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The tide has turned in J&K

Even statistics that usually stare back in cold print as numerals looked so good in the morning’s dailies – as the tidings from the local body elections in the Kashmir valley drift in. My mind goes back to the early 1990s when a day at work began in South Block reading the field reports from the military and security establishment tabulating the quantum of human blood that flowed in the Valley during the past 24 hours. I can understand the exuberance of Randeep Singh Nandal as he strains to draw parallel with epochal events like the breach of the Berlin Wall two decades ago or the electricity in the air above Tahrir Square recently. For all of us protagonists who saw the insurgency at close quarters and felt deeply alienated, this is a special moment. Nandal is right when he begins translating the statistics into the human condition hankering for the simple pleasures of life that had been denied for a quarter century.
This is where the importance of carrying forward the ‘Mohali spirit’ needs to be reiterated. Furthermore, a vast amount of follow-up is quickly needed in the Valley. Times of India has editorially cataloged a wish list: a) bringing J&K on par with other Indian states on the devloution of power to local bodies; b) empowering grassroot institutions; c) long-term security reforms; d) erasing the army’s heavy footprint, etc. Above all, the time is ripe to propose new CBMs to Pakistan that go toward making the LOC ‘irrelevant’. Indeed, there will be no dearth of hardliners on both sides (including, perhaps, within the Indian cabinet) but the caravan must roll on.

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  1. Muthu Ramaswami says

    This is useless talk. The insurgency will be kept alive by Pak, Arab money, China, USA and UK. The latter want to continue selling arms to both countries. We have a weak PM and govt who have no idea about foreign policy. The only solution is to scrap Article 370 and flood J


    How simplistic we are ! When you wish Pakistan ( or, any Islamic State, for that matter) , you wish to convert the followers of Islam to deviate from the basic tenets of Islam, which does not allow Moslems to recognise the non-moslems to have right to live. Is it not a wonder, not a single voice is raised by their leaders when the so called terrorists ( read, islamists) cause havoc in any part of India.

  3. mpatel says

    I am all for peaceful co-existence; However, It cannot be achieved by lies, deceit and fudging with reality. It’s time for pseudo-seculars to accept the truth and aim for peace without bhai-bhai syndrome.

    The truth is that Just like Jews cannot be friends with Nazi, India cannot be friend with Pakistan. Pakistan’s genesis is both anti-india and anti-hindu. For Nazi’s, Hitler is a civilizational Icon. Similarly, Pakistan’s official text book describe Ghazni as leading light of civilization. No matter how much marxists try to white-wash and fabricate India’s history, The fact is one’s leading light is another’s darkest hour. The way out is easy. Just like Germans discarded Nazism, Pakistanis need to discard Pakism.

  4. msapa says

    These initiatives have failed in the past and will continue to fail in the future. I don’t understand why the Indian govt is hell bent of straighten the dogs tail. Why can’t the Indian Govt talk / act from the position of strength????

    This is exactly why we need Modi, at least as India’s Home Minister.

  5. R Chakravarti says

    Shahid Afridi made some comments about Indians recently. Similar comments were made by another Paki cricketer a few months ago on one of their TV channels. As far as I can see, these opinions constitute the two-nation theory that was enunciated by M A Jinnah. They are the founding principles of Pakistan, the core of their national identity. As a corollary, they consider their nuclear bombs national assets and take great pride in them. Musharraf recently confirmed this. All their historical heroes are, in modern terminology, terrorists: Ghazni, Nadir Shah, etc. The cricketers only repeated what Pakistanis learn with their mothers’ milk.

    Viewed in this light, it becomes clear why it will be difficult or even impossible for us to have good relations with them: for that to happen, they have to repudiate their essence, their only identity. I am not a hardliner. I would be happy to be proved wrong. I don’t see how Pakistan can improve relations with India without losing its raison d’etre.

    Their PM who came to Mohali is only a puppet. The real power lies with their armed forces and ISI. Will they support measures that will weaken them?

  6. A Krishnan says

    What does Bhadrakumar mean by suggesting ‘new CBMs to Pakistan’. Has India not done enough? The Pak establishment and religious fanatics there will always stand in the way of any improvement in relations between the countries. They always mislead their own people to prevent any peaceful development in the subcontinent.. What was the effect of the Mohali spirit. After all that bon homie in India, the Pak cricket captain had to change his words. Was he forced to do so?

  7. Rajendra says

    This is the right time to have initiative with Hurriat on one end and back channel diplomacy with Pakistan to finaly settlef for LOC as border with some cosmetics

  8. veera n says

    whoa..see the wish list..make the borders irrelevant..send the guys family to POK and make settle there so that all his wishes will come true….there is no dearth of hardcores on both sides…can some body smell the languange..congi/commee slavery to the core..we dont have that kind of filth in india…whole world knows pakistan is epicentre of terrorism…these fellows are telling that it is not just pakistan..india is at par…intellect at its best …best thing india can do is to seal a great wall and issues Visas..if some body still dreams one Kashmir…let him go to hell…the pakistan..

  9. suneera rahman says

    Kashmeer problem is not Political. It is religious. It can be solved only when one solves the equation of what is the status of Islam in a secular set up…? Shouldnt it be the same when Islam is in Majority or in Minority? Once it is satisfactorily and logically solved , there arises the problem of Partition, which becomes null and void. Only when the partition of India -into a theocratic fanatic islamist Pakistan and a minority appeasing India- goes the problem can be solved

  10. byte2binary says

    Again you drift in the land of fantasies where every water drop turns to a diamond. So there were elections. My Village participated in Elections but does that mean we love India ? Absolutely Not. Not a single person in my village (the ones who voted and the ones who did not) will ever say that they are satisfied with the status quo and elections. What Kashmir needs is permanent separation from India. No matter how many elections are conducted in Kashmir, Unless right to self determination is given, India can count on the fact that Kashmiris Hate them.

  11. Rajendra says

    This is the right time to have initiative with Hurriat on one end and back channel diplomacy with Pakistan to finaly settlef for LOC as border with some cosmetics

  12. Rajendra says

    This is the right time to have initiative with Hurriat on one end and back channel diplomacy with Pakistan to finaly settlef for LOC as border with some cosmetics

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