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A Fai-style US crack down on ‘Sangh Parivar’?

After Ghulam Nabi Fai, it may well be the turn of the Hindutva outfits in America. The slaughter in Oslo seems to be leading to some tricky questions. The American Muslims have demanded an investigation into the activities of the Sangh Parivar activities in the US. This follows the claim by the Oslo murderer that he drew inspiration from Hindutva elements. On Tuesday, the Muslim Peace Coalition in the US issued a statement in New York expressing alarm over the links between the Oslo terrorist Anders Behring Brevik and Hindutva forces.

Curiously, the statement demanded that the FBI (which nabbed Fai) and the Department of Homeland Security should investigate the activities of the Hindutva groups. They have specifically demanded that the Hindutva elements should be barred from using the premises of the Hindu temples in the US. “The Hindutva movement in the US is well-funded and powerful and has been involved in brainwashing the American-Hindu children and youth in the US with their brand of violent anti-Muslim and anti-Christian hate. These groups have been actively involved with the recent Islamophobic campaign in the US.”

“For the last 30 years, they have been busy infiltrating and gaining power among various professional and trade organisations of the Indian diaspora in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Far East. For the past two decades, they have been using the growing economic and political clout of India on the international stage to infiltrate the power centres in the US under the guise of being ‘representatives of the Indian diaspora’. The more militant among the Hindutva fronts have openly formed alliances with white American hate groups and known Islamaphobes.”

The statement no doubt has an ominous ring about it. What forces are at work behind the statement remains unclear. There have been reports from time to time in the past during the NDA rule in India that the FBI has been keeping detailed dossiers of the Hindu organisations active in the US. The reports, which seemed some sort of pressure tactic, even alleged at times that some of these Hindu organisations have been collecting funds and illegally transferring them to their sister organisations of the Sangh Parivar in India. Somehow, the FBI never followed up, though. Arguably, it is a reverse situation of Fai’s. He allegedly received funds from Pakistan whereas the Hindu organisations in the US allegedly sent funds to India through equally illegal means.

Can the FBI, which finally booked Fai, refuse to take cognisance of the alleged activities of the Hindu organisations? The blood trail of the terrorist Brevik seems to be leading to some obscure corners of the US’s regional policies in South Asia. Copies of the above statement have been sent to the Indian consulates in the US, which are of course duty-bound to transmit the document to Hqs in Delhi. The celebrations over Fai’s arrest, in the meanwhile, have proved short-lived. He has been released on bail and he promptly issued a statement that the US will never let down the Kashmiri people in their struggle for self-determination.

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  1. shilpy says

    how do we know this author bhadrakumar is not a congressi? i am taking bets on it.

  2. shilpy says

    hitler used hindu symbolism even if awkwardly and inappropriately. the trouble is some white people think hinduism can be self-taught. no, it can’t be. you gotta learn at the feet of a hindu guru. but it must be acknowledged in all fairness and in the interest of dispassionate objectivity that hitler wore out britain, the hindu people’s tormentor, which led ultimately to india’s freedom from britain. of course, hindu people are so not bright and still think nehru gave them freedom – if you read the indian scholl history books; yeah, it is now nehru, not even mahatam gandhi who gave india its freedom. anyway, something good will comeout from this norwegian guy because norway was the no. 1 cause of sri lanka’s ltte problem. now, i hear sri lanka has offered its help to norway to mediate between its christian radicals and the norway govt.

  3. Samir Bhagwat says

    it time hindus became militant in their attitude like christians and muslims if they are to save their religion from the onslaught of these two barbarians. if yiou are to be branded anyway, then be tough.

  4. Gaddafi says

    MK Bhadrakumar is an associate of Fai. He his expressing his frustrations by blaming Hindus. Bhadra you have a lot of supporters here in Dileep Padgaonkar, Harinder Baweja, Teesta Setalvad and Shabana Azmi

  5. samit roy says

    babri masjid was a symbol of babur’s terrorism and gujarat riot was started by muslims.

  6. Jay Shah says

    What a joke! Fai and his Indian/Pakistani collaborators are inconvenienced simply because they lied and obfuscated, when the law required them to be upfront about their allegiance. Unlike the Fai brigade, Sangh outfits in the US have always acknowledged their origins and what they stand for. In any case, given Breivek’s copious references to Christian history and signage, groups in the Republican party would be the primary target of investigation.

  7. Murali says

    mbhadrakumar… are you on crack ? what kind of irresponsible, pseudo-journalism is this that is distorting plain realities in favor of your imaginative figments ?

    Your kind till now linked RSS to talibaan… now RSS has been linked to neo-nazis… next RSS will be linked to evil, outer planet colonialists who are out to conquer planet earth… what kind of madness and paranoia is this ?

    Dont you realize the inordinate disservice you are doing to the war against terr0rism by giving voice to the insane, bloodthirsty, hatemongering mzlim radicals and freely disbursing their prpaganda ?

    How fraudulent of you to link Breivik to Hindutva when all he mentioned in that he appreciated and understood the cause of RSS and VHP ?

    He also admired Pat Condell and dozens of other conservative bloggers across the world.. would you move against them now ?

    Today they want US govt to control hzxindu temples for being sanctuaries of RSS propaganda… next they’d want to raze down hzxindu temples themselves.

    But the fact remains thus:

    No. of Americans killed due to Hindu Nationalism = 0
    No. of AMericans killed due to islam = 10,000

    And islazmic apologists for the massmurderers of americans like yourself are the ones who need to be put under a microscope and watched carefully, not hzxindu nationalists.

  8. Seenu Subbu says

    A typical HSS camp involves educating children with “Shlokas”, a few Hindi/Tamil/Telugu/Kannada/Whatever classes. What hatred and what violence are these idiots talking about?

  9. Seenu Subbu says

    @mohammed ahmed,
    Yes, its amazing how the born illiterate ones educate themselves to go blow themselves up for the glory of God and 72 virgins.
    How they go about waging wars for 1300 years and then when the heat turns on them, blame rest of the world for their miseries.

  10. Seenu Subbu says

    @Sameer Bhagwat, you lose no opportunity to bait “Upper caste Hindus”, do you?
    First you drive out “upper caste” from India in the garb of reservations, and then go after them when they try to peacefully adapt in their new pastures. Shame on you.

  11. says

    Mr. Bhadrakumar – I thought you are a IFS cadre officer, but in this article you sound like the run-of-the-mill pseudo secular politicians of India. May be, this article would fetch you a MP seat in Congress, next time around. But you and folks like you know in their heart that there is no iota of truth about this whole Hindu terrorism crap.
    Well! When did anyone expect truth from the pseudo-secular gang in India. And as far as I can tell, you already got some size-able support from the muslim community to pursue your political career. Good Luck!!

  12. mohammed ahmed says

    @ Eurostar : ” “All humans are Born Hindus “………. but you know my friend, All humans are Born illiterate also………… He has to be educated………. once literate, no one can become illieterate again unless his neuro-cells are dying ……… you could understand ????

  13. knowthe reason says

    i m sure there is no link but i seriously wish that there should have been one. india is saved of civil war only bcoz hindus do not react to the atrocities towards them. rather they are too timid to do that.

  14. farooq tapadar says

    Brevik has been inspired from which activities of Hindus? Violance or Terrorism perhaps does not include activities like demolishing of Babri Masjid, killing of innocent Muslims in Gujrat. Funny lines are penned by secular persons. No one can lie to ones self. Investigation on any complaint by FBI perhaps does not require a complaint lodged by a non-muslim organization.

  15. Eurostar says

    What an article its true that writers have high imaginations but hallucinatory forms of writing must not be given so much importance. All humans are Born Hindus since every religion have one or the other form of conversion process which they call purification, sunnat, amrit taking etc. so why and what hindus have to fight for ? Hinduism is limited to India till date because they’v never tried to convert anyone to Hinduism by force or any coercion. Have any Hindu ruler ever invaded any other country? whereas entire region now known as Pakistan is populated by people whose forefathers were converted to Islam by invaders from Eurasia, Iran etc. If found involved in any terrorist activity no matter what his/her religion is they should be treated as common criminals against humanity and anyone who attacks other countries to plunder their riches should also be annihilated in the name of humanity Islam and Christ.

  16. g a says

    muslims have tendency to show foult of others rather taking about muslim killers when
    innocent hindus (comman people) r being killed by miyas in india or elsewere

  17. A K Singh says

    The fact is that America is just another pseudo-secular country like India; why else should it have rejected Visa application of Narendra Modi, who is a free citizen of a country, and no charges have officially been labeled on him, let alone any being proven? One should not be surprised therefore if the FBI actually starts investigating the activities of Hindu organisations, and if FBI is as efficient as our CBI, they may even find something against them.
    It is obvious that this demand of investigating Hindu organisations has been raised by Pakistan, which badly needs a counterbalancing act to compensate for Fai. The USA can also expect to get the support of Government of India, who is ever willing to oblige Pakistan.

  18. Pawan Kumar says

    They think that America is another Pesodo-secualr state like India, which if acted against one criminal(happen to be from one community) will be balance by acting against other community(even thorough there is no evidence of crimal records!).They forget that this type of relgion based hypocracy is only in India that also becuase of mean mentality of [politician for the sake of vote!] and also that is only due to the rule of pariwar (i.e Nehru / Khan Pariwar). whenever the pariwar does not leave india, india will not become a true secular, democratice country where people should have equal right and obligation.

  19. JGN says

    Most of NRIs in US are upper caste Hindus and they are the natural allies of Sangh Parivar. They are the main source of funding for spreading hatred against not only Muslims and Christians but against low caste Hindus also in the name of opposing reservation in government jobs.

  20. R Chakravarti says

    Please don’t distort facts. There is so far no information about any links between Brevik and Hindutva forces. There were only some comments by Brevik. Having said that, I would, however, welcome an FBI investigation of Hindutva groups in the US. The truth should be revealed, however unpalatable it may be. But will the FBI start a probe just because some group wants them to?

  21. abdul narayan says

    Mischievous article. Comparing Hindu groups to Muslim terrorist organizations? Please enumerate one violent act of Hindu groups across the world?

    On the other hand have u forgotten the Crusades?

    Have you forgotten the violence unleashed in the world by American groups led by successive American presidents?

    If Anders drew inspiration from Hindu groups is it the Hindu groups fault? WhIch Hindu group advocates violence? Did they ask Anders to go KILL?

    Looks like you have an ulterior motive in penning this article.

  22. mandar kulkarni says

    Oslo terrorist Anders Behring Brevik is lying. He do not understand Hindutva. Hindutva do not have concept of terrorism and killing innocents, taking drugs, etc. Hindutva movement will go on and will achieve peace

  23. mahavirrr says

    These animal religion has got opportunity due to rahulgandhi and diggisingh defamening hinduism, and now misleading the world by new identity to Hindus as Hindu terrorist, so they can carryout their devilish intention smoothly.

  24. sandip mehta says

    What bullshit!! I’m in US and I’ve been to Hinduorganizations with my family. They do not talk anything about Islam or Christianity. They only organize games, events, hindi classes etc. They never use temples for any such thing. The hindu temples in US only does pooja. Muslims should not co-relate and hide their sins by blaming Hindus. They can’t get Kashmir like this. And for Muslims living in India, pls respect your nation, where you live, the country, which has given you so much!! Ask PoK back from Pakistan. Have some honesty, self respect and truthfulness. God does not teach hatred for any one. Hinduism does not believe in harming innocent animals, forget about Human being. If you believe in God, pls be afraid from wrong doing or your Karma will bite you very hard one day!

  25. mahesh muliyala says

    They think that America is another Pesodo-secualr state like India, which if acted against one criminal(happen to be from one community) will be balance by acting against other community(even thorough there is no evidence of crimal records!).They forget that this type of relgion based hypocracy is only in India that also becuase of mean mentality of [politician for the sake of vote!

  26. mahavirrr says

    Hindus have no such mentality to go on killing people. If the had such mentality and would have been brave they would have given reply claiming 20000 injuries for 200 injured by blast.

  27. Sameer Bhagwat says

    It is an open fact that Hindutva elements have infiltrated the corporate America at an alarming rate under the guise of “Indian Diaspora” as if India is only a Hindu nation where as in reality it is amotley mix of Hindus , Muslims , Christians , Sikhs , Jews Parsis , Bahais , Aboriginals , Dalits, and Adivasis etc… where as the so called “upper castes ” of India taking advantage of the previliges given to them in India have migrated to the USA and using the naive people of USA as a means to their sinister aim of seeking the destruction of religious minorities in India.

  28. subbu says

    this is absolutely ridiculous. there is no such thing as hindu terrorism. hinduism always stand for peace and the oslo killer acted upon his own reasoning and how can u blame hinduism for that

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