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Indian baby names and their meaning

Names attach a great value to a person especially thatís that we Indians believe. That is why it is so popularly said jaisa naam waisa kaam! India has always been known for its beautiful names. Indian names reflect different religion, different culture and places. Indian baby names are mostly drawn from the scriptures written in the olden times in Sanskrit. History has indeed played a big role in characterizing Indian names. Indian names almost always have a meaning attached to them. The sound and meaning of names indeed creates a positive or negative energy in the life of an individual. It is difficult for some people to relate to the meaning of Indian names in modern times. Foreign influences have also affected the way parents name their children. Individual preferences of parents have started prevailing and no longer parents want traditional names for their kids which are influenced from religion. Whatever the case may be, Indian names have been and will always remain beautifulÖ…including Tamil baby names

Some of these beautiful names are Vikram meaning Victory, Devang meaning part of God, Neev meaning foundation, Adarsh meaning ideal, Aditya which means sun, Akshay meaning immortal, Bharat which means universal monarch, Chetan which means light, , Girish meaning God of mountain, Vijay which means triumph, Saransh meaning result, Anubhav meaning experience, Vivek meaning respect etc. Some oft repeated lovely Indian girl names are Aditi which means mother of Gods, Gitanjali which means a collection of poems, Shradha meaning faith, Karuna meaning mercy, Shanti meaning peace, Vandana meaning prayer etc.


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