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Hearing test online – importance of ear

Ear is an important part of human body. Ear used to identify the sound. Human ear is a part of auditory system. Ear describes an entire organ. Visible part of ear called pinna. Pinna is also called auricle. Hearing is like a process, it contains some steps. Ear pair placed somewhat symmetrically on opposite sides of the head. This arrangement aids in the ability to confine sound sources. Ear have three major parts like outer, middle and inner. Sound comes through these layers. Sound waves travel via outer ear and hit the eardrum to produce the sound. This sound is just like vibration.

Hearing Test Online

Eardrum is situated in inner ear. There are three small bones behind the eardrum. These bones transfer the vibration into the middle ear and cochlea of inner ear. Cochlea is responsible to convert the vibration into sound. This sound goes to the brain and we are able to hear. You can find several hearing test online. These assessments will tell you that whether you are suffering from hearing loss or not and if you have the problem, then what is the extent of that? By these hearing tests you are able to know the reason of hearing loss and it is true that more you know about the problem, better you will be able to fight with it.

These examinations are done by doctor and the doctor is specifically known as audiologist. An audiologist will analyze a person by asking some questions. These questions will help him in knowing your problem. What kind of obstacles you are facing?

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