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US reveals Indian military presence in Afghanistan

Amazingly, Pentagon sees nothing terribly new in the security cooperation envisaged in the Afghan-Indian strategic agreement signed in New Delhi last Wednesday during the visit by Hamid Karzai. In a media briefing, the Pentagon spokesman revealed — inadvertently, it seems — that there has been an Indian military training “presence” in Afghanistan “for quite some time” and “obviously, President Karzai finds that very helpful.” 

The spokesman justified Karzai’s decision to want to “continue” with the Indian training presence in Afghanistan, being the “elected leader of that sovereign nation.” He also remarked positively that the Indian military has been “helpful” in Afghanistan and that it is contributing to the success of the US strategy. 
The Indian military presence in Afghanistan has never been acknowledged by our government — although, there have been allegations by Pakistan to this effect. Arguably, the July 2008 attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul targeting the military attache assumes a new colouring now. 
Besides, an element of ambiguity is arising. The Pentagon spokesman seemed to imply that the Indian military mission has been a part of the US-led coalition when he said, “We for our part, the coalition part, the training mission is critical to the success of the strategy and we believe that it is being resourced appropriately from the alliance, NATO and other coalition partners of the United States. One of those regional partners of course is India.” 

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  1. Sridhar Seetharaman says

    The Idea of US seems to make Baluch Independent , Truncate Pakistan so that any future conflict in the Region between India Pakistan , then Pak will have no land to fall Upon. China as usual will be diplomatically handled by the South Block so that except for some NOISE there will be nothing from the Chinese side after all the Indian Reach though silent is long and the economic Pie India can offer is any day bigger than any Other Country in Asia.

  2. Nalin Kishore says

    India has been truly and nicely trapped into this quagmire, just like it was into Sri Lanka in 1987-1991. At that time the Indian Army was disgraced, defeated and thrown out unceremoniously from Sri Lanka. The logistic base remained in India due to close proximity. Extrication ( sorry, running away to save skin..) was not much of problem. In Afghanistan, India has only one route –over or through Pakistan !!!! for evacuating its forces back to India. Remember- both Af and Pak are HOSTILE to India and will make a mincemeat of Indian forces whenever they decide to withdraw. Once US forces start withdrawing, Indian forces will be sitting ducks, constantly under attack from ISI sponsored Taliban and LeT. With China now well entrenched in POK India is in a hopeless situation. Just watch- Kashmir will be severed from India, Indian forces in Afghanistan will be decimated ruthlessly and China will snatch Arunachal- all before 2020. The Congress will chant — “Humne Dekha Hai,Hum Dekh Rahe Hain, Hum Dekhte Rahenge” (…we have seen, we are seeing… we shall see… hmmmm..)

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