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Super Star Rajesh Khanna – Screen Lifetime Achievement Award

Super Star Rajesh Khanna

ajesh Khanna, this year’s recipient of Screen Lifetime Achievement Award is in the history of Indian Cinema the lone star to generate a kind of hysteria no star had earlier generated! It is reported that during his peak, boys imitated his style from his hair cut to his trendy kurta. Girls would write his name in blood. What’s more, a glimpse of his car parked nearby and within seconds it would be stained with multicolored lipstick marks all over it! Believe it or not, film buffs were so crazy for his glimpse that filmmakers didn’t dare shoot with him in daytime, particularly on outdoor locations fearing his fanatic fans. Instead, they would shoot after midnight in the calmness of the wee hours! Confirming this statement filmmaker Shakti Samantha narrates a bitter experience that he underwent during the making of Amar Prem. Says he, “I had planned to shoot the romantic song, ‘Chingari koyi bhadke…’ on the eye catching location of Howra Bridge in Kolkatta . However as luck would have it, the news leaked out that Rajesh Khanna is coming to Kolkatta and to my horror, at the airport, I witnessed a sea of crowd anxiously awaiting for their beloved superstar ! After battling Khanna fans, we somehow managed to reach our hotel . Outside the hotel too a mammoth crowd gathered to have a ‘dekho’ of their heart-throb. Looking at the mob, I pictured them coming to the actual shoot. It sent a chill down my spine and I immediately decided to cancel the shoot and packed my bags to Mumbai. Later, in the comfort of the Mehboob studio, I recreated the Howra Bridge set and got the song picturised.” That was the magnetism of this phenomenon called Rajesh Khanna who was bestowed the title superstar.


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Maha Chor – 1976 of Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Maha Chor -1976 of Super Star Rajesh Khanna

I never did figure out if this was an intentional parody of filmi cliches, or if it was just bad. Maybe it was a badly done parody. In any case—it was bad. The story was ridiculous with gaping plot holes, too many suspension-of-disbelief requirements, and loose ends left hanging all over the place. These things alone are not a dealbreaker; but together *shakes head*…I’m not even going to try and do a synopsis.

However, there were some good things about it. This is one reason why I love Hindi movies. You can almost always find something to appreciate!

Thing #1: Manorama, and she was a hot mess. Cleopatra eyeliner! Bright red lipstick! She played Prem Chopra’s “mummy.” He had issues, and no wonder.

Thing #2: The fashion. Prem Chopra’s black and white houndstooth-checked suit, for instance. My school uniform was bottle green and white houndstooth-checked, and hideous. But at least I didn’t have huge horn-rimmed glasses. Oh, wait…yes I did. But at least I didn’t have sideburns. I didn’t!

Sartorially speaking, there were no winners. There was a lot of Victorian tiger-claw jewelry, which I always find kind of…sad. Poor tigers need their claws.

And Neetu did rock these orange bellbottoms, to be completely fair.

Thing #3: The worst wig I have EVER seen. And of course I have seen a lot of bad ones.

I mean, there wasn’t even the tiniest effort to make it look real. But everyone was apparently fooled. This is what made me think: “Parody?”

Thing #4: A child lost at a fair, who was never mentioned again, probably because losing your kids at fairs is so commonplace (again, parody?).

Plus, Protima Devi!

Thing #5: The set decoration. Disco seventies! Mirrored walls! Mirrored ceilings!

If it wasn’t the seventies, it was Arabian Nights or Renaissance Italy.

Thing #6: Some of the dialogue/subtitling was very very silly.

Things #7 and #8: Rajesh and Neetu. The Rajesh Khanna love fest continues. Although their jodi was not as fab as his with Mumtaz and hers with…well, everybody, I will never be sad to have Neetu Singh in a film and Rajesh is my new best friend. He donated blood with sunglasses and a fur hat on*:

He had a dual role as a thief and a mentally challenged thumb-sucking Prince.

Sigh. So much goodness squandered.

*An anonymous reader fills me in on this:

Rajesh Khanna donating blood with a fur cap and sun glasses on is actually a spoof on the late MGR – famous south indian actor in tamil movies and later on the Chief Minister of that state.

MGR used to sport a fur cap and dark glasses and was prone to all the usual social stunts of gathering votes from the poor like donating blood, arranging for feeding the poor etc etc

I’m beginning to think: badly done parody with good intentions

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APNA DESH – 1972 of Super Star Rajesh Khanna


Apna Desh (1972)

I am feeling the love for Rajesh Khanna (especially paired with Mumtaz) here these days. Better late than never! Apna Desh is total paisa vasool, as well. It’s two distinctly different but equally good films for the price (and viewing time) of one! The first is a solid social drama about corruption with a bit of romance thrown in; the second a totally crack-tastic masala film complete with disguises, blackface, fabulous outfits and sets, and two of RD Burman’s (and Asha Bhosle’s) most glorious songs.

Seth Dharamdas (Om Prakash) is a high-ranking politician who presents a pious and charitable face to the world.

In reality, however, he is corrupt and greedy, always scheming to make more money off the backs of poor people. He is assisted in these nefarious endeavours by Sevaram (Kanhaiyalal), a shop owner who dilutes his grains with stones and milk with water; and Satyanarayan (Madan Puri), a contractor who uses too much sand in his cement, causing his buildings to collapse pretty quickly, crushing children and the like.

They are not above murdering an employee who threatens to turn them into the police, either, and have a corrupt doctor in their pay who will attribute death to “natural” causes.

We hate them!

Luckily there are still good guys in the world: honest Aakash (Rajesh Khanna) and his equally honest brother Dinanath (Manmohan Krishna). Dinanath works for Dharamdas, and is completely fooled by his public facade. He is married with two children, and Aakash lives with them too. Aakash works for the city municipality, where he refuses all attempts to bribe him.

One day he meets a coconut vendor named Chanda (Mumtaz). When he goes to pay her for his coconut, he realizes that his wallet has been stolen. She doesn’t believe him.

“Loafer” is another of those Hinglish terms that I love, by the way. He gives her his watch as security and promises to pay her the next day, but that night Chanda’s drunkard of a brother (Satyendra Kapoor) takes the watch and sells it to buy liquor. Horrified, Chanda works extra long hours doing yucky odd jobs to earn the money for a new watch. When she gives the money to Aakash, he buys her a sari instead and their romance begins.

At work, Aakash runs afoul of Satyanarayan when he helps some slum dwellers whom Satyanarayan wants to displace illegally for a new building site. Satyanarayan gets him fired. Aakash’s friend Shambhu (Jagdeep—have I mentioned that I love Jagdeep? I feel sure I must have…) quits and leaves alongside him.

An old schoolmaster who hasn’t been paid in 10 months is thrown out when he goes to Dharamdas to plead for his and the other teachers’ salaries. Aakash finds him dying on the road, and takes him to the hospital but it’s too late. Incensed, Aakash goes to Dinanath’s house and overhears the three partners plotting another scam to rip off the poor.

He rips into them, but when he gets home he finds his brother very angry with him. Dharamdas has called Dinanath to complain about Aakash’s behavior, and Dinanath—still believing that Dharamdas is a good man—demands that Aakash apologize. Aakash naturally refuses, and Dinanath throws him out of the house.

Chanda finds him sleeping on a bench and takes him home to the basti with her. The slum dwellers convince him to run for elected office on their behalf. He does so, and wins, and then goes on to win Dharamdas’ chairman’s seat from him. He and Chanda get engaged.

Good times!

But Dharamdas and his cronies aren’t down for long. Aakash’s honesty is not appreciated by other corrupt politicians and he quickly loses the chairmanship.

Then Dinanath discovers Dharamdas’ true nature. He takes a briefcase containing a large sum of money and a very valuable temple necklace (which Dharamdas has stolen because nothing is sacred to that man) in order to return it all to the rightful owners. He manages to hide the briefcase just before Dharamdas and his men catch him and take him prisoner.

When Aakash discovers that his brother is missing, he knows that Dharamdas is at the bottom of it. He comes up with an elaborate plot to bring down Dharamdas, Sevaram and Satyanarayan—using their greed as bait, and with the help of Shambhu and Chanda. Hindi films really do not get any more entertaining than this. I’ve gone way overboard with screen caps, but believe me—I edited.

Aakash poses as a wealthy, vaguely middle-eastern gold smuggler. Shambhu is his assistant Ali Baba, and Chanda is his wife Madame Popololita.

His hospitality is lavish, and served up by girls in ballet dresses and Mary-Jane shoes.

He is an “international figure”…

as illustrated by all those telephones. And pretty much everything in his house is made of gold.

But not this sublime lamp with a “hidden” camera:

Madame Popololita is a Zsa Zsa Gabor-esque beauty:

We are all treated to one of RD Burman’s best songs ever, “Duniya Mein Logo Ko”:

Aakash and Popololita stage a breakup scene to further entrap Dharamdas. Her firangi Hindi accent is even more hilarious than mine (hers is also purposeful, unlike mine).

She seduces Dharamdas with another fabulous song, “Aaja O Mere Raja” while Shambhu keeps watch (now in blackface posing as her servant):

He steps in when necessary.

I could go on and on, but really you need to see this movie. Pictures alone cannot capture the true essence of its insanity.

Yup, I pretty much love Rajesh Khanna now.

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Rajesh Khanna in a romantic role

Rajesh KhannaNow, Rajesh Khanna in a romantic role.

Super Star Rajesh Khanna  is acting in a movie about romance between a 60-yr-old man and a 25-yr-old girl.

The film, titled  Wafaa,  is being directed by Rakesh Sawant (Rakhi Sawant’s brother) and has south Indian actress Laila cast opposite Rajesh Khanna.

Though the film’s story seems pretty similar to Ram Gopal Varma’s Nishabad (with Amitabh Bachchan) in the lead), the movie’s director insists that similarities are superficial.

Sawant reveals that ‘Wafaa’ is the story of an old man who marries a young girl. The film has Rajesh Khanna playing a rich businessman. Laila plays the young girl who marries him but then has extramarital affair with another man, a younger one.

The film is a crime thriller with a shocking twist in the end.

‘Wafaa’ will also have some intimate scenes. But such scenes don’t feature Rajesh Khanna. They have been shot on Laila and her young co-star. The film also has an item song shot on Kainaaz.

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Top 25 Bollywood Sex Symbols of All Time

DesiClub’s Top 25 Bollywood Sex Symbols of All Time: The Men

DesiClub's Top 25 Bollywood Sex Symbols of All Time: The Men







25. Kishore Kumar: Abhas Kumar Ganguli, better known as Kishore Kumar, was born on August 4, 1929 in Khandwa, India. He traveled to Mumbai in hopes of becoming a famous playback singer. He began his Bollywood career at age 18 singing for the 1948 Dev Anand film, “Ziddi.” Even though Kishore showed promise in his chosen field, he was unwillingly pulled into acting and did a string of successful films like “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi” (1958), “Mr. X in Bombay” (1964) and the comedy masterpiece “Padosan” (1964) with Bollywood’s most sought after leading ladies Saira Banu and Madhubala. Known for his golden voice and eccentric personality, Kishore Kumar ruled the film industry as a singer and actor for forty years. Kishore Kumar was also a composer, producer and to this day, he is one of India’s greatest singers of all time.
Why He’s Sexy: Kishore Kumar is sexy because of his evergreen voice and his astounding ability to make people laugh. He’s sung Bollywood’s most memorable ballads like “Bari Sooni Sooni Hai, Zindagi Yeh Zindagi” (“Mili”, 1975), “O Mere Dil Ke Chain” (“Mere Jeevan Saathi”, 1972) and the soulful “O Saathi Re” (“Muqaddar Ka Sikandar”). The four time married Kumar was also a ladies man.
His Impact on Bollywood: He’s responsible for making Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna into Box Office kings. Shah Rukh Khan also did a tribute concert in his honor by reenacting some of his classic songs.
Interesting Fact: All four of Kishore Kumar’s wives before marrying him, lived in the Mumbai Bandra area. This is why he nicknamed his wives “bandriyas” (monkeys).

Sunny Deol24. Sunny Deol: Dharmendra’s oldest son, Ajay Singh Deol, better known as Sunny Deol, was born on October 19, 1956, in Delhi. His first film “Betaab” (1983) with Amrita Singh made him into a bona fide action hero. He then went onto making mega hit films like “Arjun” (1985) with his long time partner Dimple Kapadia, “Tridev” (1989) with Madhuri Dixit, and “Ghayal” (1990) with Meenakshi Sheshadri. “Ghayal” gave Sunny the recognition he needed as an actor because he won his first award for the film. In the last 10 years, he’s acted in amazing films like “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha” (2001) with Amisha Patel, “23rd March 1931: Shaheed” (2002) with Amrita Singh, “The Hero” (2003) with Preity Zinta and is currently in “Jo Bole So Nihaal” with Shilpi Mudgal.
Why He’s Sexy: Sunny Deol is sexy because he has all the qualities of an action hero. He’s maintained his rock hard body and boyish charm for over twenty years. He also has a soothing voice and the ability to charm women with his smile.
His Impact on Bollywood: He’s the action King of Bollywood and is constantly playing tragic heroes torn by political or relationship turmoil.
Interesting Fact: Sunny’s biggest hit to date is “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha,” which is based on India’s partition movement.

Jeetendra23. Jeetendra: Ravi Kapoor, better known as “Jumping Jack” Jeetendra was India’s undisputed dance king. He brought forth a new kind of sex symbol, women of the 1960′s screamed over him. Born April 7, 1942 in the birth place of Bollywood, Jeetendra’s first film was the 1964 “Geet Gaya Pattharonne,” which failed to give him recognition until the 1967 classic “Farz,” costarring Babita, Karisma and Kareena Kapoor’s mother. He’s acted in over two hundred films and had men copying his trademark mullet and large rimmed sunglasses.
Why He’s Sexy: Looking back at classic Jeetendra films, one might wonder how he gave the women of India fits of hysteria. His pants were too tight and all he did was dance atrociously. But back in his day, India had never seen someone dance like him. He would wildly wiggle his pelvis and do summersaults during dance sequences. He represented something forbidden and sexual, which made him a favorite with the ladies.
His Impact on Bollywood: Since he’s acted in over two hundred films, Jeetendra is the only actor to costar with India’s top Bollywood actresses over three decades. He’s acted with divas like Hema Malini, Rekha, Jayaprada and his favorite costar Sridevi.
Interesting Fact: Twenty five years after the release of “Karz,” Tushar Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor tried to copy their parent’s box office success with the film “Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai.”

Saif Ali Khan22. Saif Ali Khan: Saif Ali Khan was born into Bollywood royalty and is known as the Chota Nawab. Son of Bengali beauty Sharmila Tagore and Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan, Saif was born on Augsut 16, 1970 in Delhi. He is Bollywood’s answer to Brooklyn Beckham, Posh and David’s son. During the start of his career, critics labeled him as too feminine since he has his mother’s delicate Bengali features. But his career started out with a bang in his first film “Aashiq Awara” (1993) with then sex symbol Mamta. Shortly after the film’s release, he paired up with Akshay Kumar in a few hit films like “Yeh Dillagi” (1994) co-starring Kajol, “Main Khiladi Tu Anari” (1994) with Shilpa Shetty and “Tu Chor Main Sipahi” (1996) with Tabu. Near the end of the 90′s and in the new millennium, Saif’s career took off to major heights. With the release of major box office hits like “Hum Saath Saath Hain” (1999), “Dil Chahta Hai” (2001), “Kal Ho Na Ho” (2003), “Hum Tum” (2004), and currently in the Bengali novel turned screenplay “Parineeta” (2005), he is making his mark as a leading Bollywood sex symbol.
Why He’s Sexy: Saif is sexy because he is India’s answer to the metrosexual male. He’s clean cut, has great hair and comes from parents with impressive family backgrounds. His mother is not only one of Bollywood’s most beautiful women, she comes from the prestigious Tagore family, Nobel Prize winning author Rabindranath Tagore’s granddaughter. His father is Mansoor Ali Khan, who was a top notch Indian cricketer. He plays the guitar and drums and was schooled in the UK.
His Impact on Bollywood: Saif along with Aamir Khan and Akshaye Khanna created fashion trends that changed the look of Bollywood’s leading men. You can see Desi men either styling their hair or wearing something Saif’s worn in a movie.
Interesting Fact: Saif’s marriage to actress Amrita Singh caused major controversy within his family and the industry as she was much older than him. He is currently divorced and is dating an Italian beauty. Because of his amazing sense of style, he’s an icon within India’s gay community.

Raj Kapoor21. Raj Kapoor: Raj Kapoor was one of India’s most influential film personalities. He acted, produced and directed some of Bollywood’s most beloved movies. Son of screen legend Prithviraj Kapoor, he was born on December 14, 1924 in Peshawar. The Kapoor clan is one of Bollywood’s royal families. His acting career has seen astounding heights with films that co-starred him with leading lady Nargis: “Andaz” (1949), “Awaara” (1951), and “Sree 420″ (1955). He also amazed movie goers with his acting ability in classic films like “Sangam” (1964) with Vyjayanthimala and “Mera Naam Joker” (1970) with Simi Garewale. In the later half of his career, he went behind the camera under the RK Banner and produced some of India’s most memorable films.
Why He’s Sexy: Raj Kapoor was sexy because he made you feel everything his character emoted. He also had an acute sense of what was sexy on screen when it came to his film’s leading ladies. He was responsible for Zeenat Aman’s “barely there” look in the classic movie “Satyam Shivam Sundaram.”
His Impact on Bollywood: Aside from his formidable acting career, under the RK Banner Raj Kapoor is responsible for memorable films like “Bobby” (1973), “Ram Tere Ganga Maili” (1985) and “Henna” (1989). He’s an icon outside of India also, within Russia and China. Many of his films are dubbed in Russian because his films appealed to people from all social backgrounds. His characters represented Marxist ideology, because he often played the common man.
Interesting Fact: Chairman Mao was a huge fan of Raj Kapoor because of his cinematic depiction of the proletariat. His films were one of the few outside influences Chairman Mao accepted during China’s Cultural Revolution.

Mithun Chakraborty20. Mithun Chakraborty: Kolkata born, Mithun Chakraborty’s career has seen both highs and lows for the past thirty years. Born on June 16, 1947, Mithun at one point rivaled the success of Amitabh Bachchan. His first film “Mrigayaa” (1976), won him the national award for his portrayal of a lower caste man fighting for the right of higher education. After the triumph of his first film, Mithun struggled to repeat history with another hit until the super success of the cult classic “Disco Dancer” (1982) with Rita Oberoi. This movie made him a cultural icon and brought the Disco era to 1980′s India. His other successful films include “Boxer” (1984) with Rati Agnihotri, “Commando” (1988) with Mandakini, “Dalaal”, (1993) with Ayesha Jhulka and this year he recently appeared in “Lucky: No Time For Love” and “Elaan.”
Why He’s Sexy: Mithun is sexy because at the height of his career, he was tall, dark and handsome. Women lusted after him, where men attempted to dance like him. He was India’s answer to John Travolta as India’s Disco King. He also appealed to India’s rural movie goers.
His Impact on Bollywood: Mithun Chakraborty is a movie making industry on his own. He has a private location in Ooty where filmmakers can shoot films for much cheaper than high priced Mumbai. Even though Mithun is mostly known as a “B” grade hero, he has had a super successful movie career without the worries of a Box Office bomb.
Interesting Fact: There’s a Russian based website dedicated to Mithun, who was also a major action hero in the former USSR.

Jackie Shroff19. Jackie Shroff: Jai Kishen, better known as Jackie, was born on February 1, 1957 in Mumbai. This model turned actor first made his mark as a Bollywood action hero in the aptly titled Subhash Ghai film “Hero” (1983) with Meenakshi Sheshadri. He’s had mega hit films with Bollywood beauty Madhuri Dixit in “Tridev” (1989), “Ram Lakhan” (1989), “Parinda” (1989), “100 Days” (1991), and “Kal Nayak” (1993). He’s also had major box office success in films like “Aaina” (1993) costarring Juhi Chawala, “Rangeela” (1995) with Urmila, “Border” (1997) with Tabu, “Lajja” (2001) with Manisha, “Devdas” (2002) with Aishwarya, and the 2004 hit film “Hulchul.”
Why He’s Sexy: Jackie is sexy because of his portrayal of an honest and refined man in his films. He’s 6 feet tall and super cool. He’s had all sorts of women, including his female costars, lusting after him because of his magnetic charm.
His Impact on Bollywood: Even though he’s acted in two hero based movies, he’s won many awards for his roles as a costar. He is someone who’s hard not to notice in any film, even if he isn’t the male lead.
Interesting Fact: Most of Jackie’s hit films either costarred Madhuri Dixit or Anil Kapoor. Anil Kapoor’s rebellious characters would often play a foil to Jackie’s moral characters; where as Madhuri either played his love interest or acted alongside him in various love triangle plot based movies.

Anil Kapoor18. Anil Kapoor: Anil Kapoor, born on December 24, 1959 in Chembur, India, is distantly related to Raj Kapoor, his father and Raj Kapoor were cousins. He is one of Bollywood’s most versatile actors, acting in a span of both commercial and art house films. In 1982, he had a small role in the Amitabh classic “Shakti,” which caused people to take notice of his amazing acting ability. He’s had major success in films like “Saaheb” (1985) with Amrita Singh, “Janbaaz” (1986) with Dimple Kapadia, and the classic film “Mr. India” (1987) with Sridevi. In the later half of his career, Anil Kapoor had mega box office success with screen legend Madhuri Dixit. Together, they had super hits like “Tezaab” (1988), “Ram Lakhan” (1989), “Parinda” (1989), and in the 90′s “Kishen Kanaiya” (1990), “Beta” (1992), “Pukar” (2000) and “Lajja” (2001). His second favorite female lead was Sridevi, who later married his brother Boney Kapoor.
Why He’s Sexy: Anil Kapoor is sexy because of his ability to play versatile roles. He can go from playing an action hero to a mentally challenged person with ease. Not only is he a great actor, he’s also an amazing dancer, which is proven in “Ram Lakhan.”
His Impact on Bollywood: In 2001, he won India’s National Award for his performance in “Pukar,” which is one of the many awards given to him.
Interesting Fact: His biggest influence as an actor was Raj Kapoor and he chose roles that were similar to the ones Raj Kapoor played. In the movie “Lamhe” (1991), there’s an entire song sequence dedicated to Raj Kapoor.

Arjun Rampal17. Arjun Rampal: Born on November 26, 1972, Arjun Rampal was an Indian super model before he stepped onto the big screen. In 1994, he won the award for Society Magazine’s face of the year and was sought after by international fashion houses for his runway work. Being in the modelling industry is hard work and Arjun believed that his shelf life as a model would have expired after age 22. He then began an acting career and was instantly proclaimed as one of Bollywood’s heart throbs. His debut was in “Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabaat” (2001) with Kirti Reddy, which flopped at the box office but still brought in hordes of female movie goers. His first major hit after a string of flop films was the big budget caper “Aankhen” (2002) with Sushmita Sen, he then went on to doing “Dil Hai Tumhaara” (2002) with Preity Zinta, “Dil Ka Rishta” (2003) with Aishwarya Rai and this year acted in “Elaan” with Lara Dutta.
Why He’s Sexy: Arjun Rampal is sexy because he has perfect features; he’s 6 feet tall and has a smoking hot body.
His Impact on Bollywood: Even though Arjun Rampal has had a rocky career, he’s causing sleepless nights for Bollywood’s leading men, who need to step up there game when it comes to personal appearance. Bollywood’s leading men are now working out and dressing better than they used to, some say, to keep up with him.
Interesting Fact: In 2002, Arjun Rampal won the International Indian Film Academy award for face of the year.

Abhishek Bachchan16. Abhishek Bachchan: Abhishek Bachchan is the son of two of Bollywood’s most influential icons. His parents are none other then Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri. Born on February 5, 1976, he grew up with a life full of privileges and had India’s most sought after actor for a father, which was difficult to deal with at the start of his acting career. He dropped out of the University of Boston, because he wanted to have a memorable acting career like his father. His first film “Refugee” (2000) with Kareena Kapoor was a perfect debut, which showcased his acting ability. It wasn’t until “Yuva” (2004) with Rani Mukherjee, four years after his debut, that Abhishek had a hit film and even beat his father at the Filmfare Awards. With the super success of “Dhoom” (2004) with Esha Deol, he finally became one of Bollywood’s A list actors. He’s also riding high with the success of “Bunty Aur Babli” (2005), again with Rani Mukherjee and in another action packed film “Dus” (2005) with Shilpa Shetty. He is also filming “Dhoom 2″ with Bengali bombshell Bipasha Basu.
Why He’s Sexy: Abhishek is sexy because he is 6’3″ and is almost a spitting image of his father. He’s also trilingual, speaking Hindi, French and English. His overall sex appeal has improved with time and maturity because he is finally stepping out of his father’s shadow.
His Impact on Bollywood: He is one of the very few actors that can come up against Amitabh Bachchan during an awards show and win. Not very many people can say they have the acting chops to do that.
Interesting Fact: During the filming of “Sholay,” his mother was five months pregnant with him and now he is currently being considered to reprise his father’s role of Jay, in the Ram Gopal Varma remake.

Dino Morea15. Dino Morea: Dino Morea is super sexy and has the bad boy image going for him. He’s half Italian and half Indian, but 100% sexy. Born on December 9, 1975 in Bangalore, like Arjun Rampal, he too was an Indian super model. His first hit film was “Raaz” (2002) with the super sexy Bipasha Basu, which made people take notice of his stunning features. He also acted in another thriller “Baaz” the year after with Karisma Kapoor, which was a psychological thriller. His next major film is “Fight Club,” which will be released next year.
Why He’s Sexy: Dino is sexy because he has the best of both worlds, being biracial. In 1999, he won the Gladrags supermodel contest and he speaks fluent Italian, English and Hindi. How hot is that!?
His Impact on Bollywood: Because of his killer looks, he’s appeared in various Indian pop music videos for Alisha and Abhijeet. He is setting the bar for model turned actors within Bollywood because of his amazing physical appearance.
Interesting Fact: He once dated Bipasha Basu and is currently dating Karisma Kapoor’s husband’s ex-wife.

John Abraham14. John Abraham: John Abraham is Bollywood’s first South Indian Christian lead actor, he initially had difficulty breaking into Bollywood because of his religious background. Ofcourse, most of Bollywood’s heartthrobs are Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. He comes from a unique family background since his father is from Kerala, South India and his mother is from Iran. Born on December 17, 1972 in Mumbai, John Abraham started out as a media planner for an ad agency then progressed onto modelling. From a lucrative modelling career, he moved onto acting in “Jism” (2003) with his current girlfriend, the super sexy Bipasha Basu. Even though “Jism” didn’t do that well at the box office, his acting along with the film’s steamy scenes, got people to take notice of his talent. Even though he’s done some amazing films like “Saaya” (2003) with Tara Sharma and “Paap” (2003) with Udita Goswami, his career as an action hero hit the industry with a BANG in the aptly titled “Dhoom” (2004) with Esha Deol. This year, John Abraham is hitting Bollywood full force with movies like “Kaal” (2005) with Lara Dutta. He also stars in the controversial Deepa Mehta film “Water” (2005) with Lisa Ray.
Why He’s Sexy: If a picture speaks a thousand words, I’m sure you can use them to describe how sexy John Abraham is. John Abraham is sexy because he’s 6’1″ and has a 32 inch waist with a 41 inch chest. He was India’s highest paid male super model and you can see what he and Bips spend a lot of time doing.
His Impact on Bollywood: Because of the mega success of “Dhoom,” where John Abraham is a thief zooming around in a Yamaha motorcycle, Yamaha India recently announced an ad campaign with him as their spokesperson. With his help, they have introduced two new motorbikes, CRUX S and the Libero LX City Cruiser.
Interesting Fact: He’s dated actresses Ria Sen and is currently dating Bipasha Basu, which means he has a thing for Bengali girls.

Hrithik Roshan13. Hrithik Roshan: Hrithik Roshan is another star’s son. His father is actor turned filmmaker Rakesh Roshan. He is known as the perfect Bollywood actor when it comes to visual presentation because of his rock hard body, flawless face, green eyes and smooth speaking voice. His debut “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai” (2000) with Amisha Patel caused “Hrithik mania,” which had girls within India and abroad lusting after him. After the success of “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai,” his second hit film was “Fiza” (2000) with Karisma Kapoor, showing him as a versatile actor playing the role of a Muslim terrorist. Hrithik has also suffered from a few flops such as “Yaadein” (2001), but came back with a vengeance in the ever sappy “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” (2001), co-staring Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. In 2003, Hrithik made another major comeback after a year and a half of awful films, with “Koi Mil Gaya” costarring Preity Zinta and won the hearts of critics and movie goers with his touching performance as a mentally challenged person. He is currently working on the sequel to his 2003 hit and also working on “Dhoom 2″ with Abhishek Bachchan.
Why He’s Sexy: Salman Khan was responsible for Hrithik’s look. Hrithik is sexy because Salman Khan taught him how to work out, eat healthy and sculpt his body. His female fans mobbed him after seeing his debut film and that same year he got 30,000 marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day!
His Impact on Bollywood: Not only is Hrithik Roshan one of Bollywood’s heartthrobs, he’s also done a lot of work behind the scenes as an associate director. He got behind the lens in blockbuster films “Karan Arjun” (1995) starring Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan and “Koyal” (1997) starring Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit. At one point in his career, he was the highest paid actor in Bollywood because of his movies and endorsement deals, estimated at $5 million dollars.
Interesting Fact: At age 21, Hrithik Roshan was diagnosed with scoliosis and was told he could never be one of Bollywood’s leading action heroes. He proved everybody wrong because of his exercise regime.

Akshay Kumar12. Akshay Kumar: Rajiv Bhatia, better known as Akshay Kumar, stepped out of nowhere and hit Bollywood by storm. Born September 9, 1967 in India but raised in Thailand, he studied martial arts in Hong Kong then got into modelling. Unlike most male model turned actors, Akshay Kumar has a successful acting career and does his own stunts. His first hit was “Khiladi” (1992) with Ayesha Jhulka, which was one of many Akshay’s “Khiladi” movies. He also starred in “Deedar” (1992) with Karisma Kapoor, and had a super hit with “Yeh Dillagi” (1994) with Kajol. His performance in “Yeh Dillagi” landed him the role of Amar Saxsena in the classic 90′s film “Mohra,” with his then girlfriend Raveena Tandon. From “Mohra” he went onto hits like “Main Khiladi Tu Anari” (1994) with Shilpa Shetty, “Dil To Pagal Hai” (1997) with Madhuri Dixit, the super funny “Hera Pheri” (2000) with Tabu, “Dhadkan” (2000) with Shilpa Shetty, “Ek Rishtaa” (2001) with Karisma Kapoor and won the Filmfare Award for Best Villain in “Ajnabee” (2001). In the last year and a half, he’s proved himself as an amazing actor in both comedic and serious roles in “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” (2004) with Priyanka Chopra and in the current box office smash “Waqt” (2005) costarring Priyanka Chopra. He was also memorable in “Bewafaa” (2005) with Kareena Kapoor, which was very touching to watch.
Why He’s Sexy: Akshay Kumar is sexy because he knows martial arts and also because he’s an awesome dancer. He was a player before he married Twinkle Khanna.
His Impact on Bollywood: Most of Akshay’s films have great soundtracks, which helped his career. His films had catchy songs like “Tu Cheez Badi Hai” from “Mohra” (1994), “Poster Lagwado Bazaar Mein” from “Aflatoon” (1997), “Mera Yaar Dildaar” from the movie “Janwaar” (1999), “Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai Yeh Dil Se” from the movie “Dhadkan” (2000), “Mehbooba, Mehbooba” from the movie “Ajnabee” (2001) and recently with “Aaja Soniye” from “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” (2004). Not only is Akshay expressive while delivering dialogue, he is also very emotive during his song sequences, which makes an impact for his amazing screen presence.
Interesting Fact: Akshay personally invested in promoting his current movie “Waqt,” because the story was close to his heart. If all of Bollywood’s actors were this passionate about their films, we’d have better movies.

Shammi Kapoor11. Shammi Kapoor: Shamsherraj, better known as Shammi Kapoor was considered India’s answer to Elvis Presley because of the way he gyrated his pelvis when he danced. Born in Mumbai on October 21, 1931 into the infamous Kapoor clan, he is Raj Kapoor’s brother. Growing up, Shammi Kapoor had a greasy moustache and didn’t look remotely attractive until his marriage to Geeta Bali in 1950, where he decided to reinvent his look as India’s bad boy, modeling himself after his Hollywood idols Elvis and James Dean. His new look resulted in the hit film “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” with Pran (1957). In 1961 with the movie “Junglee” costarring Saira Banu, his career catapulted to super stardom. Since then, he had classic films like “Professor” (1962) with Kalpana, “China Town” (1962) with Helen, “Rajkumar” (1964) with Sadhana, “Kashmir Ki Kali” (1964) with Sharmila Tagore, “Teesri Manzil” (1966) with Aasha Parekh, “An Evening in Paris” (1967) again with Sharmila Tagore, “Brahmachari” (1968) with Mumtaz, “Prince” with Vyjayanthimala and the memorable “Andaz” (1971) with Hema Malini.
Why He’s Sexy: Shammi Kapoor is sexy because of his energetic screen presence, this is apparent when watching him dance. He had Elvis’s hair and Hazel eyes that would melt the hearts of his female fans. If you’re in any doubt of how sexy this man was at the peak of his career, watch him shake his groove thang in “Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyaar Tera” in “Teesri Manzil,” you’ll see exactly what I mean.
His Impact on Bollywood: As an actor, Shammi had more songs than his female costars because he knew how important well depicted songs were to the success of his films. He also introduced a new word to Indian pop culture, “Yahoo” in his famous song “Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe” in the movie “Junglee.” Shammi Kapoor has a website dedicated to the Kapoor family at, which is an interesting look at the Kapoor clan.
Interesting Fact: Shammi personally used his voice on the track “Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe” with his extra loud “Yahoo”! How cool is that?

Shashi Kapoor10. Shashi Kapoor: Balbir Raj Kapoor, better known as Shashi, was born in Kolkata to the Kapoor clan on March 18, 1938. He is one of the most recognizable faces from Bollywood to do crossover films within the UK and Hollywood. In India, he’s done some amazing Bollywood films and held his own during the Amitabh Bachchan era. He is also a theater actor and balanced commercial film projects along with doing art house films. He’s most memorable movies are “Waqt” (1965) with Sadhana, “Jab Jab Phool Khile” (1965) with Nanda, “Sharmilee” (1971) with Raakhee and “Roti Kapada Aur Makaan” (1974) with Zeenat Aman. In 1975, Shashi shocked audiences with his amazing performance in “Dewaar” opposite then new comer Amitabh Bachchan. This was the start of many successful movies the two would do together and they were known as one of the most memorable duos in Bollywood history. He also appeared in “Kabhie Kabhie” with Amitabh in 1976, “Trishul” (1978), “Kala Patthar” (1979), “Suhaag” (1979), “Shaan” (1980) and in “Silsila” (1981). As a lead, he’s appeared in landmark films like “Chor Machaye Shor” (1974) with Mumtaz, “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” (1978) with Zeenat Aman, “Heat and Dust” (1983) with Madhur Jaffrey, “New Delhi Times” (1986) with Sharmila Tagore and “The Deceivers” (1988) with Pierce Brosnan.
Why He’s Sexy: Shashi is sexy because of his striking features and disarming smile. Like the rest of the Kapoor family, Shashi has blue eyes and the Kapoor family fame behind him. He frequently played the romantic lead in various films, which made him a heartthrob with female fans.
His Impact on Bollywood: As mentioned before, Shashi is a crossover actor and was smart enough to seek work outside of Bollywood when he couldn’t play an action hero. He sought age appropriate roles instead of trying to play a college kid at age 45, like some actors of his time.
Interesting Fact: Shashi Kapoor became a Bollywood actor to help raise his family; he also used the money earned at the box office for his theater company and art house films.

Rishi Kapoor9. Rishi Kapoor: Rishi Kapoor is the second son of Raj Kapoor and was the teen heartthrob of the 1970′s. Born in Mumbai on September 4, 1952, his films were a stark contrast to box office rival Amitabh Bachchan who was known as the “angry young man” of the 70′s. He was known as the Prince of Romance, who sang and danced to win his lady loves. He won India’s National Award for his performance in “Mera Naam Joker” in 1970 when he was just 18 years old. He later took the industry by storm in the groundbreaking film “Bobby” (1973) with Dimple Kapadia, played the tragic lover Kais in “Laila Majnu” (1976) with Ranjeta, “Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin” (1977) with Kajaal Kiren, “Amar Akbar Anthony” (1977) with his wife Neetu Singh and “Sargam” (1979) with Jayaprada. He also appeared in the Subhash Ghai blockbuster “Karz” (1980) with Tina Munim, “Naseeb” (1981) with Hema Malini, my all time favorite film “Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai” (1982) with Padmini Kolhapure, “Yeh Vaada Raha” (1982) with Poonam Dhillon and Tina Munim, “Prem Rog” (1982) also with Padmini Kolhapure, “Coolie” (1983) with Rati Agnihotri, “Saagar” (1985) with his “Bobby” costar Dimple Kapadia, “Rahi Badal Gaya” (1985) with Shabana Azmi and Padmini Kolhapure, “Chandni” (1989) with Sridevi, “Henna” (1991) with Zeba, “Deewana” (1992) with Divya Bharati, and the brilliant film “Damini” (1993) with Meenakshi Sheshadri.
Why He’s Sexy: Rishi Kapoor was sexy because he was a fashion icon, sporting the latest fashion at the height of his career. He had the trademark Prince like features of the Kapoor clan with curly hair and pale skin. Since he is known as the Prince of Romance, he’s been the object of female fantasies for over 25 years.
His Impact on Bollywood: Rishi Kapoor has been the launching pad for some of Bollywood’s most influential actresses. He starred in the classic love story “Bobby” (1973) with Dimple, which was her debut film, Kajaal Kiren in the movie “Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin” (1977), Neetu Singh in “Amar Akbar Anthony” (1977), Jayaprada in “Sargam” (1979), Tina Munim in “Karz” (1980) and even launched Tabu’s career in 1994 with “Pehla Pehla Pyaar.” For 25 years he was the lucky mascot for aspiring actresses because of his ability to draw box office crowds.
Interesting Fact: On December 12, 1973, the New York Times featured an article about “Bobby.”

Sanjay Dutt8. Sanjay Dutt: Sanjay Dutt is the son of Sunil Dutt and Nargis. Born on July 29, 1959, his debut film was “Rocky” (1981) with Tina Munim, which was an overnight sensation. A few of his other major films are “Naam” (1986) with Poonam Dhillon, “Thanedaar” (1990) with Madhuri Dixit, whom he dated. Together they starred in films like “Saajan” (1991) and the infamous “Khal Nayak” in 1993. In the 90′s his career came to a halt when he was charged with possession of armed weapons and served jail time. After his release, he completed his pending projects and starred in “Sanam” (1997) with Manisha Koirala, “Daud” (1997) with Urmila Madtonkar, “Vaastav” (1999) with Namrata Shirodkar, for which he won awards for, “Mission Kashmir” (2000), as Hrithik Roshan’s father and received critical acclaim for “Munnabhai MBBS” (2003). He is now filming the sequel to Munnabhai and is also in the movie “Dus” (2005) with Abhishek Bachchan.
Why He’s Sexy: Sanjay is sexy because of his bad boy image; he also has this quality that makes women want to save him from himself. His romance to Madhuri was well published and was the cause of much scandal because Madhuri was Bollywood’s sweetheart while Sanjay was Bollywood’s bad boy. He is proof that even good girls can’t resist a bad boy.
His Impact on Bollywood: Sanjay Dutt is the first Bollywood actor to have a criminal record, which is known on an international level. Non-resident Indians can remember the day he was arrested and the possible speculations that he was involved with the Air India bombings. Since then, Sanjay Dutt has turned his life around and has stayed away from trouble.
Interesting Fact: Sanjay Dutt’s movie “Sanam” was originally supposed to be released in 1993, but was shelved for four year because of his prison term. One of the song’s lyrics listed Bollywood’s hottest actress in a dream sequence performed by Sanjay Dutt. They changed the song because a few of the actresses were no longer in the industry, which had drastically changed in the four years he was gone.

Vinod Khanna7. Vinod Khanna: Vinod Khanna was very sexy in his time, which is why he has good looking sons, Akshaye and Rahul Khanna. Born in Peshawar on October 6, 1946, he took the industry by storm with his masculine looks. Like his equal Amitabh Bachchan, he too was an angry young man, but was the thinking man’s angry young man, always in deep thought. He acted in a string of hit films opposite Amitabh and was also a box office hero. Together, they acted in classic films like “Kunwara Baap” (1974), “Zameer” (1975), “Hera Pheri” (1976), “Parvarish” (1977), “Khoon Pasina” (1977), “Amar Akbar Anthony” (1977), and “Muqaddar Ka Sikandar” (1978). On his own, he’s had breakthrough films like “Purab Aur Panchhim” (1970) with Saira Banu, “Mera” (1979) with Hema Malini, the sexy love triangle “Qurbani” (1980) with Zeenat Aman, “Kudrat” (1981) with Hema Malini, “Chandni” (1989) with Sridevi, “Jurm” (1990) with Meenakshi Sheshadri, “Lekhen” (1990) with Dimple Kapadia, “C.I.D.” (1990) with Juhi Chawala, and the Indo American film “Leela” with Dimple in 2002.
Why He’s Sexy: Vinod Khanna is sexy because of the cleft in his chin and he’s also a Man’s man. Even though he was one of Bollywood’s action heroes, he also played the tragic hero, which made women fall at his feet.
His Impact on Bollywood: Vinod Khanna initially started his acting career as a villain and made the successful crossover as hero in “Man Ka Meet” (1968). Even though He and Amitabh acted in five films together, he was also his box office contender. Not many actors could face the heavyweight Amitabh at the box office; it was truly a clash of titans. In recent times, Vinod Khanna is an Indian politician, which seems to be a trend for former Bollywood actors.
Interesting Fact: At the height of his career, Vinod Khanna left India for the US to become a monk in Oregon under the Osho Rajnish Ashram. He stayed in Oregon for five years and then made his comeback and remarried. Vinod Khanna is an actor who’s done it all.

Dharmendra6. Dharmendra: Dharmendra Deol, better known as “Gharam Dharam” Dharmendra, was another box office contender for the Big B. Born on December 8, 1935 in Sahniwal, Punjab; he’s the father of Sunny, Bobby and Esha Deol. Not only was he one of Bollywood’s greatest action heroes, he was super funny! He was a romantic hero who married one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood, Hema Malini. During his career, even though he was nominated for remarkable performances, he never won a Filmfare Award until his 1997 Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s acted in outstanding films like “Phool Aur Patthar” (1966) with Meenakumari and “Anupama” (1966) with Sharmila Tagore but had a string of unbelievable hits with his current wife Hema Malini. He was one of the few actors in his time that banked from the success of romantic thrillers in a male dominated industry. Together they acted in classic films like “Sharafat” (1970), “Tum Haseen Main Jawaan” (1970), “Naya Zamana” (1971), “Raja Jani” (1972), “Seeta Aur Geeta” (1972), “Jugnu” (1973), “Dost” (1974), and the best film made in Bollywood History: “Sholay” (1975). On his own, he’s acted in amazing films, “Yaadon Ki Baaraat” (1973) and “Dharam Veer” (1977) both with Zeenat Aman.
Why He’s Sexy: Dharmendra is sexy because he is known as Bollywood’s He-Man. He had super strength with a sensitive smile that caused many teenage girls to lust after him. He also had great comic timing, which made him totally erectable.
His Impact on Bollywood: Dharmendra will forever be immortalized as Veeru in “Sholay.” Who can forget the famous water tower scene where he drunkenly threatens to end his life if Basanti’s aunt disapproves of their marriage; that scene speaks volumes for the impact Dharmendra has had on Bollywood.
Interesting Fact: The Hema Malini-Dharmendra romance not only helped catapult their careers into super star status, it also resulted in their marriage. They are known as the best on and off screen couple of all time.

Salman Khan5. Salman Khan: Salman Khan is also known as one of Bollywood’s bad boys, since he’s always getting into trouble with the law. Born on December 27, 1968 in Indore, India, he is the son of epic script writer Salem Khan, who co-wrote “Sholay” (1975), “Dewaar” (1975) and “Don” (1978). He had a small role in his first film “Biwi Ho To Aisi” (1988) staring Rekha. A year later, Salman created Khan Mania, with the super success of “Maine Pyar Kiya” with Bhagyashree. He’s also acted in classic films with Madhuri Dixit like “Saajan” (1991), “Dil Tera Aashiq” (1993) and the blockbuster sensation “Hum Aapke Hain Koun” (1994). He’s had a string of hits with Kajol in “Karan Arjun” (1995), “Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya” (1998) and “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” (1998). Salman has reaped the benefits of acting in family dramas like “Hum Saath Saath Hai” (1999), “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” (1999) with then girl friend Aishwarya Rai, “Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega” (2000) with Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee and “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi” (2004) with Priyanka Chopra. He also starred in “Lucky: No Time for Love” (2005) with Sneha Ullal, “No Entry” (2005) with Bipasha Basu and is in a film with his current girlfriend, Katrina Kaif “Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya” (2005).
Why He’s Sexy: Salman Khan is sexy because he’s shirtless in almost every film, showing off his rock hard body. He also has an innocent face with expressive eyes that captivates women’s hearts. Salman Khan was one of India’s pin up actors, especially after the success of “Maine Pyar Kiya”; teen girls both in India and beyond had posters of him all over their walls. People Magazine also voted him as one of the seventh best looking in the world during the peak of his career in 1999.
His Impact on Bollywood: He’s also pushed the boundaries with thought provoking films like “Love” with Revathi about a struggling Hindu musician who falls in love with a Christian girl, “Khamoshi” (1996) another Hindu/Christian love story with Manisha Koirala and the controversial dramas “Chori Chori Chupke Chupke” (2001) with Rani and Preity, and “Tera Naam” (2003) with Bhoomika Chawala about intercaste relationships and “Phir Milenge” where he plays a person infected with the AIDS virus.
Interesting Fact: Salman is one of the three King Khan’s of Bollywood, aside from Shah Rukh and Aamir. He’s also close friends with Sanjay Dutt and like him, has served jail time. He’s also a personal trainer for Anil Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, apart from training Hrithik Roshan. His stepmother is also the vivacious Helen, one of Bollywood’s greatest dancers.

Aamir Khan4. Aamir Khan: Aamir Khan started out as a child actor in the classic film “Yaadon Ki Baaraat” (1970). Aamir Hussian Khan was born in Mumbai, on March 14, 1965. His father Tahir Hussian is the man behind classic films “Caravan” (1971), “Anamika” (1973), “Zakhmee” (1975), and “Tum Mere Ho” (1990). After acting in “Yaadon Ki Baaraat,” he took a break from Bollywood and went onto becoming a Tennis Star for Maharasthra, India. At age 21, he met and fell in love with Reena, who was Hindu and eloped with her because of their different religious backgrounds. During the time of his first role as a lead actor in “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak” with then newcomer Juhi Chawala (1988), no one knew of his marriage until actress Pooja Bhatt during the filming of “Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin,” publicly broke the news. Because of this public scandal, there’s a scene in “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak” during the song “Papa Kehte Hain,” where his wife Reena Dutta is an extra. After the success of “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak”, he acted with box office Queen Madhuri Dixit in the super successful “Dil” (1990). From there, he was known as the second of the three King Khans because of the major sensations of “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” (1993) with Ayesha Jhulka, “Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Mein” (1993) with Juhi Chawala, “Andaz Apna Apna” (1994) with Karisma Kapoor, “Akele Hum Akele Tum” (1995) with Manisha Koirala, “Rangeela” (1995) with Urmila Madtonkar, “Raja Hindustani” (1996) with Karishma Kapoor, “Ishq” (1997) with Kajol, “Ghulam” (1998) with Rani Mukherjee, “Sarfarosh” (1999) with Sonali Bendre, “Mann” (1999) with Manisha Koirala, the Oscar nominated “Laagan” (2001) with Gracie Singh and the ground breaking film “Dil Chahta Hai” (2001). Currently, he is working on “The Rising” with Rani Mukherjee, “Rang De Basanti” with Sharmila Tagore’s daughter, Soha Ali Khan (filming) and is also in “Paint it Yellow” scheduled to be released this year.
Why He’s Sexy: Aamir Khan is sexy because of his boyish charm and being called the Indian version of Tom Hanks. Throughout his career, he constantly reinvented his style, creating fashion trends. His cropped hair in the movie “Dil Chahta Hai” can still be seen on South Asian men throughout the world. He is also even better looking off camera.
His Impact on Bollywood: Aamir Khan is very selective about his choice of films, which makes him one of Bollywood’s finest actors. He stunned international film critics with his chilling performance as “The Ice Candy Man,” in Deepa Mehta’s “Earth” (1998) with Nandita Das. He also produced the Oscar nominated “Laagan,” written and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. He also won the Padma Bhushan, India’s version of the Nobel Prize 2003 for his contribution to the Indian government.
Interesting Fact: Abhishek Bachchan was initially offered the role of Bhuvan played by Aamir Khan in “Laagan” but turned it down. I bet he’s kicking himself because of that!

Shah Rukh Khan3. Shah Rukh Khan: Shah Rukh Khan is the reigning King Khan of the millennium. Born on November 12, 1965 in Delhi, he started his acting career in the TV serial “Fauji” and the Hindi soap opera “Circus.” His first hit films were the classic “Raju Ban Gaya Gentlemen” (1992) with Juhi Chawala and “Darr” (1993). He then went onto the Hindi remake of “A Kiss Before Dying” in the murder suspense thriller “Baazigar” with Kajol in 1993. “Baazigar” was the first time he and Kajol paired up and caused a super sensation within the industry. They paired up again in “Karan Arjun” (1995) and in one of the best films made in the 1990′s, “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” (1995). He then went onto hits like Subhash Ghai’s “Pardes” (1997) with Mahima Chaudhry, “Koyla” (1997) with Madhuri Dixit, “Yes Boss” (1997) again with Juhi Chawala, “Dil To Pagal Hai” with Karisma Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit, “Duplicate” (1998) with Juhi Chawala, “Dil Se” (1998) with Manisha Koirala, and “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” (1998) with Kajol and Rani Mukherjee. In this current millennium, he carried on his reign as box office king in “Mohabbatein” (2000) with Aishwarya Rai, “Asoka” (2001) with Kareena Kapoor and the Yash Chopra family drama, “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” (2001) with Kajol and the Hindi remake to Saratchandra Chatterjee’s “Devdas” (2002) with Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai. In 2003, he starred in “Chalte Chalte” with Rani Mukherjee, which took a look at the trails and tribulations of marriage. He also starred in “Kal Ho Naa Ho” with Preity Zinta playing a terminally ill person. In the last year Shah Rukh Khan has acted in fantastic films like “Main Hoon Na” (2004) with Sushmita Sen and in choreographer Farah Khan’s production “Veer Zara” with Preity Zinta and the touching film “Swades” (2004) with Gayatri Joshi. He is also promoting his current adaptation of a Rajastani folk tale “Paheli” with Rani Mukherjee and is in the remake of “Don,” originally played by Amitabh Bachchan.
Why He is Sexy: Shah Rukh Khan may not have traditional handsome looks, but he is known for making his female fans skip a beat. He is sexy because of the romantic roles he plays and his charming ways. It’s hard not to fall in love with him when you see him in “D. D. L. J,” “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and “Veer Zara.” In his films, he is every girl’s fantasy, someone who will love you despite life’s adversities.
His Impact on Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan has filled the gap left behind by Rajesh Khanna as the romance king. He is the Amitabh Bachchan of the 90′s and the new millennium. He is constantly attempting to change the boundaries of Bollywood, either by choosing different scripts or with his many film production companies. He often works with his female friends Kajol, Juhi Chawala and Madhuri Dixit, which is why they always had great on-screen chemistry.
Interesting Fact: Time Magazine named Shah Rukh Khan as one of Asia’s 20 heroes under 40 in 2004.

2. Amitabh Bachchan: Who is more suited to have the number one spot on’s Bollywood Top 25 Male Sex Symbol list than Amitabh Bachchan?! Amitabh Bachchan has influenced so many actors and actresses, not to mention the millions of fans. Born on October 11, 1942 in Allahabad, his family is connected to both the Nehru and Gandhi political families. His first Bollywood endeavor was “Saath Hindustani” in 1969, where he played poet and freedom fighter Anwar Ali during Portugal’s occupation of Goa in the 1960′s. After having a bit part in “Saath Hindustani,” he used his distinctive baritone as Bhuvan the narrator, in “Bhuvan Shome” in 1969. Amitabh finally had a chance to showcase his acting talent in the heart wrenching film “Anand” with Rajesh Khanna in the lead role. He played Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee (aka Babu Moshai), who learned how to live life to the fullest after treating a terminally ill patient, played by Rajesh Khanna. After a few bit parts as a supporting actor, Amitabh branched out by playing his first negative role as Kumar Sen in “Parwana” (1971) with Yogeeta Bali. In 1972, he starred in the classic film “Bombay To Goa” as Ravi Kumar with Aruna Irani. “Bombay To Goa” features the memorable song “Dekha Na Haye Re,” sang by Kishore Kumar, who also makes a guest appearance in the film. This was one of the first incidents where Kishore Kumar, who normally sang for Rajesh Khanna, did a playback song for Amitabh. It wasn’t until the 1973 hit film “Zanjeer” with his then future wife, Jaya Bhaduri, Amitabh stunned movie goers with his first lead role as Inspector Vijay Khanna. There he played a person who was traumatized because he witnessed his parents murder. “Zanjeer” is the first glimpse viewers got as Amitabh played the role of an angry young man. In the film “Bandhe Haath” with Mumtaz in 1973, he played his first double role, as Shyamu and Deepak, which laid down the ground work for many of his double roles. After the successful Jaya and Amitabh paring in “Zanjeer,” they teamed up again in the movie “Abhimaan” (1973) as a couple torn up by fame. He and Jaya acted in classic films like “Mili” (1975), “Chupke Chupke” (1975), and “Sholay” (1975) and took a break as an on screen couple until the controversial film “Silsila,” where life mimics art as the film’s plot capitalizes on the off-screen Rekha/Amitabh love affair. After “Abhimaan,” Amitabh again teamed up with his “Anand” co-star Rajesh Khanna in “Namak Haram” (1973), which inevitably catapulted his career into super stardom. This was also the first time Amitabh paired up with Rekha, who was Amitabh’s off screen love interest for many years. In 1974, Amitabh acted in the classic film “Majboor” costaring Parveen Babi, whom he also did many films with. His performance in the film is known as one of his best. Aside from classic films “Dewaar” (1975), “Kabhi Kabhi” (1976) and “Trishul” (1978) in the 1980′s, he ruled the box office with “Mr. Natwarla” (1979) with Rekha, “Shaan” (1980) with Parveen Babi and the movie “Laawaris” (1981). In this film, Amitabh creates history by doing playback singing for one of his most memorable songs “Mere Angne Mein,” where he dresses in women’s clothing. He also starred in classic 80′s films “Naseeb” (1981) with Hema Malini, “Namak Halaal” (1982) with Smita Patil, where his signature song in the film is “Pag Ghunghroo,” sung by Kishore Kumar; “Satte Pe Satta” (1982) also with Hema Malini, “Shakti” (1982) with Raakhee and the infamous “Coolie” (1983) with Rati Agnihotri, where he had a near fatal injury while doing his own stunts. After spending time in the hospital, he continued to act in films like “Nastik” (1983) with Hema Malini and “Sharaabi” (1984) with Jayaprada. In the 90′s Amitabh acted in a few films, which didn’t do so well at the box office. He still had a few hits like “Agneepath” (1990) with Mithun Chakraborty and “Khuda Gawah” (1992) with Sridevi. In the mid 90′s Amitabh went from hero to father figure with his roles, which were age appropriate. His first role as a father was in “Major Saab” (1997) as Ajay Devgan’s father. He continues to play family patriarchs with movies like “Mohabbatein” (2000) as Aishwarya Rai’s father, Akshay Kumar’s father in “Ek Rishtaa” (2001), Shah Rukh Khan’s father in “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” (2001), Anil Kapoor’s father in “Armaan” (2003), and the neglected father in the movie “Baghban” where he’s reunited with his “Naseeb” costar Hema Malini. In the movie “Aithbaar” (2004) with Bipasha Basu and John Abraham, his role of a father attempting to save his daughter from an abusive boyfriend is mind blowing. His most recent role as a father figure was where he played Shah Rukh Khan’s father in “Veer Zara”, which got him a nomination for the 2004 Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.
Why He’s Sexy: Amitabh is sexy because he is 6’3″ and still looks amazing in his 60′s. Those of us who watched his movies as small children or while growing up have seen him mature into the distinguished gentleman he is. He’s always worn the latest fashions and still dances step for step with actors half his age. He is also sexy enough to have two of the most beautiful women in Bollywood as off-screen love interests, his wife Jaya Bachchan and Rekha, whom he’s done over 10 films with.
His Impact on Bollywood: Amitabh Bachchan is the most popular actor in the world. In the year 2000, he was voted actor of the millennium according to the Guinness Book of World Records. He’s the first Asian actor to have a wax likeness in Madame Trousseau’s Museum. Aside from the movie “Laarwaris,” he’s lent his singing voice to two other movie songs “Range Barse” for “Silsila” and “Padosan Apni Murgi Ko Rakhna Sambhal” for the movie “Jaadugar” (1989). He is also a vegetarian and has campaigned for PETA.
Interesting Fact: He is the game show host for “Kaun Banega Crorepati,” the Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”



Rajesh Khanna

1. Rajesh Khanna: Rishi Kapoor may have been the Prince of Romance, but Rajesh Khanna is the King of Romance. No one in the history of Hindi films could compete with his title. Rajesh Khanna has a repertoire of fantastic films, also with the most memorable songs sang by Kishore Kumar along with the compositions of R. D. Burman. Jatin Khanna, better known as Rajesh Khanna was born on December 29, 1942 in Amritsar. He initially had bad skin and was shorter than most actors, but had women writing him love letters in blood. He’s acted in “Do Raaste” (1969) with Mumtaz, “Kati Patang” (1970) with Aasha Parekh, “Anand” (1970) with then new comer Amitabh Bachchan, “Andaz” (1970) with Hema Malini, “Namak Haram” (1973) also with Amitabh Bachchan, “Mehbooba” (1976) with Hema Malini and also in “Kudrat” (1981), “Souten” (1983) with Tina Munim, “Agar Tum Na Hote” (1983), “Hum Dono” (1985) with Hema Malini and Reena Roy. Of all the Bollywood beauties he’s worked with, nothing could compare to the success of the Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore pairing. Together they had a string of hits like, “Aradhana” (1969), “Safar” (1970), “Amar Prem” (1971), “Maalik” (1972), “Daag” (1973), “Raja Rani” (1973), “Avishkaar” (1973) and “Tyaag” (1977). Even though he continued to act in the 1980′s, Rajesh Khanna no longer ruled the box office. He was dethroned by an angry young man named Amitabh Bachchan.

Why He’s Sexy: Rajesh Khanna is sexy because of his charismatic smile and the sensitive characters he played. His fans were so in love with him to the point that they would end their lives because they couldn’t have him. When Rajesh Khanna married Dimple Kapadia, women reportedly committed suicide because they were grief stricken.

His Impact on Bollywood: Rajesh Khanna movies are known for their amazing soundtracks. With the winning combination of RD Burman’s music and Kishore Kumar’s voice, Rajesh Khanna was the undisputed ruler of Bollywood. A few songs that are associated with Rajesh Khanna movies are “Mere Sapno Ki Rani” and “Roop Tera Mastana” from the movie “Aradhana,” “Zindagi Ka Safar” from the movie “Safar,” “Yeh Shaam Mastani” from “Kati Patang” and “Chingari Koi Bhanke” from “Amar Prem.” There are dozens of CDs, concerts and DVDs strictly devoted to the hits of Rajesh Khanna.

Interesting Fact: In the movie “Namak Haram,” starring Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan, the Big B became a super sensation simply because he acted in a film with Rajesh Khanna; this shows you how powerful Rajesh Khanna’s impact on Bollywood was.

There are romantic leading men and there are romantic leading men, but very few have taken cinematic love to legendary heights. While there might be other icons but Super-Star- Actor Rajesh Khanna after four decades, he is the ultimate true romantic legend.

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Today’s hottest movie scene: Aradhana

Today’s hottest movie scene: Aradhana

Sharmila Tagore and Rajesh KhannaHe was the loverboy without compare.

She was the demure girl with a bod to kill for.

Super Star Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore came together in 1969′s Aradhana, and the sensuality between them felt so real. it virtually set the screen afire. 

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Two roles Actor & Actress

A famous villain once remarked, “In Hindi cinema, there are only two roles of consequence, one of the hero, and the other of a villain.”

Every artiste tries and explores both these avenues. The catch is that while villains usually lack the requisites to become a hero, the hero has no such shackles if he wants to play a negative character.

Besides rare exceptions like Vinod Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha, not everyone could make the transition to a hero.

Among the heroines, Mumtaz evolved from comedian-vamp to heroine roles, but almost every hero and many heroines have attempted grey or even all-black characters.

It is easier for popular actors to woo masses and get support from writers and filmmakers. He can also execute the kind and extent of his villainy — creating a double role is the clever excuse for playing both good and bad characters in one film. Thus, it is the ideal opportunity to display an actor’s full range without tarnishing his ‘heroic’ screen image.

One of the earliest actors to play the ‘anti-hero’ was Ashok Kumar. Witness his dark act in Kismat (1943), double role of both hero and villain in Afsana (1951) and it’s variations in Kanoon (1961).

Dilip Kumar in Footpath, Dev Anand in Dushman and Munimji and Raj Kapoor in Bewafa also played such roles.

Waheeda Rehman began her career as a criminal’s moll in C.I.D. (1958). Rajendra Kumar played a cad in Zindagi (1964), while Dharmendra was the obsessed lover in Ayee Milan Ki Bela the same year, and Sunil Dutt the out-and-out blackguard in Mother India (1957) and the wayward paramour in Gumrah (1963).

Despite sporadic attempts by many popular stars, playing the good guy over a bad one always gained more importance.

However, in the the early nineties, thanks to Shah Rukh Khan and his trilogy,(Baazigar, Darr, Anjaam) playing a negative character achieved greater fame and recognition.

Playing an ambitious meanie was Aftab in Kasoor, a film that clicked despite the fact that the heroine kills the hero in the end. Urmila garnered a fair amount of urban sympathy as she played the obsessed lover in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, wrecking the hero’s love life and even trying to kill his wife. One of the twins in Abhay, played by Kamal Haasan, was a psychopath. The deadly duo of Akshay Kumar-Bipasha Basu were ruthlessly and unapologetically mercenary as the shameless schemers of Ajnabee.

2002 sees the character of Dushyant (Sanjay Kapoor), a spoilt rich brat who makes life hell for his young wife and mother in Koi Mere Dil Se Poochhe. Raveena Tandon is all set to play a chilling negative role in Waah Tera Kya Kehna, and even Bachchan packs a mean punch in Aankhen.

Obsessed lover, wicked twin, psycho on the run, victim of circumstances, or simply devilish, the stars continue their trysts with evil in Hindi cinema.

Here’s taking a look at the best baddies over the years:



Rajesh Khanna (Saccha Jhutha)
Within months of achieving superstardom as a romantic icon, superstar Rajesh Khanna took a huge risk by accepting Saccha Jhutha.

As the saccha he was the rural bumpkin, but as the jhutha he played a ruthless criminal with style and subtle menace.

One of the highlights of the film was his wry repentance in the climax.

His superlative performance was rewarded with accolades and awards.













Amitabh Bachchan (Parwana, Deewaar, Aks)
He walked away with all the sympathy in Parwana.

After realising that he has lost his girl to another man, Bachchan devilishly plots and executes the murder of her uncle and frames the object of her affection.

Bachchan’s perfect portrayal of a disturbed and vindictive loser who proved that hate was the Aks (reflection) of love.

Needless to say, had Bachchan failed to make it as a hero, he could have easily been one of cinema’s classic villains.

Deewaar was another ‘negative’ milestone in the Bachchan oeuvre (which also included negative halves in twin-Bachchan enterprises like Bandhe Haath, Don, Satte Pe Satta, Bemisal, Aakhri Raasta, Adalat and Desh Premi).

His characters also took an evil turn in Gehri Chaal and Aks.


Shah Rukh Khan (Baazigar, Darr, Anjaam, Duplicate)
At the onset of his career, SRK dared to take on the negative character mantle in not one but three films. The audiences loved him playing the bad guy to the hilt.

Even as the BO fortunes of his later candyfloss romances soon established him as the mushy romantic guy-next-door, Shah Rukh being Shah Rukh did the conventional dual act later too, in Mahesh Bhatt’s Duplicate.

What stayed on in one’s memory from the film was SRK’s stylised and over-the-top Mannu.


Sanjay Dutt (Vaastav)
Deadly Dutt Junior has essayed several grey characters (Naam, Khal-Nayak, Jung) before.

However, it was his stark helplessness in Vaastav that stayed on in the viewer’s psyche.

As a lower middle-class Maharashtrian who got enrolled in the world of crime and couldn’t find his way out, Sanjay Dutt skillfully showcased the trauma of a criminal who had not really wanted to be one.


Kajol (Gupt)
Sheer brilliance! There’s simply no other way to describe Kajol’s electryifying performance in Gupt.

A strong script laid a rock-solid foundation to her character.

Kajol’s superb act that was a perfect mix of cerebration and spontaneity making Gupt a milestone in the genre of suspense and thiller films.


Sridevi (Judaai)
She wasn’t after blood, had no weapons, committed no legal crime.

She simply wanted money so desperately that she didn’t mind selling off her husband to a rather keen buyer.

A scathing indictment of today’s consumerist culture, Judaai succeeded in bringing out a class act from Sridevi as the misguided woman who sends her conscience on a long holiday, with near disastrous results.

Sridevi truly looked, felt and lived the role.



Rishi Kapoor (Khoj)
Throughout Khoj, Rishi Kapoor was the obviously harassed, devoted, husband searching for his missing wife.

Surprise, surprise! Rishi turns out to be his wife’s cold-blooded killer.

As a villain without any excuses for his negativity, Rishi delivered a punch-packed performance.

Unfortunately, this gripping thriller failed to create any ripples at the BO.


Ashok Kumar (Jewel Thief)
Shatrughan Sinha may have wooed the front benchers by bashing up the heroes, but Indian cinema is yet to witness a villain as charming and suave as the Late. Ashok Kumar in Jewel Thief.

Even after he gets arrested in the climax, his geniality and sense of humor never leaves him.

Clearly Vijay Anand knew that Dadamoni had exceptional acting material, and explored it to the fullest to etch out a memorable ‘dark’ portrayal.


Amrita Singh (Aaina)
When Aaina released, Amrita’s innings as an actress were almost over.

Ironically this film proved that as an actress, Amrita had a lot more to deliver. The actress also shattered the myth that actresses tend to get a raw deal with age.

As the utterly spoilt, arrogant elder sister Roma who unleashes a storm in her humble younger sister’s (played by Juhi Chawla) life, Amrita gave an award winning performance.

What’s more? She won.


Sunil Dutt (Mother India)
Mother India is still considered one of the biggest successes among heroes playing blackguards.

Mainly for its cult success and Nargis epitomising Indian womanhood.

A mere struggler at that point of time Sunil Dutt had no set image or acting style.

Filmmaker Mehboob Khan used all these impediments to his advantage to fashion the unforgettable Birju – and ironically establish Dutt as a star.


Raj Babbar (Insaf Ka Tarazu)
Here was a creepy, obsessive creature who decides to punish a woman who pricked his ego,by raping her (Zeenat Aman) and her teenage sister (Padmini Kolhapure).

In his first major role itself, Babbar almost blew his chances of becoming a hero.

Hardly surprising, that when his career as a leading man proved short-lived, he reverted frequently to villainy (Daag-The Fire, Ziddi ).

Alas, the punch of a well-written role was sorely missing.


Mithun Chakraborty (Jallad)
Jallad- a Hindi remake of a Telegu potboiler reaffirmed Mithun Chakraborty’s credentials as a talented actor fading in the sheer mediocrity of B-grade actioners.

In this dual role film, the elder Mithun, whose conscience simply does not exist, was an incarnate of evil.

His performance in the film won him a Filmfare trophy for Best Villain.


Nanda (Ittefaq)
Never mind if Urmila did a reprise in the Ram Gopal Varma rehash Kaun?, the original Yash Chopra quickie-Ittefaq remains an unforgettable experience.

In a compelling performance, Nanda chilled the then-conservative audiences as the lady who was cold-blooded enough to trap an innocent stranger for a crime that she had committed.


Shashi Kapoor (Haseena Maan Jayegi)
It was a rare challenge that Shashi Kapoor met head-on to reveal his formidable acting prowess.

Without the slightest difference in make-up, dress code or hairstyle, Shashi had to etch out a black and a white avtaar between two college students who were as alike as the proverbial peas in a pod.

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Hrithik Roshan collects three award trophies from Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Hrithik Roshan collects three award trophies from Super Star Rajesh Khanna


Hrithik Roshan collected his three award trophies (Best Actor, Best Debut and Critics Choice) at the 31st Filmgoers Association Awards Nite at the Club Millennium, he appeared unfazed. With his famous smile, the Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai hero declared, ‘‘Maybe it’s too much too soon. Besides the fact that we really slogged hard, I also owe my success to blessings from my parents and seniors and, of course, the affection from my fans. As far as my fans are concerned, let me assure them that I will never let them down.

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The 20 Most Beautifully Picturised Songs

The 20 Most Beautifully Picturised Songs
These songs may not have been shot in exotic locales with 100 extras matching the heroine, step for step. They may not have great dance moves, choreographed by experts. But they definitely have an everlasting appeal. Be it the simply shot ‘Aati kya khandala’ song or the exotic ‘Waqt ne kiya’, some ‘classics’ go simply beyond the ‘flavour of the season’ variety and reside in your mind along with the other things that make you go ‘Mmmm!’. Check out our pick of the 20 most beautifully picturised songs.



Mere sapnon ki rani – Film: Aradhana
It’s an unforgettable train song from the 60s superhit ‘Aradhana’. Rajesh Khanna who is wearing a Nepalese cap croons to Sharmila Tagore while his friend played by Sujit Kumar drives him in a jeep parallel to the train. They trail the Darjeeling toy train while it chugs on a rail along the road. Sharmila, looking lovely as ever is seated near the window reading a novel. The song immortalized the ‘hill station toy train’ in Hindi films.





Woh ladki hai kahan – Film: Dil Chahta Hai
It’s a hilarious spoof on some of the songs from this list like ‘Ghar aaya mera pardesi’. Saif Ali Khan and Sonali Kulkarni in costumes and wigs of the bygone era are rib-tickling. The song sequence starts with the couple entering a cinema hall with the usual bag of popcorn and then they start visualizing themselves as the couple on-screen. The two dressed as Raj-Kapoor-Nargis or Rishi Kapoor-Sridevi is riotous. The birdie-dance when they flap their arms like a bird in flight is the high point of the song.

Sooraj hua maddham – Film: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
An award winning song, with utterly dreamy lyrics and picturisation that crackles with Shah Rukh’s and Kajol’s chemistry. It’s a dream sequence that confirms Kajol’s love for Shah Rukh in the film. The co-ordinated bright coloured outfits that the couple wears contrast well with the vast expanses of deserts and other exotic locales. Kajol looks sensuous in her see-through-chiffon sarees especially when she runs in slow motion towards Shah Rukh.

Aankhon ki gustakhiyan – Film: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
It was a colourful depiction of a big Gujarati family with a folk song and dance happening at the drop of a hat. Miss World Aishwarya Rai looked out of the world in the film. In ‘Aankhon ki gustakhiyan’ she is wearing a pink Lehnga Choli and is having a ball at a wedding function. Salman as the love-struck young guy admiring and teasing her is adorable. The chemistry is great and the picturisation endearing.

Aati kya khandala – Film: Ghulam
The master-blaster of Hindi films, Aamir Khan made this song unforgettable. The lyrics were wild enough to catch your attention and the fact that Aamir was lending his voice added to its popularity. But what takes the cake is Aamir in his outlandish clothes making crazy comical gestures. Whether it’s the laughing Budhha pose or the broom turned into an umbrella, he is unbelievable. The last shot when he takes a matchstick, lights it and then puts it out on his tongue…Mind blowing!


Chhaiya chhaiya – Film: Dil Se
This can be easily voted as the most daring train song ever in Hindi films. Farah Khan had an ace up her sleeves when she choreographed ‘Chhaiya Chhaiya’ with superstar, Shah Rukh Khan and sex-bomb Malaika Arora. The much-copied energetic steps of Shah Rukh, the low angled shots showing an open sky and the passing trees and mountains look grand. And last but not the least the shapely Ms.Arora makes your jaw drop in awe.

Ek ladki ko dekha – Film: 1942-A love story
This one has Anil Kapoor admiring a fresh-as-dew Manisha Koirala. The morning song is shot in slow motion, and its first shot itself takes you high With Anil Kapoor waking up in bed with the feathers from his pillow cascading on him as he stretches it over his head. Manisha Koirala is seen doing various chores around her house, in slow motion. Whether it’s the water flowing down from her pitcher or her clothes fluttering as she spreads them on the clothesline or even the freedom fighters marching down the road, this song leaves you wanting more.

Pehla nasha – Film: Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar
This song may be shot in slow motion giving it a laidback look but dreamy eyed Aamir Khan’s school-boy pep makes it completely exhilarating. It Portrays a boy-in- love-for-the-first-time so delightfully. Pooja Bedi’s Marilyn Monroe act adds spice to it. A technically brilliant song shot in slow motion and yet in perfect lip-sync. Kudos!

Humko aajkal hai intezaar – Film: Sailaab
This dazzling song from a dud called Sailaab is considered to be Madhuri’s best number, even ahead of ‘Ek,Do,Teen’ and ‘Dhak Dhak’. Madhuri in a yellow Koli dress with her hair blowing in the wind looks breathtakingly beautiful, and quite reminds us of the beautiful Madhubala. It’s a stage performance with a chase happening off-stage. The choreography is heady and Madhuri is at her sensuous best. A must watch for all Madhuri fans!

Kate nahin kat te – Film: Mr. India
This rain song from ‘Mr. India’ is not just erotic but also a very well picturised rain song. A wet ‘n’ wild Sridevi declares her love to an invisible Anil Kapoor in a passionate outburst. Her sensuousness in a blue chiffon saree that clings to her well-shaped figure and her undulating dance moves make you simply go’Wow!’.

Rang barse – Film: Silsila
It was the famous baritone, superb performances, folksy lyrics and a rumoured love affair that did the trick for this song. The film came at a time when rumours were rife about Amitabh and Rekha being more than just ‘good friends’.The fact that they play on-screen secret lovers in spite of them being married to their respective spouses made it a must watch. Jaya Bachchan, Amitabh’s real wife is also his reel wife in ‘Silsila’. In this song, Amitabh under the influence of bhang openly admires his true love, Rekha. All four actors (Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Rekha and Sanjeev Kumar) are at their best. This one is a treat to watch even today.

Dum maaro dum – Film: Hare Rama Hare Krishna
In this sexy debut of the ‘flower power girl’, Zeenat Aman, she floored the moviegoers with her hippie Janice act. When Asha Bhonsle’s ‘Dum maro dum’was lip- synched on screen by Zeenie Baby, it created a sensation. The story goes that Dev Anand had earlier rejected the song but when R.D.Burman requested him to include it, he gave in. It was shot in Kathmandu with real hippie extras that writhe half clothed in clouds of smoke, swinging to the music. Zeenat dressed in her hippie gear with her marigold garlands swaying to the beat was an instant rage.And the song was a rocker!

Pal bhar ke liye koi – Film: Johnny Mera Naam
Vijay Anand had the penchant for filming his songs in unique ways making them immortal. This one from the 70′s blockbuster, ‘Johnny Mera Naam’ is picturised inside a house with an unending number of windows. The evergreen hero,Dev Anand, peeks through a series of windows to tease the dazzling Hema Malini. She goes from one room to another, closing windows and doors. And every time Hema and the audience is given to believe that Hema is alone, he pops in from a new one. The concept is simply superb! A never-done-before for sure!


Mere saamne wali khidki mein – Film: Padosan
This love song has a side-splitting picturisation. Sunil Dutt as a bumbling Bhola is trying to impress his dream-girl Saira Banu from his window that overlooks hers. Apparently, it is Guruji played by Kishore Kumar who is hiding behind Bhola and singing it, while Bhola is only lip-synching nervously. It’s an absolutely riotous situation with a comb, a paan box and a broom serving as musical instruments. A song that makes you chuckle every time you remember it.


Na jao saiyyan – Film: Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam
Meena Kumari has never looked as sensuous as the ‘Chhoti Bahu’ after a few swigs from her husband’s glass in this anguished plea from Guru Dutt’s ‘Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam.’ Wearing a heavy silk saree with a big bindi on her forehead and kohl-ed eyes she looks like a respectable Bahu from an upper class bengali household, yet when she starts a slurred ‘Na jao saiyaan’, the contrast is striking. The unshed tears in Meena’s eyes make her worthy of her ‘Tragedy Queen’ title. The song remains with you forever simply because of the splendid performance of Meena Kumari.

O haseena zulfonwali – Film: Teesri Manzil
It was the swinging Shammi Kapoor and the seductress Helen that created magic on the colourful sets of the 60s’ potboiler, ‘Teesri Manzil’. The matchless duo of Asha Bhonsle and RD Burman added punch to this sizzling number. The sets were bizarre yet unforgettable with a huge eye as the centerpiece around which Helen and the extras groove. It’s the sexy cabaret of Helen coupled with the inimitable swaying of Shammi Kapoor that makes ‘O haseena’ a delight to watch.


Dil ka bhanwar kare pukar – Film: Tere Ghar Ke Saamne
From the romantic comedy, ‘Tere Ghar Ke Saamne’, this song is ingeniously shot inside Delhi’s Qutub Minar. Nutan is descending the spiral stairway .While Dev Anand follows her, buzzing like a bee, teasing her with his playful antics. The simplicity of the picturisation with splendid spiraling camerawork is the real beauty of the song. Only a brilliant filmmaker like Vijay Anand could conceptualize an entire song inside a narrow space and come out with a memorable sequence.

Pyaar kiya to darna kya – Film: Mughal-e-Azam
This song has the grandeur of a Mughal court and a thrillingly defiant note that is an instant connect. The recreation of the Sheesh Mahal and the Shots where the reflection of Madhubala in a giddy twirl is captured in loads of glittering glass pieces is fascinating. The humungous set for this legendary song took all the lights available (even 500 truck beams) and about 100 reflectors to bounce off the light. An intoxicated Madhubala declares her love with bold lyrics like ‘Parda nahin jab koi khuda se, bandon se parda karna kya’ in front of the whole world and the powerful King himself is awe-inspiring.

Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam – Film: Kaagaz Ke Phool
This black and white song featuring Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman is a masterpiece.One of the most exquisitely shot songs of all times, it is shot in an empty film studio with scattered film equipment. The high point is when a beam of light falls like a spotlight on the two dejected lovers and the two seem to merge in the pure blinding light. Its play of light and shadow has an ethereal quality about it and that is only heightened by the picture perfect Waheeda. The depth of the lyrics matches the pathos in Geeta Dutt’s voice resulting in a classic.

Ghar aaya mera pardesi – Film: Awaara
It was the first dream sequence to be filmed in Hindi cinema. A gorgeous Nargis wafts through the clouds in search of her lover, Raj Kapoor. The song Took three months to shoot. In a symbolic picturisation of the turbulence in the hero’s mind,he escapes the hell that the villain has created for him and climbs up to the angelic heroine. This song was a big attraction in its time and it spawned numerous dream-sequences.

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Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

After dating Pooja Batra, Raveena Tandon and Shilpa Shetty, Bollywood’s erstwhile eligible bachelor fell hook, line and sinker for Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia’s eldest daughter.

Their friendship, on the sets of films like International Khiladi and Zulmi, blossomed into love. To everyone’s surprise, the two tied the knot, subsequently, in a low profile ceremony.

While Akki’s career is going from strength to strength, Twinkle’s found her calling in interior designing. Son Araav completes the happy picture.

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