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China counsels US how to handle Pakistan

Prima facie, by the yardstick of China’s “all-weather friendship” for Pakistan, the editorial in the Global Times (sister publication of People’s Daily) on the US-Pak tensions may not stand out as special. After all, Beijing remains supportive of Pakistan in the present crisis situation. The timing of the GT editorial is also self-evident: on the heels of the Abbottabad episode. Interestingly, however, GT has stepped out to defend Pakistan’s “intelligence sector”, which wasn’t quite warranted even by the norms of friendship. Unsurprisingly, GT takes exception to the criticism of Pakistan at this juncture as “not only unfair, but dangerous”. Because it doesn’t do justice to the undeniable fact that Pakistan has been the “beachhead of the war on terror” and did take “huge losses” in this war.
GT criticises the US and Indian media for being self-serving in their criticism of Pakistan. GT singles out Indian media for its singular lack of restraint and for aping the Western media. It observes that the trend of Indian public opinion regarding South Asian region is on the whole “worrisome” and this is something that is going to hurt India’s own potential to become a “responsible power” in the region. Interestingly, GT keeps out the Indian government and policymakers and seems to take a swipe at the Indian “hawks” in the media and among the hardline opinion makers in Delhi for doing the country a singular disservice at this juncture by disregarding that Delhi has indeed made gains in its diplomacy and foreign policies (presumably, with China, Pakistan, etc.)
The salience of the editorial lies in its exhortation to the US to learn from China the ABC of handling Pakistan. After all, China, too, is a victim of terrorism emanating from Pakistan. But that hasn’t caused any “deterioration” in China’s ties with Pakistan, which remain based on mutual respect. “In this way, China has set an example for the West on how to treat Pakistan as a sincere and cooperative friend.”
The editorial doesn’t venture into any defence of Pakistani policies as such. It neatly sidesteps making value judgments about Abbottabad, etc., either, and instead it focuses on Pakistan’s importance, being “one of the most complex countries of the Muslim world, with a mix of democracy and tribe-based autonomy”, which makes it injudicious to “force Pakistan to bend before external pressure.” In short, it is a complex country that needs careful handling if it is to be guided toward “modernization”. Crude pressure tactic won’t work.
Second, GT’s candid estimation that Beijing has opted to work with Islamabad despite the terrorist threat from Pakistani soil falls short of explicitly saying how far such a course has been productive, but the implication is that China feels comfortable with the approach it has adopted and it intends to persist.Third, GT editorial implies China being a “stakeholder” rather than an adversary for the US, who is willing to work with the US rather than dissipate its energies in oneupmanship or taking advantage of the current complicated phase of US-Pakistan relationship.
In sum, it doesn’t question the US objectives as such but disagrees with the methods that US is adopting. Finally, there is no inclination here to gloat over the US-Pakistan tensions or to encourage Islamabad to strategically defy Washington. Clearly, that is not the Chinese intention. The priority, rather, lies in achieving Pakistan’s stability “which is vital for the whole region” — implying that China and US would have, essentially speaking, shared interests and concerns.

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  1. mohammed ahmed says

    in fact, ALL is OIL my friends. ……………. Oil has been the main driver for this so-called modern civilisation…. isn’t it..?????? …….. Oil Industry is the world’s biggest: 6 trillion $/year ……… bigger than even food……

    Major Pet.Oil consumers:
    U S : 18 million barrel/day with 30 crore pop.
    China: 08 mbpd with 140 crore pop.
    Japan: 05 mbpd with 12 crore pop.
    India : 03 mbpd with 120 crore pop.

    Global Consumption : 87 mbpd(2010)
    . AND wikipedia says…… PRESENTLY ALSO, biggest producers and reserves of oil are Arabs… Saudi (11 mbpd), Iran(4), Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya( all produces > 2 mbpd) ……. ….
    ……. Not surprising that, Af-Pak, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Saudi, Kuwait etc are either ‘FRIENDS’ or ‘Terrorists’ for US/EU……
    and…that US produces only 9 mbd.. and consumes double….
    isn’t THAT making US a culprit for GLOBAL WARS and GLOBAL WARMING ???

    Obama is a good human and talks about
    “the Golden Rule — to treat others as you would like to be treated”…..
    but helpless with the Imprialist-attitude of US-state/CIA…..

    …..You know CHINA is also a big economy and well armed global power…… but rarely does anything beyond business…… so, never bothers about OBL or Sddm or Mmr-Gddfi…… whereas, US/EU have always been COLONIALISTS….

    they are more like thieves(CIA) and decoits(Army) than business-people………….. hence, fears the rise of China

  2. anthony gonsalves says

    wow china teaches the world how to handle pakistan………..when it comes to china it cannot even handle tiananman square…….and its own people….loosers.

  3. Golden says

    the only way for the pakistan to progress and become strong is to separate from the USA thieves. no body progresses if you remains attached with the war mongers and self proclaimed elite thieves. have lesson from Iran and think again before becoming part of USA crimes. USA is going to perish, save yourself..

  4. ashok kumar says

    There is one sentence saying Indian media aping the Western media…….finally the facts have been exposed….dig deeper and you will discover 95% of the Indian media is owned by foreign groups…

  5. says

    Will China take the same approach if Pakistan based terrorist org bomb China?

  6. owl28 says

    Had it been happened with Beijing, what has happened on 9/11 in US and 26/11 and much more in last two decades in India, China would have taken much stronger measure than both US and India where Democracy Thrives.
    China has the long history in Tibet genocide against the Peace full protest by Tibetans.
    In Contrary they support every means to distablilize India by promoting Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and now Srilanka to do whatever that would weaken India and its Growth.
    India’s Interest should be just restricted to its own security and development. Also the measure taken by US within Pakistan only tells one thing very loudly… “US runs World Bank, World Trade Center, UN as they have got the MONEY power and the DETERMINATION to dictate terms to rest of the world. “

  7. manjunath naik says

    China invariably has to say this to it’s full advantage. Keeping Pakistan happy is its goal to two time USA and all the more it’s competitor India. The next country getting into Afghanistan to bite dust will be China. That will bring both Pakistan and China to face each other as adversaries. The true colors of Pakistan will then be not that appealing to China. China is having problems with twelve of the countries surrounding it. Only India is their real foe in every which way you look at. The rate at which India is growing technologically as well as economically is definitely a cause of concern for China. Why cant China set an example for everyone to see to treat India as a sincere and cooperative friend??? Any takers?

  8. Bobby Christo says

    HAHHA. everyone seems to be expert at training a pet dog.

  9. deepak says

    well if Gandhi ji couldnt do one can…the only way is to force the internation community to close down all madrassas and stop Islamic education. DeIslamize Pakistan.

  10. Suheel kumar says

    Terrorism must be put down with a heavy hand. It is affecting mankind in so many ways. It diverts world’s attention from pressing problems like food security, social health and sanitation etc.

  11. D S says

    China has NO CLUE OF SOUTH ASIA, do they just want to add in their weight. China should ask, has iIsreal given them this story.
    HOW DOES INDIAN public opinion matter and there is no public opinion in China, they toe state line. People of india want dynasty be gone, the bjp-congress cartel be gone. BUT DOES THAT HAPPEN, does people of india opinion matters???

  12. mani das says

    Again China is missing the point as our Foreign secretary had reminded them a few months back “Don’t forget you are being exposed to the largest

  13. Jagdish Reddy says

    There isn’t much any country can do to change Pakistan. Here is a country which learnt how to use it’s undereducated, unemployed and religious fanatics to cause trouble not just in Afghanistan or India but rest of the world such as US, Europe, Central Asian Republics and China.
    It is a nuclear power so waging a full war against it is out of question.
    Now the Army and the ruling elite have learnt that as long as they are causing trouble in rest of the world, the money/aid/bribes keep coming. They are getting rich. There is enough fodder ( I mean the poor people ) who are willing to die for the cause of religion or money or for both.
    How rest of the world can tackle this other than what China is saying here, give them more bribes and keep this going forever.

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