You and me!!

Your mischief brings on my smiles

Just the way it is with my whines

My frowns crease attention from you

And our separation makes me blue


My heartbeat with your racing pulse

In the music of love we indulge

Reveling in the ecstasy of a symphony

Notes rising and receding eternally


Fears and shivers subside of course

Warm in the embrace of your force

Moist eyes fighting the mad fury

Your stance tells tales of potency


Our sight set on equal pinnacles

Contentment in fighting obstacles

Your win of greater meaning to me

As my success is your goblet of glee


Fitting companions we are certainly

Pieces of a jigsaw joined artistically

Fate throwing us together across time

Your lifeline tied together with mine

Forever & Through Eternity!!

You broke my heart, but it was no longer mine                                                                  

It was pledged to you always through time

Your fears drove you away, my destiny

I am still waiting – Forever and through Eternity


Your dreams are mine, to cherish and realize

My aspirations I live only through your eyes

I hope to quell your frustrations, my destiny

I will soothe you – Forever and through Eternity


Everything is fair in love and war

You might have heard the saying, my star

I will abide by you in failure, my destiny

I will make you win – Forever and through Eternity


If you save your love and not give it me

Then the lack would be greater to me

When you consult your heart and mind, my destiny

I will be patient – Forever and through Eternity


I love you with all for and against you

Whatever you offer is a gift and not my due

When your mirth fails to amaze, my destiny

I will still laugh – Forever and through Eternity


When with time you wither and gray

When time hides the radiance of May

When the mood tempest reigns, my destiny

I will pine for you – Forever and through Eternity


All fairytales have happy endings I agree

But the protagonists have to fight to a degree

Why expect our spirits to always win, my destiny

Our love will live – Forever and through Eternity


You talk of tomorrow, even today is uncertain

If we have to drown, let sorrow not be a burden

Let love help us reach the shore, my destiny

I will face storms with you – forever and through Eternity


Those in love never needed the world’s mercy

Their strength was love’s sweet ecstasy

With unspoken words do they talk, my destiny

I will hear you – Forever and through Eternity


If fate took you away from me tomorrow

When you are lost in the maze of sorrow

When you have no one to find, my destiny

I will find you – Forever and through Eternity


I have saved all my love for you dearest

You can have all of it and also my heart

I will embrace death and welcome, my destiny

Knowing you are mine – Forever and through Eternity