the rains have put a chill in the air, washed away the grime from the greens and put hope back into the hearts of the people tired of the summer heat. The continuance of the weather in Matheran closer home gladdened Geeta’s heart and soul.

When she rang the door-bell, it chimed “Home Sweet Home!” It was so good to be back home. One more surprise awaited her, Aai pointed out the Brahma Kamal plant, a sparrow had built her nest in it. Delicate twigs arranged nicely in the shape of a small bowl – you can call it a baby bowl. It was sheer workmanship – skillful and artistic, the most delicate thing in the world, it looked delicate than gossamer!

The sparrow had finished the nest twig by twig in two days. Geeta warned Yug to stay away from the nest, even the birds held their home sacred and trespassers were not allowed. Yug’s eyes were as wide as saucers, “It’s so cute and right here in our terrace! I am so honored she chose our house to build her nest!”

The next day, when Geeta arrived back from work and peeped into the nest from afar, she saw that the nest had served its purpose – two small eggs lay inside it. “Oh wow! We have a make-shift bird hospital in our house.” Yug was very excited, but like a very good boy kept his distance. The sparrow flew in at all hours to hatch the eggs, but flew away, whenever someone set foot into the terrace. “Looks like, we will have to quarantine the terrace, if the eggs are to be hatched in time!” thought Geeta.

Few days passed and the eggs finally hatched – two very groggy baby sparrows could be seen. The mother brought morsels of food to feed them. Geeta and Yug watched from behind the closed French windows, fearing to disturb the feeding sessions. With time the babies grew stronger, attempting to take off from the nest, it was becoming cramped for them anyways. First flight saw them flap their wings for a little distance and then crash on the floor of the terrace. The mother kept an alert watch. They tried again the next day and the next, slowly gaining confidence. Finally they found the strength in their wings and soared, not very far from the terrace, but made it to the Gulmohar about a yard away.

Geeta stopped awhile and glanced at Yug, “Will I be able to achieve what the non-interfering mother sparrow had achieved – Give him wings?”


The sun doesn’t set

When you don’t come home

Sunrise may have been splendid

To me sunshine is your smile alone


The dinner tastes bland now

Delicious is your being with me

Even the apple of our eyes

Misses you exceedingly


When you phone out of the blue

Your voice sets my heart aflutter

The unsaid words chime an echo

I close my eyes and in you saunter


Words become sounds not making sense

Scenes run by as if someone else’s life

I live in a vacuum all by myself

Your absence cuts deep – a two-edged knife


Still I am happy, you know

I know it sounds queer

Distance proves time and again

How much you mean to me, my dear!


Pain can also give you company

Think, not about the person who caused it

Look around there maybe someone

Who is in pain, because you endured it


You have the right not to consider

Talking to the one who pained you

Look around, think of the silent friend

Who is ready to understand you


You can subtract your tormentor

From your lost battles of Life

Look around, there’s a healer around

Who will soothe the hurts and strife


Remember the rain brings

New life and immense hope

Look around, there are new roots

Someone to help you cope


Yes, maybe you loved in vain

Nobody to help you take the strain

Look around, take another friend

Someone to strum your pain