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Advani shouldn’t be in unseemly hurry

The BJP leader L.K.Advani is doing a great disservice to the national discourse on corruption by needlessly politicising it. Yesterday he wanted the government to quit and opt for mid-term parliamentary poll. It seems there have been so far no takers for this bizarre idea. No serious politician has so far echoed these suggestions by the veteran leader. He should pick up the signal. 

True, Advani may be factoring in that BJP would have nothing to lose and everything to gain by a mid-term poll. The next poll would also be in all probability Advani’s own last waltz in electoral politics. But patience is required. All in good time.The national discourse on corruption has touched a high water mark. A number of political parties have decided to carry the crusade against corruption by organising an all-India protest day tomorrow, August 23. This is the right agitational approach. The BJP should also focus on agitating on the core issue of corruption at this juncture rather than make it all appear to be an unseemly scramble for political power. It will be the height of political cynicism to turn Anna Hazare’s tidal wave on its head and make it a wooden staircase to climb back into the corridors of power. Hazare and his acolytes would also be doing the country a favour by making it clear that their movement is not about electoral politics of the kind Advani seems to have in mind. 

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  1. r sharda says

    Opposition has every right to seek government’s ouster. Democracy is basically political. What are political parties supposed to do? Help Congress and its minions to degrade people who fight corruption (Degrading opponents or people who demand basic integrity in system is not politics it seems). Keep quiet? If they join the movement you would say, dont politicize anti-corruption movement! You basically wish to support Congress but dont have guts to say openly in this strong anti-government season so you catch hold of frivolous subjects to give air to your vague ideas.

  2. arindam says

    I fully support any movement against corruption. But i have few questions

    1. But why the Jan LOkPal want corporate houses out of its purview. The corruption is result of the neo liberalization which helped these corporates and middle class immensely and made life hell for farmers and poor. ( how many farmers took their life)

    2. Why corrupt people like Sri Sri in the movement. He is a known land grabber. and close associate of Yeddi ( the most corrupt CM india ever produced)

    3. Why the NGOs are out of it.

    4. Why land reforms are not asked for

    5. Why Media is out of the Bill. The media is controlled by the corrupt corporate houses. Barka dutt et all.


  3. Ramaswamy says


  4. rajat kaushik says

    How about Vote of ‘No Confidence’ after tomo’s all-party protest ??

  5. Kapil Dev says

    He should also be given window to exhaust his frustration. Because he know his much sought aspiration on becoming primeminister is going to remain unfulfilled

  6. ashutosh gore says

    Well said. if anything the BJP needs to use this opprtunity to make their stand clear. also understand that if you can genuinely connect with the voters with such issues and give them a clear cut solution and time frame on how they will tackle each solution in a timeframe the way ANNA team has done they will have high chances of returning to power rather than displaying political opprtunism as people are far more enlightened and aware not to see htrough such tactics

  7. BINIJOY says

    Well punch… ! I must ask leniently to Mr. Advani, who will bear the expenses of mid term election, while inflation as well as grave issue of corruption is skyrocketing and on the other hand the socalled politician are creating chaos

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