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US may bring ‘Sangh Parivar’ under scanner

The legislative process in the United States Congress on the bill tabled by Congressman Frank Wolf and co-sponsored by Representative Anna Eshoo from California promises to be a fateful happening for the ‘defining partnership’ between US and India. It is titled as ‘To provide for the establishment of the Special Envoy to Promote Freedom of Religious Minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia’. A hearing has been already held by the House of Representatives although the Indian media hasn’t yet apparently caught on what is unfolding on the Hill.

The bill has bipartisan support, especially from Christian Conservatives, and there is strong likelihood of it becoming law. India is specifically mentioned as one of the countries where the US will closely monitor the plight of the minorities. The bill demands the creation of the post of a special envoy in the State Department specifically to monitor countries like India. Pakistan has been included in the scope of the bill along with India, but China is not — although Beijing has been openly defying the Vatican’s right to control the appointment of Church functionaries in China.

As the text of the bill envisages, the proposed US special envoy is expected to: a) “promote the right of religious freedom of religious minorities” and recommend “appropriate responses” by Washington to instances of violation of the rights; b) “monitor and combat acts of religious intolerance and incitement targetted against religious minorities”; c) “work to ensure the unique needs of religious minority communities… including the economic and security needs of these communities”; d) work with Indian NGOs and take up with the GOI any Indian laws that are “inherently discriminatory” to minorities; and, e) raise the issues on the multilateral fora, including the UN and the OSCE.

1 million dollars will be allocated annually to facilitate the work of the special envoy in undertaking activities such as conducting investigations. The bill says: “The Special Envoy should be a person of recognised distinction in the fields of human rights and religious freedom who shall have the rank of ambassador and shall hold office at the pleasure of the President.” It seems the Barack Obama administration may already be having a nominee in mind.

From all appearances, the law would be geared in the Indian context to bring under the scanner the working of the Sangh Parivar organisations which have often been implicated in violence against minorities. Most certainly, the latest moves by public organisations in the US to monitor the activities of the Sangh Privar outfits in America now assume even greater significance.

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  1. Dhondu says

    US has lost it, I must say

    Sangh is keeping India afloat or else by now congress would have divided the country and distributed it to pakistan china bangladesh and srilanka

    most of the Indians would have become muslims and some christians

  2. Atish Narlawar says

    This all stuff is done by Rahul and Sonia.

    Look how will they spread christianity


    It is indeed a preposterous behavior on the part of US Administration to start this kind of offensive parochialism/feudalism. A country which started with the lofty morals of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln has come to a situation to stoop so low in terms of its attempts to hegemony. Reflections by Russian Premier Mr Putin about the nation may just not be untrue – the word parasite must have come o him after so much of his interactions with the nation of virtuous criminality.

    If US has begun this tirade to bring Sangh Parivar or for that matter any other body under the scanner – let the people of India force the government enforce the rules of behaviour for the NGO’s;
    1. They should register and have a board
    2. Should have at least two directors from the Indian Govt side – one a govt employee and another a society representative.
    3. should have atlest 26% of its equity funds from the public at large
    4. Should have a general body meeting annually to declare it s doings.
    5. Conversion from religion to be made a criminal activity punishable under law so as to discourage any attempts by any NGO at large.

    US is known to arm twisting measures since the end of World War II when slowly military entanglements are becoming rarer. Its entire economy is in shambles as the fighting across the world is reducing slowly and its own infringements in Iraq and Afganistan are coming to an end. What will they eat now as the war equipment manufacturing machinery comes ot a grinding halt what will America produce – research – it does not give employment at large.

    US as a country laden with US $ 14.46 trillion debt – which translates to US $ 46,500 per capita debt of its 311 million population, can hardly survive the tsunami which is rising beyond its gaze. On the other hand it wants to scan the people of a nation who are in debt of US $ 191 per person of 1200 million population.

    It cannot be a wishful thinking of someone as indebted as the Americans that they still flaunt their muscles. One shd not forget how the British Flag ruled the seas for 200 years and are now unable to stay afloat. Same is with Italy and Spain now. They may come out of these situations but they need to feel the underlying currents which are making the sands under their feet now slip.

    Refrain is the word we can say at this point in time

  4. oih says

    we must learn from US, its time they are brought under sacnner in india too

  5. Babu says

    People here are wondering who gave the authority to US, to put RSS under its Scanner?

    Curiously it is RSS which gave US the authority…

    Which Government would stand by and watch if a ‘Right Wing Terrorist’ like Anders Behrik kill 92 innocent youths after writing an eulogy on ‘Hindu Fascist Right Wing Groups’ in general and RSS in particular operating in India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

    The general mindset of youths are being poisoned with RSS ideology of hate, that is based on ‘Manu Dharma’ which is a ‘Criminal act of segregating’ societies by birth, that would be promptly banned by any sane ‘Government’.

    A case in point here is that of ‘Subramanian Swamy’, who had the guts to ask ‘Muslims’ to consider ‘Manu Dharma Oppressors’ as the masters of their ‘Forefathers’ or to ‘Quit India’.

    The backlash for this ‘Manu Dharma’ terrorist was instantaneous across the globe, as he is about to be ‘Kicked’ out ‘Harvard’ and is facing the prospect of a 5 year ‘Jail’ term in India under sections 153 (A).

    So, it is time ‘Fascist’ organizations and a few individual brain washed by them to realize that their game is up and to change themselves into ‘Good Human Beings’, from their current state of being ‘Man Eating Right Wing Terrorists’.

  6. indian says

    Who has given authority to U.S. to scan anything they want. Stop this and give attention to your own country. You are on the verge of Bankrupsy. U.S. do not have enough money to pay pension to their pensioners. Rusian President said that U.S. are parasites? Is it a fact??
    U.S. only have started Arms Race all over the world and becuase of this Race, all the coutires all over the world have llost their peace. And it is a very alarming situation all over the world.

  7. gireesh r says

    nothing to do with it . Neither supporters nor sangh wont care about this crap…
    We are not bothered.

  8. tarunnarayanagrawal says

    It will be quite useful to have the US help to monitor and control the Christian Terrorist identified by the US Homeland Security supported taskforce Oklahoma City Bombing Commission which identified the Christian forced conversions groups as one of the top 10 Terrorist Groups in the world. Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists should highlight this as the US gets their initiative going.

  9. Brij D says

    There is another, more sinister, view to this issue.
    The US, by fraudulently representing itself as supporter of minorities, funds and creates its supporters / agents in other countries – just like the “sleeper cells” of Al Qaeda.
    Look at what it is doing to Libya using minority armed groups to create situations where US is in control.
    Claim sympathy for a minority group, fund that group, arm that group, spread propaganda for that group, claim victimhood for that group, and then, at an opportune time, declare open war / UN sanctions in support of that group: That is the whole American strategy.
    No sovereign country can tolerate the sleeper cells created by outside funding and support.

  10. sudhakar sk says


    Mr. Bhadra Kumars article is half cooked potato.
    USA has double policy towards India and has always promoted ultra’s to create peace loving India.
    SanghParivar\BJP has raised enormous amount of funds from US soil to promote its fake Hindu fundamentalist agenda. Post demolition of Babri Masjid and Gujrat roits US was a quite witness except denying visa to MKS Narendra Modi.

    Look at the way it encouraged Fia to promote anti Kashmir propoganda to the brim.

    India must take these things with a pinch of salt and read between the lines.


    Sudhakar Malpe
    Mumbai -400 021.

  11. ms anna says

    shame on us, who elect a christian missionary in the name of sonia to head this country of 85 cr hindus. hindus unite and fight the activities of christian Missionaries

  12. NC says

    Who will monitor and scan the US activities?

  13. bhavesh shah says


  14. RSS says

    A plot hatched by both – Indian

  15. Nitin M says

    Indian HINDUS are not UNITED this is the universal truth.

    When people like Ramdev Baba, Anna Hazare try to show real face of government, with of Media and arm forces, this government immediate creates havoc and start humiliating such social activities. It look like that back bone of this current government controlled by US ? does this government really bother about majorities?

    In my opinion Indian Government should pass law for scanning Christian Missionaries activities carried out in US and other countries. In our country are they really spreading LOVE, SPIRITUAL THOUGHTS or they are involved in creating hatred atmosphere, spy.

  16. Brij D says

    US has a long history of deliberately shifting the focus of its population from its own monstrous racial, cultural and similar problems, to the problems existing outside the US – with the Original World (now called Third World) being the easiest target. Spiteful interference in others’ business keeps one’s mind away from despair over one’s own troubles.
    As long as you are spitting on other people, other people will barely notice that you smell like shit.
    Keep the focus on American problems – which are legion.
    Let not the mote in Indian eyes become magnified artificially to be bigger than the log in American eyes.

  17. brahminboysmailbox says

    Do the Americans hae the guts to say that to the Arabs or even to the Europeans like France or the Australians who have banned the use of Burkha?

    A weak and spineless government run by a rubber stamp with take anything. That is India’s tragedy.

  18. Vijay says

    Once our own government is having a negative attitude towards its own majority population just for the sake of minority Votes. So not surprised if US to monitor the activities of the Sangh Privar . Ye to Hona hi tha. Shame on our so called secular government.

  19. arun naik says

    It is a great threat to sovernity of India. we know how to rule ourselves…we dont want other country to investigate us!

    Appreciate China….India should oppose it firmly.

  20. Sneha Joshi says

    Missionaries knows that only because of bodies like Sangh Pariwar / Shivsena/Bajarangdal Hinduism is exists in India. So now they are taking help of US to trouble this bodies

  21. PRAMOD TIWARI says

    US has no right to put Sangh Pariwar under his scaner . not the public of India but also the Govt. also should not allow any one to interfare in our internal affairs . If our govt. will be like “Kathputli ” of U S then any thing is possible in our country . but I strongly believe that not only the Sangh pariwar , our country to fully capable to proctect the rights of every people whether it is hindu , Muslims or Christian . I thinks , there should be a recomendation to us from enty Indian people from our country who is not dare to do any harm with only Hinduism country of the world . No surprise that some leaders from our current corrupt and self centroid govt. is trying to solve their own problem with help of U S .Govt.

  22. n joe says

    If USA put Rashtriya Swam Sevak Sangh (RSS) under scanner and also punish it very strictly then this anti muslim and anti christian organistaion of terrorist minded hindu organisation in India will learn lessson and people of all religion in India lives peacefully.

  23. Giriraj Parihar says

    Shame.. till our country is in hands of soniaji and her suave emmissaries the country will
    keep on suffering every now and then, soniaji will try getting innumerous laws to protect
    christians and muslims and later on spread DADAGIRI on HINDUS.

    We protest this bledy move of u.s.


  24. goutam kumar samal says

    How many times US has raised voice for Kashmir Pandit .who left thier home land due to so called minority.This is same to our so called scular Govt

  25. Anonymous says

    this should MAKE dicky very happy. he must be for KANGRESS PARTY they will not say anything because they wanted to do the same thing just to destroy BJP, THE US wanted to control the whole world…high time we changed the kangress government, otherwise we are gone for good.

  26. anirban bandyopadhyay says

    Absolute rubbish news, created cooked fabricated manufactured to give some peace to secularists.

    US is a realistic country, not an idiot like indian secularists.

  27. devedas bhaskar says

    All anti-hindu creeps shud learn to be truly secular!……not just blindly oppose anything hindu…the mishionaries activities are anti-secular and anti-national… and the mullahs shud learn to respect hinduism …its not always that hindus shud respect other religions..chr1stians and muzzlems shud also respect hinduismm..that is true secularism…and BTW the US has no business in the ineternal affairs of the country….

  28. jayant sane says

    why SANGH PARIVAR alone? In fact of all organisations,alone Congress needs real scanning.

  29. s h says

    What religious freedom the US is talking about ? It practices literally nothing in this regard. There are two instances, both who became governers in US. They will not say so publicly but in order to rise in politics it was compulsion for them to become christians. Nikkie Haley and Bobby Jindal, whose families are Punjabi HIndus.. It is no less contribution of our Home Minister and mentally corrupt so called intelectuals who coined the terms “Saffron Terrorism” that such an idea has germinated . Islam is an asserting religious group , demanding and dominating. Our spineless Seculars keep appeasiong them for votes. Chirstian Missionaries are busy targeting vulnerable section for covnersion . Such things change the demography Why not talk of these things ? Why 2002 Gujarat riots dominate while every body has forgotten the massacre of Sikhs in 1984 ? Before putting RSS under scanner, it will be very good if some people from US come and stay with RSS and study there activities. Probably it will go a long way in understanding it better. There are a lot more negative perceptions while the positives are totally ignored.

  30. Anil Capoor says

    How great life for creatures inhabiting the earth would be if one trult subscribed toa zero-deflection policy of live

  31. Rahul Sr says

    Muhuahuahuahuahawhaw! The problem is that America is not Secular in actual demographics unlike the image portrayed as a society that has relegated religion to the backseat.. The majority are religious evangelical and believe in creation by God rather than Evolution. Hence they gain clout to influence foreign policy and attempt to mess with other countries where the progress of proselytization is not as fast as they would want it to be.

  32. Vedprakash Sharma says

    USA – no one gives 2 hoots to you madaar chods! First try to fix your economy and then later worry about Sangh Parivar! This Bhadrakumar is a fuking moron and vomits his leftist hatred towards Hindus! Wow, now in the name of “protecting minority religious rights”, harass Hindu minority in USA and also the majority in India? We will counter the se christian thugs appropriately!

  33. Amrit Patil says

    Who is US to scan SANGH PARIWAR?

  34. Yugandhar CK says

    When the population is in Crores how come Christians become Minorities? Religious freedom does not mean marketing religion and convert people to other religion.

  35. Vinu says

    More Missionaries in India. :) That was expected from Congress Govt in India…

    In few years we will be like Pakistan (Controled and destroyed By US) ???

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