Valentine day & Indian men

The air is filled with mist laden love, affection & compassion(which is invisible to me & to  many gents),but it is seen to all the ladies .Gents are so lazy & unromantic !Particularly the middle aged married Indian male like me.May be work load in office( if it is there),market rate, inflation,soaring prices of daily use items are the cause of the temporary schizophrenia or memory loss in many males.We are different from the collage romeo category.So i am not an exception.

Gone are the days of red roses,candle light dinner, gifts…etc.We clarify the confusion as Where is the time ?Pat came reply from better half …..You people have lots of time for your friends, party, drinks;Never forget the date when India is having a cricket match….But when it come to valentine, anniversary or wife’s birth day , you folks pretend to forget?

Have you ever forget the birthday of your Boss ?never….In office or work place you give roses to your secretary but not to your wives…why ?This is hyprocracy.We ladies have always to suffer & you people have the party on your time.We have to take care of house & kids.No enjoyment on Valentine day too.

No alternative other than saying SORRY, i guess .(today i should havenot attent the office party & reach home in time atleast)

But darling I have never forget your birthday.

Really ???? don’t you know today is our anniversary too !!!!!
Poor me even a KOHINOOR DIAMOND can not mend her anger & save me.
I took the safest mode to pacify my wife…SILENCE……

I was wondering “Why this Valentine day is coming every year without prior intimation to me ?




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