Iwas quite exited thinking about “valentineday”.I withdrew 12000|- from bank just to spendon the surprisegift & party for my sweet heart valentine…” my wife”.I kept the budget like this.

small diamond pendant or ring –6000\-

saree or dress—4000/-

flower & cake & dinner- 2000/-

After reaching home i told her that i havego to market for some work. But after coming from the bathroom i was horrified to see my shirt & pant in the washing machine..All my money would have soaked..I shouted at her..’have you gone mad ?you should have cheked my pocket; all my money had gone’

“Donot worry, i have kept the money; but why you have brought so much money ?

Ihave no other way than to tell her the truth( secrets were opened before start). It was her turn to give me the surprise

“Donot tell me lie.never before you have celebrated valentine day. Why this year ?or it was for somebody else ?( These ladies will never believe hubby).Anyhow small diamonds arealways go unnoticable. hotel food is not good nowdays.i have plenty dress & don’t be crazy.i shall give some money to papa & mummy( my parents) for pilgrimage,drawing room has to be painted,upholstery for sofa also have to be bought.i shall manage in this.

Seeing my facial expression she came near me & whishpered “Darling you are my everlasting valentine…you need need not show it by purchasing some useless gift .You are my uncut diamond”

i could not believe my ear .Are these filmy words the result of the unexpected money she has got ?Really it is difficult to understand a wife .Now money was with her, so she is the BOSS.I could only watch.She has brought me into reality .

Iwas really mesmorised by my practial wife or should i call her “ON LINE VALENTINE’ ?