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The roots of 9/11 attacks

Conspiracy theories inevitably follow cataclysmic events. The 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington were one such event. I was asked even two weeks back in a conversation at the airport lounge in Melbourne by an Australian banker whether I subscribed to any particular school of thought on 9/11. I said instinctively that I never did, as the roots of the 9/11 attacks are plain to see even today. They lie in the Middle East. Plainly put, they lie in the festering Palestinian problem.

The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy is approaching. Robert Fisk has done a fine piece of writing by taking us on a voyage through the corpus of literature on 9/11, including volumes of fiction and poetry. He asserts that the United States deliberately obfuscates the visible political reality, namely, that the unresolved Palestinian problem lies at the vortex of the Middle Eastern crisis. The US establishment has no choice but to obfuscate, as otherwise it becomes abundantly clear that the geopolitical interests of the US and Israel in that strategic region have ceased to coincide. Fisk is here.  

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  1. Raghu Alluri says

    Conspiracy Theory: If you don’t parrot the establishment’s views then you are a conspiracy theorist, right? By the same scale, if you do, then you are a Sycophant. If you go out of your way to keep parroting what every sane and brave scientist sees and has proven as a false-flag or a US government/Mossad orchestrated event as the truth, then you are being paid by the same bunch of warmongers who see no wrong in bestowing the peace prize upon a highly articulate and good looking war monger spokesperson in chief. Mr. Bhadrakumar I thought you are retired, atleast do some good now. Be brave and speak the Truth atleast now, or are you still being paid by those colonial masters. Palestine problem my foot… It’s US/Israel/NATO’s imperial hegemony and craze of conquest that is the cause and reason for every terror relate problem in this world. I can prove that 9/11 is a false-flag by Cheney and his bosses anytime as can about 20000 architects, engineers if the media let them do it.

  2. janadeshyepurpattan1 says

    The roots are even deeper. The problem is rooted in Crucifixion of Jesus. In the (hi)story that Jews killed Jesus. In the Christian’s distrust of a Jew. In the un-acceptibility of Jews to Christians. That’s why Jews were given a home away from and out of Europe. It is rooted in Mohammedan’s distrust and un-acceptibility of Christian and Jews both. That’s why Jews are unwelcome in the middle of Mohammedan enclave. It is a religious problem. It is rooted in Jews,Christians and Mohammedan’s distrust and un-acceptibility of Ancient Pagan religion; which Palestinians originally followed. It is rooted in Palestinians’ and Pagans’ distrust of Jews , because of the methods used by Jews to vanquish the original inhabitants of the land which was later named Israel. It is rooted in Misris’ and Pharaoh’s distrust of Jews. The whole problem lies the Holy Book.

  3. Paradox says

    Is it time for Israel to turn to the Russians for survival? History has proved their survival instincts.. Trying to understand the political equation between Israel and the Russians in the current scenario?


  4. Paradox says

    Very thought provoking.. Americans have manipulated everything under the sun, ever since they arrived during the second world war. They never had to worry about defending their borders and set out to make every country insecure from within.. They happily sold all the weapons you can think off.. dropped bombs all over the world.. but they were always safe.

    It took a 9/11 to give the american a taste insecurity from within and sadly that was followed by more bombs, deceit, shameful propoganda and what not. Europe took centuries to be humbled.. Thankfully we live in a fast paced world and wont have a long wait to see a humbled America. God/Yaweh/Allah is sick of America today.


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