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This is VS’s finest hour! Lal Salaam, VS!

Kerala election results have come as a stunner. The Left Democratic Front [LDF] may win 68 seats and the United Democratic Front [UDF] 72 seats out of a total of 140 – plus one or two seats this way or that when the final tally comes. This is undoubtedly Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader V. S. Achuthanandan’s finest hour in a tumultous political career spanning some 60 years. It is also a tight slap on the face of “Amul baby” Rahul Gandhi by the people of Kerala for questioning their political wisdom in electing 87-year old VS again. Incidentally, VS won by a thumping majority in Malampuzha constituency in Palakkad district.
Quite clearly, Congress seems to have anticipated this sort of a setback was not improbable and, therefore, toward the end of the campaign in April, they let loose a savage personal attack on VS and his family members, in which even stalwarts of the Congress with dignity and decorum like A.K.Antony stopped to participate. Shame on all of them – Rahul Gandhi, Antony and Oommen Chandy!
This sort of an election result on communal lines was expected – a Christian and Muslim consolidation behind the Congress-led UDF, thanks to its allies with communal background. Muslim League’s massive victory in Malappuram and UDF’s success in Kottayam and Idukki districts show clearly that the Congress-led front gained immensely by blatant communal politics. In contrast, LDF’s success goes to VS’s credit and is a testimony to the performance of the LDF government. The LDF actually improved its performance in Alleppey, Kollam, Pathanamthitta and Kozhikode districts and held on to its citadel in Kannur and did fairly well in Thruvananthapuram.
Congress has, contrary to expectations, fared rather poorly. This comes as a big setback for the party. Is Rahul Gandhi responsible? Possibly to an extent, by injecting his own candidates’ list to the KPCC comprising faceless “Amul babies” who have no political base in Kerala. The scams in Delhi have discredited the Congress’ image in Kerala. No doubt on that score. The fact that there has been no “anti-incumbency” as such and that LDF retrieved such a huge ground after the 2009 parliamentary election shows that the secular-minded Malayali voters thought through carefully about the kind of government they should have.
Conceivably, there has been a heavy consolidation of Ezhava and Dalit voters behind the CPM. They have always been the backbone of the communist movement in Kerala. They have solidly identified with VS. This is a complex phenomenon but it doesn’t come as a surprise to me. May I recall a piece I wrote from Thiruvananthapuram on April 12 even as the election campaign was concluding in Kerala?
What happens now? CPM is the single largest party by far. In terms of established constitutional norms, it should be VS’s turn to be called by the Governor to form the next government. Can he prove a majority on the floor of the house? Of course, no problem. The small parties that crossed over to UDF at the rather recently like Janata Dal and Kerala Congress (Joseph ) can always return to the LDF fold. They are already incensed over the shabby treatment that Congress gave them in seat allocation. So, indeed, Kerala Congress (Mani group). K.M. Mani is unhappy that Congress was rude in its seat allocation to his party. He alone commands some 10 MLAs or so and all that LDF needs to have for establishing a simple majority will be a paltry 2 or 3 more MLAs than what it already has in its kitty.
Much now depends on Governor Gavai, a solid rustic Congressman by background. Will he go by constitutional propriety or will he take a partisan decision in favour of Congress, which won some 10 seats less than CPM in a house of 140? Congress will be, conceivably, loathe to abdicate – power is money, after all.
All in all, I am a hugely happy man. The agony over the past 2-3 years when VS was being hounded was very acute. For my generation, he was always an iconic figure. For CPM, too, there is much to introspect. What would have been the result today if VS hadn’t been forced to govern all through these past 5 years literally with one hand tied behind his back? What was the need to have expelled him from the CPM Politburo? He is the tallest leader of the communist movement in India today. Quite clearly, VS may not be controlling the party machinery but the election results amply bear out that he certainly lords over the Malayalis’ affection and respect. Lal Salaam, VS!

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  1. Sameena kutty says

    Communists have spoiled bengal and have pushed back kerala in liberalisation wave.

    its high time that keralites abandom communism

  2. bindu vivek says

    Fully concurring with what you said, would like to add that the ultimate victory would have been for LDF, but for the unscrupulous decisions taken by Pinarayi faction in chasing out some of its key allies, which had ultimately cost LDF, the unprecedented consecutive two time victory. The clean image and leadership of VS as CM has been one of the greatest honors CPM has enjoyed in recent times. But it is quite unfortunate and even more painful to have leg pullers from within the cadre to destabilize his pursuit for rebuilding the image of communists. Locking horns from within the cadre has been an eyesore for the ones, who had socialism in their blood, no matter which party they stood for. CPM needs to really introspect whether; they are behaving properly amidst the society.

    Sreekumar Vamadevan, having firm belief in communism

  3. skandan sivaramakrishnan says

    Dear Mr Bhadrakumar,
    Old leftist ideologies never die! Much more in Kerala, where they talk idealism and practice hypocricy.
    VS slept all these 4 1/2 years and sudden;y woke up when the Dubai based Smart city made a deal with the sons of VS and Kodiyeri (so much for socialism). He became a doer. The Supreme court judgment on the Balakrishna pillai case and the 2G scam helped him. That Congress did not have a leader like Karunakaran in the helm (who could balance all the demands of various religions and castes without losing his Hindu identity) also helped. The old man tried to divert the shortcomings agianst his govt. agaisnt the Centre and almost succeeded.
    The results are clear. UPA has got 72 seats and the LDF has 68. God saved kerala from the wrath of communist inspired violence that would have erupted in Malabar and other areas had the commies won.
    It is likely that the current UDF govt. wiould be more instable and corrupt. The Congress must analyze what has gone wrong in Kerala and build up a new leadership that can attract Hindu votes in addition to the minority votes.
    Please admit that VS was a shrewd politician who tried to divert the anger and angst against corruption to the centre and congress! He was like the Krishna who took the asuras for a ride by promising amrith.
    Keralities are not fools to be swayed by rotten promises of the old guard like VS and their elk. Maybe people like you (sorry to say) who were brought up in the old revolutionary spirit may hail him.
    Let the left lie in pieces and let there be peace!!! Till then, Lal Salam ex comrades. You can go to Tripura!!!
    warm regards from an overseas Malayali

  4. slater says

    Bhadrakumar seems to have lost it. What ever the shortcomings of the Congress the people of kerala are not stupid to give the commies a second term. May VS soul rest in peace he will not see another election. And to the Congis, make sure U get a load of Amul products to the LDF compatriots. My Lal salaam.

  5. Anil Raghavan says

    very well written


  6. R R says

    There is no leader like Mr.Achuthanandan at present in kerala.,
    Only psuedo seculirasm shown by other parties made his party loose.

  7. Samir sharma says

    Amul baby? this name never goes along with rahul , why are you spoiling amul’s name ? It should be ITALIAN BABY

  8. jayeshmpatel_1942 says

    It is really a fantastic articles by the writer, I am totally happy the poll result as congress was expected and even medias and exit poll shows congress will get more than 75 to 95 seats. Also it is clear that the people of Kerala have to give full credit though it is little bit upset for me because of LDF didnt won second time. Though they lost this poll, but full credit to them especially my all time second favorite politician Shri.VSA after late. Shri, Jyoti Basu, to get upto 68 odd seats. Hope, in the next coming year during congress regime, there will not any sort of corruptions, favoritism, etc. Also Mr. Ooman Chandy (presumably he will be the next CM) will take care of poor people and work hard for the development of Kerala by providing good roads, transportation, education system, more employment by setting up new factories, give path for new investment opportunities from all over india and abroad, keep cut red tape system etc. Also it is most important to give opportunities for deserved and educated young leaders for ministerial post. ALL THE GOOD LUCK TO OOMANCHANDY.

  9. Retheeshk Nair says

    congrats to v.s.achudaanandan, pinarayi vijayan, c.k.chandrappan and to mathew t thomas

  10. abap4 abap4 says

    Looks like he is a ardent fan of Left and VS. This party has made kerala one of the worst places to live in. And congress is a no brainer they dnt do anything which is constructive thats the issue.

  11. subhashish chakraborty says

    so mr achutanandan’s finest hour comes at the cost of left losing power !!!! WHATA FINEST HOUR FOR AN OCTOGENERIAN LOSING TO A AMUL BABY ???

    how about bengal ? finest hour there too for the left ??

  12. mammen antony says

    Say one Lal Salam to Budha Dev of bengal too.Bengalis have kicked him on the softer part of his Body and the party. Now the next generation will have to go to Cuba to know what communism is and how it withered world over.We the expats are overjoyed at the drubbing of Reds at God’s Own country, which was ruled by the most indecent person the Indian communism has ever prodeced.

  13. Suresh S says

    Heartened by victory of V.S…LaL salalm……….Equally disheratened by minorty vote bank politics exploited by Congress to polarize people. The biggest communal party is Congress using it’s same old filthy minority vote bank politics.

  14. anoop_r says

    What a stupid argument, that VS should be called first? Both fronts are pre-poll alliances and everybody understands that.
    And he is asking UDF constituents to defect to Left Front. Hope he knows that the left is not a front to indulge in horse-trading. VS is not as power-hungry as the author of this blog.

  15. Kiritkumar Bookseller says

    Minority and communal politics played by Congress is secularism -added with flavour of corruption.
    Congress can not lead India.

  16. Anamika says

    one of the very few clean politicians in a country where politicians are equated to dogs.. Lal salaam VS..

  17. Subin Kj says

    If LDF faced this election without VS then they might have got maximum 30 – 40 seats

    Oneman show of VS

  18. tiby joseph says

    Be graceful in defeat

  19. Radhakrishnan V says

    Author seemed to have discounted the fact that it is not VS’s administrative capabilities that earned CPM this result. It is not that they loved VS, it is more of them hating Congress and the sequence of scams that exposed Congress and its allies.

    In essence, this is not reflective of the CPM or VS’s policies while they were in government. They wanted to show the Congress, what it can cost to them politically, for keeping themselves close to DMK and other corrupt allies

  20. kaushik sinha says

    i think the slap was on Vijayan’s face who tried to force VS to retirement. Having said this, the end result is that UDF is coming back to power. This is the best result where the mass has sent a mesage as clear as this. A strong opposition will ensure UDF performs, else the balance will swing back in 5 years time. Now, who will be the CM? Chandy or Chennithala?

  21. D goel says

    It is true thatVS Achthanandan is theMan behind the UDF slight gain on Marxists LDF by about4 ,it may be augmented once they are askedto form government. asmany others could join to share spoils of Governance oncethestable Cabinet is in Place,Marxist have ,now, only Lal Salams, thecommunal Pie is stolen by Mullas and Padres of Congress in some of thewell-known centres of communal fellings like Mallapuram or Idduki D. Goel

  22. D goel says

    It is true thatVS Achthanandan is theMan behind the UDF slight gain on Marxists LDF by about4 ,it may be augmented once they are askedto form government. asmany others could join to share spoils of Governance oncethestable Cabinet is in Place,Marxist have ,now, only Lal Salams, thecommunal Pie is stolen by Mullas and Padres of Congress in some of thewell-known centres of communal fellings like Mallapuram or Idduki D. Goel


    Good article; and I agree on a lot of points; but then Achumama should have won.
    It is bad news for the Kerala we know. Now the communal part will only worsen and corruption will also grow.


  24. IThink ThereforeIAm says

    Prakash Karat and his gang should immediately be expelled from the party which should now purge itself of rootless unelected satraps directing it.

  25. Sunny says

    Thanks to Amul Baby Rahul Gandhi, Keralites have kicked out LDF.

    And thanks to the SENILE mindset of the residents of Malampuzha,
    they have re-elected Achuthanandan.

  26. devedas bhaskar says

    Its time for Prakash Karat to resign from Politbureau and get Achutanandan to head it.

  27. unni kuttan says

    Inspite of Congress having a communal background, why the people of Kerala do not overtly support CPI is because they are an arrogant and violent group…..Ironically this is also the reason why many people also support…..because if u support CPI and u can get unjust things done by brute force

    If only there was a party with true CPI like policies minus the violence!!!!

  28. Neeraj Bhople says

    Is the writer on dope? seems like he wrote the article before the results were out and just added the first line to it without realising that what he has written is completely in contrast to what the results are.

  29. Deepak Chari says

    Surely a big miss by fellow Malayalis – Vijayan and Karat – who failed to read the people’s trend of thinking 5 years ago, when they initially denied VS and then succumbed, during the 5 years, when they tried their best by thrusting few ministers who couldn’t “team” up with the CM in any sense, and 2 months back when they could’ve avoided the last attempt to get someone else to lead the party for the elections.

    VS was like a breath of fresh air, willing to take action against law-breakers regardless of which party they belonged. Even now, Karat and the CPM top leaders are too scared of his ability to reach across to the fringe parties in UDF and cobble together a working majority. That’s why, perhaps they (surprisingly) conceded defeat around 1.15 pm when only 76 seats have been declared (LDF getting 40 and UDF 36) and only leads were available in the balance 64 (LDF leading in 28 vs 36 leads for UDF). Poor VS, undone by his party once again. Only for Kerala, they must have a Presidential type of government for VS to be the executive head of the state!


  30. srinivasa rao says

    With an eagle eye of the mighty and vigilant opposition CPM, Congress(I) may be guarded in its tracks in not resorting to the wholesale loot of the State as it is always the case with the corrupt congress(I) wherever it is the ruling party. Congress(I) due to its thin margin of victory will be blaming itself for its inability to amass wealth by its corrupt practices.

  31. Praveen George says

    Good for the VS fan. Cant understand when VS bringing up cases against others it shows VS’s fight against corruption. But when serious issues like allocation of land to relatives, flouting all rules and regulations for promoting son in a shameless manner these are hounding VS. I am really sad at seing that people of Kerala are not able to understand the giimmicks played VS and a section of media so fond of him. Other wise cases against Kunhalikutty or Palm Oil case why he is brining up just before election? What he did against lottery lobbey in kerala? After making lot of allegations against TATA what he achieved in Munnar? After talking against Samrt City why he bring them back after 5 years in exactly the same terms and conditions where it all started?

  32. Anonymous says

    Very nicely written sir… You echo the feelings of a lot of us…


  33. Aroma Treasures says

    i do agree with u that VS is a tall leader. but other third class people like pinarayi, kodiyeri and their north kerala lobby is spoiling the party. if they r removed and cleansed the party is good. but sadly the polit beuro memebers r along with them, not with VS. still there is lot of time to do it or it will in a state of CPM in kolkatta.

  34. Zeng alemcherry says

    Expected slightly more balanced views from someone like Mr. Bhadrakumar, this one just reflects his political affiliation. How could you term UDF communcal because they got Muslim and Xtain votes? Didn;t left try their best to woo muslim voters? Didn’t they deliberately try to project as anti Xtian to gain majority votes? Or is it that Xtian and Muslim votes are ‘communal’ votes and Hindu votes are secular. Ezhava’s voting for VS is secualr and Xtians voting for Oomen Chandi is communal?

    Your comments on Governer sounds just desperate. Governer should be looking for absolute majority, not the biggest party to make the govt.What difference do you expect that to make anyway?

    You may be a VS ‘fan’ but anyone with a bit of common sense will understand that alligations against his son is real and serious. What is this double standards when it comes to CJI’s son in laws and chief ministers son?

    Get real sir, you lost most of your credibility as an honest analyst with this piece. Keep your political affiliations at home and dont try to push your agenda here. Readers are not fools to suck up everything you write. If you can’t be neutral, please limit yourself to what you understand better – foreign relations.

  35. Synicle says

    Constitutional Propriety would indicate that the Governor should invite the leader of the pre-poll alliance that won the largest seats instead of the single largest party. If the members of the alliance indicate that they are withdrawing from the alliance and are not supporting UDF, it is another matter. But Governor Gavai would be obliged to invite the UDF.

  36. SIJO CJ says

    Lal salam …saghav V. S
    Hope You will get the post of opposition leader ….

  37. D goel says

    It is true thatVS Achthanandan is theMan behind the UDF slight gain on Marxists LDF by about4 ,it may be augmented once they are askedto form government. asmany others could join to share spoils of Governance oncethestable Cabinet is in Place,Marxist have ,now, only Lal Salams, thecommunal Pie is stolen by Mullas and Padres of Congress in some of thewell-known centres of communal fellings like Mallapuram or Idduki D. Goel

  38. Uppada Subrahmanyam says

    CPM has ruined the states of West Bengal and Kerala. Both the states are not in any way comparable to the best of the state in India. The Policies advocated by Karats are dubious and advocate differently for India and China. They should accept theie failure and India has rjected the left today for they are outdated no longer relevant for today

  39. says

    stopped to participate or stooped to participate?

  40. says

    What else to expect from a biased person like you. You have distorted facts and have taken journalism to a new low. Constitutional propriety / norms DO NOT say that the party with majority seats should be called. Constitutional propriety / norms DO say that the pre-poll alliance with the maximum seats should be called to form the government.

  41. joseph purathur says

    The supporters of VS have shown to the so-called other leaders of CPM, like Karat

  42. krishna kumar says

    you correctly said ,indeed VS is a towering figure i kerala politics,but apart from him who else is there in CPM?Surely he can not run a government single handed ly.
    I think that we have erred some where

    And also the elections in India is still fought on communal lines,no party is untouched by it.


  43. jack says

    This article is written by a communist loser……….. Congrts UDF. well done. well almost.. :)

  44. Durga Prasad Menon says

    Lal Salaam, VS!

  45. K. Venkateswar says

    When are Mr. and Mrs. Karat leaving the party. Karat is to CPM what Greg Chappel was to Indian cricket. I am an anti-Commie. For some reason I wanted VS to win. For the first time we had someone taking on fundamentalism head on.

  46. rithesh k says

    Correctly said. However, i would also like to add that , this is not just the moment of V.S, its a greatest moment for all the keralites who have shown their love towards V.S as the charimastic leader and their ability to choose the right !

  47. Mayadhar Moharana says

    Congress Stands for corrupt administraion and communist stand for corrupt ideology in the society. Who wins or gains does not bring any good news to common people.

  48. sailor says

    When ever the Congressmen has raised the age of the opponents, it has received a resounding slap in its face. Achuthanandan represents all that old age wisdom, principle and old time honesty, which is rare to find in these days. His fight against corruption has won him new friends, who would otherwise have voted to UDF. Here is a man who is not tolerated even in his own party for he stands for uprightness. And in the end the party reluctuntly had to depend on him to hold the fort. We do not hear of Pinarayi Vijan, the Raja equivalent in the CPM, who has differences with Achuthanandan and has been wisely asked to lie low. And whenever and whereever Rahul has campaigned, the Congress has come cropper. Had he just kept his mouth shut, UDF would have got two third majority.

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