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Pastor Jones and a dreaded ghost

The alchemy of the explosive violence that shook the northern Afghanistan city of Mazar-i-Sharif last Friday afternoon that led to the killing of five Nepalese guards and three UN employees at the UN compound cannot easily be comprehended. Read my article in today’s Asia Times on the fury and fears, building up in the non-Pastun minds over about the hardline Taliban leadership’s integration into Afghan political life.

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  1. Munjani Hitesh Vithaldas says

    Why so much crying over just a copy of Quran ? They have ruined many temples and churches in past 1400 years till today. They have killed millions of Hindu and Christians in last 1400 years till today. Now the day of reckoning is approaching they are trying to malign the others religion.

  2. navi_reyd says

    The murder of innocent U.N. personnel in Afghanistan only goes to confirm that Islam is a religion of revenge, hatred, murder and intolerance!

  3. Mohammed Zahoor says

    Paster Jones did a heineous Crime! He did it for the publicity this kind of things should be discouraged! Nobody have any rights to proveke other relegious sentiments.

  4. patriot73 says

    Cant blame any pastor, these talibanis are fanatics, they just need excuses to defame Islam more, the actions of a few people has already bought enough agony on the true and peace loving Isalmists, any ways these talibanis have been attacking and burnung churches all over pakistan and afghanistan but this very media never bothered to give any coverage so why all this nose now, keep it low and all the terror acts will fizzle out

  5. Jimmy Dabhi says

    jones’ action and the actions of a few in afghanistan indicate that taliban mindset is not a monopoly of anyone religion. i wonder when people will realize that religion is a means and not an end in itself. may allah bless us with more compassion and tolerance for other human beings so that we don’t take up to violence of burning and killing.

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