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Child Psychology

Each child goes through all the
stages of childhood starting from toddler, early childhood and childhood.
Memory and intelligence starts developing from the stage of being a toddler
itself. It is said that thinking in a toddler is predominantly illogical and
non-reversible. This is the stage when they learn to walk and talk. They receive
potty training and are exposed to various norms and rules and manners that the
family and the society follows. Parents and caretakers need to give their
toddler his or her own set of independence and the freedom to discover things.
Being too strict and overprotective about the activities of your child will
only hamper his growth.

During the stage of early childhood,
children are exposed to a variety of people especially of the same age group
because this is when they go to a play school. They explore creativity and
learn to express themselves in a better way. They even learn the sense of
responsibilities. This is especially seen with siblings, the elder child who is
in his early childhood taking care of the younger brother or sister who is
still a toddler.


Finally the stage of childhood is
experiences logical and systematic study of various things. Thinking develops
and egocentric thoughts disappear. They enter the whole new world of school and
this may pose signs of nervousness and fear. However, homeostasis works best!
They learn to adapt to this new world and a new routine to enjoy themselves!

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