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Basics Of Log Splitter

basic working of a Log Splitter is
used for splitting the firewood from the either hardwood or softwood logs. It
is a piece of machinery which works on round shape logs (basically these logs
previously have been cut into small-small section or parts); usually it is done
by saw bench or chainsaw. Many splitters can works on twelve ton vertical or
horizontal logs and consist of piston assembly with electric or hydraulic rod
which helps him to tow-able these heavy logs. So having this assembly the log
splitter can generate the lots of tons pressure and the higher the pressure
rating it can easily split the log which are greater in thickness or in length
of rounds.

The home purpose log splitter get the energized or power by an electric motor or by
gasoline or manly by petrol engine which driving a hydraulic pump with or
without a help of tractor and the non-electric model of log splitter mostly
uses on that location where the splitter can move easily and target to cut the
wood source and after that the split logs can simply loaded on the trailer,
truck and bulk bags. 

Some of the models of splitter have an
attachment that prevents the split logs from falling to the ground allowing the
operator to reposition the logs quickly for a second pass on the log splitter.
Some cone or screw splitters are mounted on a 3-point linkage of steel
platforms that allow the wood or log to be repeatedly split into smaller pieces
without putting them down and up again.

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LogSplitter – My best friend

Many people do
like to work outdoor, but I like and love to work outdoor as nothing is
better than working outdoors for me. I know not all like this and also I do not
want to make people follow what I like and believe. Being outside is not as
safe and simple, so I always ensure myself to be safe as far as possible by
preparing all the necessary things. This way I choose my career which is in the
field and outside the home. Therefore, my 3-point Logsplitter became my best
friend when I am outside home and in the field. 
My Logsplitter is enough equipped that it have all the safety measures
which can be otherwise life threatening. I like to work alone with my friend.

I choose this
field as wood cutting can be used at many places and I have many reasons to
choose this. First and foremost is I do this for my family. My family uses it
for campfires, for fireplaces and also for burning our wood stoves. I also
provide this to the homes which do not have any other means to heat their

Working with the
amount or logs of wood with which I am working, LogSplitter is a good
investment.  Without this machine,
splitting large amount of logs of wood is a tiresome and frustrating job. Frustrating
in a sense that if you are trying to split the log and the log is not
cooperating with you and you get angry quickly. In a log splitter, you just
have to keep the log in place on the table and the splitter will split it for

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Log Splitter – Get the best one for your needs

A log splitter is
a wise investment if you have lot of wood to chop.  To make furniture or to use the chopped wood
for fire, you can buy a log splitter. This product is available wherever you
find other logging machinery. If you have some financial p or you are strict with the budget then you should go for either the used one or build your
own. To know how to build a log splitter, go to the internet and research you
will get lot of stuff there.

Hydraulic log splitters
are the type of log splitter which is mostly used by the people because of the
wide use of the product. These can be powered by either gas or diesel. Some of
the features of the hydraulic type are:

choose an engine that goes from 5-8 HP

Can get
splitting power of 10-25 tons

oil-pump of 2-stage

in both the small engine and the large engine

Usually people
own log splitter for their own property, if they want to cut firewood.  Remove all the branches from the main trunk
using a chainsaw and then cut the trunk into smaller pieces. Having these
machines can save your precious time which can be used very effectively in
other works.

Precautions to be

not allow kids near the splitter

not allow children to work on the equipment

yourself to wear the sturdy boots during the work

loose clothes and long sleeves shirts

to wear the safety gloves

use it in the slippery area

read the manual with the log splitter

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Log Splitter: Truth about the best one you split your firewood by your own hands,
then at some point you ask to yourself, “Is not there an easier way to do
this?” And the answer, of course is YES! What you need is a log splitter
and not just any old log splitter, but the best. Log Splitter usually is not
cheap, so if you do a little work of firewood splitting, you could end up
losing lots of money and time. This article will discuss what to look in a log
splitter for best one to get and also you are free from back pain and sore muscles.

When looking to buy a log splitter, you must
take into account factors such as whether the splitter split the wood horizontally,
vertically or both. It is also very important that we look at the power and
energy source, like gas or electricity to operate.

Generally, the splitters having lower horsepower
can split wood only horizontally as vertical splitting requires more horsepower.
Lower horsepower will be about 4-7 horsepower. When you get the Log splitters having
horsepower 12 HP and more, you can usually find the ability to split the
firewood in both horizontal and vertical direction. The advantage of having the
ability to split the wood vertically can be useful if you ever have to split
the wood that is on a slope.

Horsepower refers
to the tonnage of a log splitter. Log Splitter having 4, 7 or even up to 12 ton
is mostly used for the light residential purposes. These machines can split
wood which are having up to 12 inches diameter and 20 cm length. Most of the
splitters comes under this category are powered by electricity.

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Log Splitter – Process firewood efficiently and easily of firewood for heating purpose is in
boom these days. This led people to find the alternative to split the hard
firewood rather than just doing it by the hands. Using log splitter is one
option which are available in many types and uses different sources of energy
to run. These make your work very easy, efficient and time and energy saving. Hydraulic
log splitter is in much use which can be powered by electricity or petrol.

However, proper safety is must while doing
job in these machines. These are very useful back at home, garage or in a
workshop. In the early days, people used to use an axe to perform the task.
Along with the exertion of using an axe, there are many dangers associated with
an axe if not used with proper carefulness. A little carelessness and an
accident can happen. There were dangers from both the blade and from flying
logs . In addition, to all the above disadvantages, there is also an extra work
of collecting the split pieces associated with it. Furthermore, people beyond a
certain age cannot be able to use an axe also the people who produce the logs
in large amounts cannot do all the work with an axe.

Hydraulic Log splitters works with the
hydraulic force and the blade is not sharp. It just pushes the log while
exerting a force of 5-10 tons. The benefit of using this is you have much more
control over the splitting than the splitting via an axe as you can avoid the
splitting if you find any knot or any other obstruction. In this you need to
use both of your hands to operate the machine and push down the log. As you
push it down on the handles, it brings the splitting blade down.

 Log splitters
are not expensive at all, considering their use. Rising price of non-renewable
resources calls out for the demand for wood stoves and firewood. They cost
people very cheap compared to the machines which need the non-renewable
resources to get started.

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Log Splitter: Use Safely

Winter is about to com, people started
preparing for its welcome. In winter the wood is consumed in maximum amo
unt to
the house. For heating the house, the most frugal way chosen by the people
is b
urning the wood all over the world. Many cut the logs of wood for heating
their house on their own, many bring them pre cut and others chose this as to
make a decent living by selling the woods to others. For these, log splitter is
very beneficial to them.

Doing this work manually asks for lot of
energy and time. To get it done efficiently and fast, one should use some
special equipments made for this purpose. Using Log splitter for this work
saves lot of labor and time.

This equipment has replaced the heavy labor
which is used to get this type of work done in the past. These are available in
various varieties to the people. The varieties includes manual, hydraulic,
electric one having their uniqueness for the particular type of work. 

Along with the different types, they are also
available in a large range of sizes. The size is according to the purpose it is
used, like which are smaller in size are used for the wood cutting at home.
Models which are made for professional use are generally larger in size than
the one which are for personal use. These professional models are either run by
gasoline or by diesel to be used in the isolated areas. The benefit of
professional log splitter is they can be wheeled to the place where the logs
are and get them split their only.

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Log Splitters: Types and use firewood was a tougher
and dangerous job to perform in early times. Log splitters, a powerful tool made
this tough task a easier and less dangerous one by completing the task in a
short span of time as compared to the earlier times.  This tool is really an amazing tool to save
the precious time, energy and your hands.

These are available in wide
varieties depending on types of project you work on. Let’s have a quick look
into the available types of Log splitters and their uses.

1.      1. 
Manual Log
splitter :

These types
of log splitters are either operated by foot or by hand. These are light in
weight so easy to store and carry. Their lightweight feature makes them perfect
to use at home for cutting firewood or for other home projects. Manual
splitters are easy to use than an axe and require quite a bit of manpower.


2.    2.  
Electric Log
splitter :

As the gas
prices are increasing every day, electrical appliances use has increased and
same with the option of electric log splitter. These are less in weight than
the other two types mentioned below and also easy to use. Also, cost effective
as compared with those using gas or diesel.

They are useful
at home and for small commercial purposes, and can be used indoors.

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