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Parents guide on raising teenagers

Sow a seed in good soil, water it, nourish it with plenty of sunshine and let the plant grow. Occasionally pluck out the weeds. The rules of gardening applies very well while raising teenagers. Once your little kid has embarked on the threshold of teenage, you naturally realize that he/she was much easier to handle as a toddler. The once felt frustration at bed wetting and teething seem puny compared to the obstinate behavior and grunge jeans.

It is important to understand that teenage is about self realization. Although they are not completely equipped to handle themselves mentally, they are mature individuals. Constant disapprovals and grounding will make them more courageous to seek the forbidden fruit. Use a little compassion. Teen girls with the advent of menstruation, go through a maze of confusion. They are happy at their womanhood but the latest chores seem a little cumbersome. Mothers to teenage girls need to relate to their feelings. If you think your daughter has too much lipstick or blotchy eyeliner, buy her a new set when she is done with helping you with the grocery items. Rewards and gifts are thrilling to all of us, only we are seldom expressive. Give her a few tips on make up, show her your old photographs about come-back make up ideas and lo! U have won a friend.

Proud papas should encourage  baseball games and video watching too. It is possible that your son is a home bird and enjoys art and culture work than the robust rugby. Accept him and love him for what he is. Talk to him about love and matters of heart and how you met his mother. Those pearls of wisdom ingrained at this age, will make him a mature home person. Do not brand household chores as girlie and macho. Co-exist to share love and respect.

Certain habits and addiction to vices are highly intolerable. Create a situation where they emulate you. Tolerate occasional outburst and it is ok if you have to step forward first to reconcile. In case you have a vice then kick off the habit. Laying a neat table, ironing ones clothes, arranging the grocery can be bonding sessions too. A simple lazy Sunday afternoon lunch or manicuring your lawn is equally refreshing than booking a holiday resort.

Teenagers love to help and it makes them feel important. Get them on to summer jobs. Mother Hen stays in a coop and please do not hover around teenagers. Give them space and time. Respect their friends, call them over, win them over with sincerity and never scold your children in front of their friends. There is a time to pluck the fruit and wait till it is ripe enough. Till then admire it and watch it change its shape.

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