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Childhood Allergies

One of the most common childhood allergies is sneezing. A child can suffer from
allergies like sneezing because of inhaling, eating and touching dusty areas. Allergy
to pollen is quite common apart from allergies to grass, dust, chemicals, and
certain types of food.

An allergy is typically a reaction in which a part of the body especially the
eyes, nose, lungs or skin gets affected. The substance that causes the allergy
is usually a harmless substance except for people allergic to it. Our body has
an immune system that releases antibodies to defend the body against these
allergies, which are in turn the physiological reactions or the symptoms of the

There are a number of children that are suffering from allergies and this only seems to
be increasing with the coming times. Doctors have reported a rise in the
incidence of cases of fever, eczema and chronic rhinitis over the last few
decades. Inherited genetic factors can also cause allergies in children. If a
parent is allergic to a particular substance, there are forty percent chances
that the child might also be allergic to it. In case of both parents being
allergic to a particular substance, the risk of the child developing allergies
doubles to 80 percent. Hence, parents must take adequate measures to identify
and keep the child away from the substance they are allergic to. In case of allergies
to dust and pollution, take preventive measures and use a handkerchief to cover
the nose and the mouth.

Particles in smoke from burning of diesel fuel, such as from trucks and vehicles are also
major causes of allergies in some people. Pollution levels in the air including
higher quantities of ozone and sulfur dioxde can also cause allergies. Introducing
young infants to solid foods too early can also lead to some allergies. Early
care and measures can prove to be effective in preventing children from
developing allergies.

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Child Psychology

Each child goes through all the
stages of childhood starting from toddler, early childhood and childhood.
Memory and intelligence starts developing from the stage of being a toddler
itself. It is said that thinking in a toddler is predominantly illogical and
non-reversible. This is the stage when they learn to walk and talk. They receive
potty training and are exposed to various norms and rules and manners that the
family and the society follows. Parents and caretakers need to give their
toddler his or her own set of independence and the freedom to discover things.
Being too strict and overprotective about the activities of your child will
only hamper his growth.

During the stage of early childhood,
children are exposed to a variety of people especially of the same age group
because this is when they go to a play school. They explore creativity and
learn to express themselves in a better way. They even learn the sense of
responsibilities. This is especially seen with siblings, the elder child who is
in his early childhood taking care of the younger brother or sister who is
still a toddler.


Finally the stage of childhood is
experiences logical and systematic study of various things. Thinking develops
and egocentric thoughts disappear. They enter the whole new world of school and
this may pose signs of nervousness and fear. However, homeostasis works best!
They learn to adapt to this new world and a new routine to enjoy themselves!

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Making your baby book

Preparing a baby book is thus exciting and joyous because when you look at it after a few years, it sure brings tears in your eyes and you feel nostalgic.Baby
books have become famous especially in the last few years. There are many types
of baby books that are available in the market however in case you want to own
a special one you can make it yourself. Ready made baby books have section wise
pages that suggest the different activities you want to remember and stick
photographs of. For example, baby bathing, baby teething, talkative baby, first
baby walk, family tree etc. This book also has special place for comments.
Parents can scribble a few messages, write a poem or can even ask relatives to
write a few messages for the baby. Gifting baby book is also a great idea for
people who do not want to give conventional gifts to babies such as toys and

Some people are so much in love with these kinds of books that parents continue to preserve these books even after the child has started going to school. This
becomes like an extensive biography and when your child grows up you can
proudly show him how preciously you have saved his or her childhood memories
for him/her. Maintaining a baby book is surely a lot of fun. Here are some of
the tips to maintain a good baby book.

Keep a camera handy. Obviously, capturing candid moments is essential. Hence keep a camera with you wherever you go. Always be ready to click a picture whenever your child is up to something cute or crazy. Have funny photographs where your baby is messing up his mouth with that mango or putting your lipstick all round his lips or anything funny like that. PS: Mothers, it will not harm if you join a small photography workshop learning the essentials of photography. It will
only help you to take better pictures. Take many pictures: Today, with the
world going digital, taking thousands of pictures is become just so easy.
Invest in a good digital camera and just go click –ga –ga. Be creative: You can
narrate a story through your pictures. For example, one of my friends used her
baby as a princess and weaves a beautiful story by pasting her pictures one
side and wiring on the other side of the book. Friends and relatives: Don’t
just include your baby’s photographs in the book because sometimes it can get
monotonous and boring. Make sure you include images of relatives and friends as
well and add some messages on them.Using Photoshop: In case you can use Photoshop,  t’s a great tool! You can colour correct, decorate and edit your images and then print them and paste in the book. Decorating your baby’s pictures will add great charm to the book.

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Video Games Detrimental effects


Video games are hugely popular among the youths and kids. So many of them get hooked to video games. Worldwide, things are going hi-tech and with the pace technology is developing things are going to be even more remote-controlled. Kids love these games because they are exciting and creative. Whether its motorace or street fighting, children can get it all. Most of the video games have 3D effects embedded in it and that makes such games even more fun and enjoyable. But it has a side effect as well. It is addictive and can affect several dimensions of your childs personality. It can hamper his academics, health, growth and social connections.


According to research conducted, because of video games a child often loses his sense of empathy. The self-centred approach reaches to the dangerous level. Most of the video games are full of violence and blood. If a child is spending long hours on these games, they are bound to affect his psychology and behaviour. Kid is also likely to develop violent and aggressive traits.


Playing video games means spending less time on other physical activity like sports. It also means child is prone to obesity and other muscular disorders. Many kids have also been found with problems like nerve compression, skeletal disorders, video inducted seizures and carpel tunnel syndrome. Another downside of video games is social aloofness developing among kids.


Children who spend long hours on video games tend to suffer drop in academic performance. They spend less time on studying and that result in poor results. Lastly, video games often confuse childs mindset. He finds it difficult to differentiate between reality and fantasy.



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When you tell your child dont be lazy

It is very easy for our children to feel lazy and say that they do not want to do a particular activity because they feel. Adults in comparison find it difficult to say no and hence are left with no option but to complete the goal without feeling lazy (in some cases). Hence, the point here that needs to be emphasized is that parents need to realize that feeling lazy is normal because sometimes even you would feel the same. Quintessentially, a child just needs some kind of push or extra motivation to finish his work.


If you realize, a child will never feel lazy when he or she has to do what he or she loves doing- that may be painting gardening or even reading. The point is not feeling lazy when you love the work and otherwise. Hence one of the tricks that parents need to use is that to make the task interesting and exciting enough for the kids. For example, you can teach your child through a story. Math can be taught to the kid by telling them stories on how a man called 3 and the man called 4 gave rise to a man called 7 etc. laziness is like inertia, you need to shake your child up and get him to task. Of course, needless to mention, relaxation and playing should be essential as well.  Laziness is merely a state of the mind different from tiredness.


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When a child uses dirty words

It is not an uncommon sight today if you see young children abusing in front of their parents or amongst friends. Parents usually get extremely shocked when they hear bad words from children of age four and beyond. This completely makes one wonder how childhood and its preconceived definition has changed since years. Childhood has no longer remained a fairytale, a sweet innocent affair. Children are growing fast today and are acting like adults.


It is necessary that parents take immediate steps to curb such behavior coming from their children. Identify the cause first see where your child picks up bad words. There may be a possibility that the elder child or any cousin in the family may be speaking it in front of your child and he or she has picked up from there or there is a possibility that your kid has picked it up from other people like watchmen or peon in the school etc. Sometimes even parents uses swear words in front of their children and next day they see children using these words. Children are very good at picking up things and hence adequate care should be taken to mind the ones language especially in front of children. 


Most children use swear words without knowing what they are talking about. For them it is mere entertainment to see surprise expression on the faces of their parents and other family members. Hence, without giving out any strong reactions, just warn your child to not use such language again. Children usually use bad language for revenge or to gain control.   It is you who can tactfully handle the situation.


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Learning Foreign Language

Most parents feel that their child is already studying so much and hence learning a new language will become a burden. However, learning a new language cannot just be fun but relaxing as well.

There are many institutes that teach foreign languages like French, German, Spanish and even Chinese. You can enroll your child for a crash course in any of these languages during his summer holidays when the burden of studies is little less. 

Learning a new language can be of great help to the child during his later years. Today, knowing a foreign language adds credibility to your CV and helps an individual to get a good job. In the era of globalization learning a foreign language will surely help be it any industry- banking, insurance or Human Resources. Moreover, introducing a foreign language to the child early helps them to grasp faster.

Another thing that one should take care of is that as parents do not force the child to learn the language. Encourage learning provided that your child shows interest in it. Give positive reinforcement to your child as he or she put in the effort to learn that language. Tell him about the culture and the tradition of the place where the language is spoken.

Foreign languages are also offered in many schools and colleges after class 7. Your child will be at an advantage if he already knows the basics of the language.

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Teaching Chess to Children

Chess is a game that can mould children into thinking, making decisions and strategizing. Moreover, it is one of the indoor sports that can de-stress and relax kids from their usual mundane homework times! Moreover, research has shown that students who play chess have stronger and significantly better developed memory than those who do not play the game.

While playing chess, your kid can learn the art of 360 degree thinking. He can solve the problem thinking about all the opportunities available to him. Chess is known to increase focus and concentration level. Encourage your child to play chess with someone who already knows to play the game and do not let it lose just because he is a kid.

Chess is a game that helps to develop patience because it demands slow strategic thinking. It also encourages your child to pay attention for longer span of time.

In India, Chess as a game is not encouraged as much as it is in other countries. Chess is a part of the curriculum and students are made to play all kinds of games; one of which is Chess. There may be parents who are not well versed with the game but want their kid to learn it. As parents you can read up on the game and ask someone to help you. You can also enroll your child for chess classes and training that take place at gymkhanas and sports clubs.

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Eating out with kids

I have seen a lot of young parents avoid going to restaurants and hotels because they have to manage their kids. However, on the contrary, it is very essential that you take your kids out to restaurants to teach them good table manners and etiquettes


As a parent you do not want to get embarrassed and hence most parents do not wish to go out with their kids. What can perhaps be done is to involve your kid into some activity while you have your dinner or lunch. Carry some toys along with you. Especially those that your kids love to play with. They will sure get engrossed in playing with them while you can easily dine in your favorite restaurant.


It is also essential that you choose an appropriate restaurant. There are some restaurants that allot special place to you in case you come with your kids. You can also go to casual restaurants that can take in the noise that your child is likely to make. Keep in mind that a reservation will always help and that you do not have to wait for long.


Another option to try for is going to places where buffet lunch or dinner is offered. Buffet with children can be quite fun. In case you have a full time maid for your kid, then going to restaurants that have games and rides for children is the best way to keep them engaged. The maid can take care of your children while you relish your food.


If you reinforce your child with gifts and toys for good table manners, then be sure that he or she is going to repeat this behavior. Positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your child good manners.


If you are ok with finishing your dinner a little early by seven or eight, then one should visit the restaurant during those times. Managing your child while there is less crowd is indeed beneficial!

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The Approach to Joy

It seems that being happy and cheerful in childhood is a thing of the past. Either parents are putting too many unrealistic expectations on their children or it is simply that todays children have lost the essence of childhood because of all the technology and modern living that has come to us. So, as the famous line goes, happiness is just a state of mind. It is not dependent on anything. Children and their approach towards happiness needs to be changed and it is the duty of parents to make their children feel high about life and enjoy the most beautiful part of life – childhood.

Happiness is an indicator of ones health as well. Research has proved that people, who perceive themselves as happy, generally experience better physical health. It is repeatedly being advised to parents not to put over expectation from their child. It is really ok if your child is not going with painting. Do not coax and cajole him to do something that he does not intrinsically enjoy and feels good about. Sometimes, older children may show traits of negativity and even after being repeatedly told about being happy, they will still make a sore face. Eradicate negativity from roots, plant positivity and joy at home. Try and keep the environment at home light. Discuss family matters and business issues later when your child goes to sleep.  Love your child. Show your love. Nothing will make him happier.


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