Crowds milling around me

Frowns and smiles too

Lots happening with me

Without me in the know


I make the right responses

Without really knowing

Mechanical are reactions

From a life of performing


And there I stand surrounded

But still in my own world

In reality I am grounded

Alone with my thoughts unfurled


As concealed as I can be

In a sea of familiar visages

Not one of them can see

The entity behind the mirages


Once in years there’s someone

Who penetrates my soul

All my wits respond to him

My subconscious feels the pull


Now we both are together

But in the crowd alone

Each telling his chatter

Each one the other’s clone


Not a word is spoken

Nor the distance we cover

Our gaze remains unbroken

Bringing us even closer


He is a soul mate no less

Invisible energy connects

As if I know him since ages

And he is in all my moments


—— Gauri Kanyalkar——–