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How the Navy Seals took out Osama

Read slowly, carefully, meticulously the blow-by-blow account by the prestigious Politico-com website’s ace White House reporter Mike Allen on the operation that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Take note of the details based on deep briefing by WH. Now, read quickly the Xinhua dispatch with Abbottabad dateline. Do the details tally?
Interestingly, Hillary Clinton remarked that Pakistan “has contributed greatly to our efforts to dismantle al-Qaeda. In fact, cooperation with Pakistan helped lead us to bin Laden and the compound in which he was hiding”. Literally or figuratively?

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  1. Mahakavi jollydoss says

    1. About three centuries ago, white americans nearly exterminated the native american (red indian) population killing thousands and thousands of them using guns, swords, burnings, hanging and even by spreading disease by planting small pox germs. They justified their action by calling the native americans “savages”.
    2. About two centuries ago, they enslavened thousands of Africans, killed countless number of them. They were given the tag “primitives”.
    3. In this century, Americans have killed hundreds of thousands in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanisthan and a smaller number in Somalia, Serbia, Sudan, etc. Americans are calling their present effort “War against terrorism”. America has three centuries of expertise in genocide and a fabulous propaganda system that noone has been able to beat.

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