Bud and the Rose!

He gave me a pretty one
And I asked for another
Why, I asked myself then
No reply sounds in my ear

Did its snugness allure me?
Or its deep red hues entice
Or that the beauty of one
Would just not suffice?

Did the petals’ smoothness
Imply the bloom to come?
And the thorns speak of pain
Ushering love that’s unsung

He kept them all in bunches
Well trimmed stems green
Nature’s temptation scarlet
Flooding my heart’s brim

A week has passed between
The charm has withered not
Now those two on my desk sit,
Blossoming their heart out!!

———Gauri Kanyalkar———-

Small Joys

A good night’s sleep and

The sound of a warm heart

Beating reassuringly nearby

Love and care to impart


A kind hand on the head

An understanding smile

A sympathetic ear

Sitting together awhile


A day spent toiling

A satisfied homecoming

Food then turns tasty

That’s called fine dining


When books serve their use

And the mind profits

When thought is elevated

Enlightenment benefits


When status implies stigma

And respect is offered to all

Others’ joys serve to enthuse

Every one – big or small


The sun then brightens

And the rain soothes

The wind – it caresses

And deeply life breathes!


Joys multiply when given

Smiles work to enrich

And cast their spell asunder

Happiness to bewitch!!

——–Gauri Kanyalkar——-

Ancestral Canvas

The long winding roads

And the bluebells lining them

The wide-wide fields shiver

In the monsoon mayhem


Opulent green of pastures

Reveling in brown cattle dots

The mesmerizing blue sky

Hung with fluffy white clouds


Green-grey mountains

Reaching out to heaven

And the silver of waterfalls

Hurrying to the ocean


Fiery yellow midday sun

Almost blinding in its glory

The shade of trees soothing

Respite and rest from duty


Workers in the paddy fields

Bodies glistening with sweat

Simple needs, simple deeds

At simplicity, ever adept


Vivid hues in abundance

And the fertile soil of my land

Sheer happiness of existence

Priceless than riches grand

Rain Ardor

Rain has a way of touching me

Even when it’s not drenching me

The wind it’s faithful messenger

Bringing me satin drops of nature


It embraces me, though I be small

With my goodness and vices all

Sweeps me off my feet once again

Year after year and pain after pain


It has a devoted friend – the fog

Then vision is lost and eyes agog

My glance is forced inside of me

The mighty soul’s struggle to see


Rain floods and a gush of emotions

New roots, new life, new passions

Throbbing and living, green leaflets

Life making way in small rivulets


A promise to thirsty soul and soil

A silver lining to the cloud of toil

Rain, just like love swells my heart

A sweet ache from a blunted dart