This poem was originally written for http://dontgiveupworld.com/dignity/ 

You can read the original story that inspired this poem here : http://passionwriters.com/2011/05/mountain-berries/

On top of the mountain
Where the sun beats down
Sacrificial turns rule
And loneliness abounds

We and our hatchback
Traversing the bends
The harshness of cliffs
Craggy rocks never end

Where man dreads
To tread the road
No water to quench
No morsel or food

A woman charges forth
To the middle of the drive
To travelers minuscule
“Buy my berries,” she cries

Though dismayed greatly
We continue the journey
The woman’s picture
Etched in our memory

We have to return
By the self same road
Unconsciously looking out
For the “berries” code

It’s not the woman
That we see this time
But two little girls
With faces sublime

“Buy our berries,sir
Oh! Please do!”
What, but to stop
Without much ado

They sell us their ware
And obtain their fare
When they are certain
They have our attention

“Give us something to eat!”
They imply with reticence
Such dignity in struggle
Such strength in action

——-Gauri Kanyalkar——


Manager (Mentor)


New faces seen all around

Thoughts enthusiastic and sound

Maybe a bit course around the edges

But training always enriches


Communication needs working on

Internal interactions will add on

Remember my early days

Hardly knew the worldly ways


The quite ones are best for functions

The outgoing for client interactions

A Role-reversal for internal events

Ensures well-rounded temperaments


Everyone has their pros and cons

Pros need to be leveraged for wins

Cons to be worked on and abolished

Gratification in work, deed clinched




Who is that person, a new face?

Joining ME in the career race

What does he have, couple of years

My one and a half decades conquers


In a post to build lives and futures

The God to whom everyone prays

Crossing often the extra mile

And compliments on my sense of style


No one can surpass me you bet

My profile ensures that on the net

Having one gala time on the phone

The work automatically gets done


A tiger in the bureau premise

In my hole, I resemble timid mice

Ever scared that my mask will drop

And the management will tick me off!!