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Hazare’s writing on the Hissar wall

They may tweet, they may come up with lame excuses – ‘This was never a Congress constituency’; ‘This was sympathy factor at work’; ‘One Lok Sabha by-election result doesn’t mean anything’; ‘This was due to Congress in-fighting between the Hooda and anti-Hooda camps’, etc. But the Congress Party’s humiliating defeat in Hissar is indeed significant no matter the spin by the party spokesmen. More so, the extent of the massive defeat. 

The Congress candidate lost his deposit in a constituency where 6 assembly segments have sitting Congress MLAs. Pray, doesn’t that mean something? 
True, Hissar wasn’t a Congress seat. But then, what about the dramatic drop in the votes polled by the party’s candidate Jai Prakash? He polled over 2 lakhs votes in the 2009 elections and his share dropped to less than 1.5 lakhs in last week’s by-election. 
Anna Hazare’s movement has carried the fight on corruption to where it ultimately hurts – hitting a political party’s electoral chances. Nothing impacts the psyche of a political party than a battering at the polls. The Hazare challenge that Congress will be given a run for its money in UP if the anti-cprruption bill is not passed in the winter session of the parliament must be taken with dead seriousness by the party leadership. The time for quibbling is over - whether it is parliament that is supreme or the people, etc.  

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  1. crrptn says

    Anna is Seth Dhannas RSS bania’s agent so is Kejriwal!

  2. ravindra kp says

    The Cong for years have manipulated public opinion. The Gandhi family has absolute control over the cong and it has bred a colony of psychophants, who do their master’s bidding. There is no accountability to the people by the political class. Unless we the people start using the power of ballot intelligently, paties like cong and other family centered parties will keep lording over the masses.

  3. Jagdish Prasad Dubey says

    Dynasty at any cost days are over and sycophancy causes you to loose whatever you had earned over an illustrious life. I heard it at a moffusil town at the peak of Annas agitation- the crude war cry of the urban aam admi- joote maro saalon ko. Democracy is by the people, for the people and of the people- parliament is an institution created and maintained by the people so who is supreme. Days of once elected you are licensed to loot the country days are also over. You may mock Advaniji or try every thing to prevent the call from coming from every house top but you cannot stop the internet from slashing the names who have stashed away trillions in secret accounts in tax heavens- Wikileak is the real nemesis of all shady acts and deals. Once aam admi gets angry there is no place to hide.He is hurt and cheated and looted by the very people whom he elected. and there is no running away from him. He will deliver justice by his own hands..

  4. vilas tamhane says

    Jai Prakash polled votes lesser by 25 percent. There was definitely Anna effect but it is very difficult to analyze exact quantum. Any way, just a swing of 5 percent can make or break a political party. Even without Anna, Sonia’s people have worked very hard to discredit congress. Add to this Anna effect and it is anybody’s guess that the party will be completely washed out in the next general election.
    But this happened even after Jaiprakash Narayan’s movement. Congress lost but bounced back because, though congressmen are corrupt, rests are not only more corrupt but are clowns. This is the tragedy of our democracy.

  5. Nagraj Acharya says

    Anna Hazare can not say that do not vote a perticular party .He can say that select a right candidate to curb corruption.No human being is 100 percent reliable in this world.So the best thing can do is there are too many politicians corrupt find a deplomatic way to keep them away from Parliament.
    For Bhopal Tragedy victims didnot get their compensations yet because of what needless to say.
    Mangalore Air crash victms realtives got their compensation ?
    Arushi Hemraj murder case solved ? no
    Umesh reddy a serial killer hanged ? no feeding biriyani.
    This is because Indians are hanged in abroad.
    Our Govt.doesn’t have a minimum capacity to punish it is simply draging for years.

  6. suresh says

    it was already written on the WALL Everybody except CONGRESS missed or better OVERLOOKED it. LET us see what comes out from Digvijay Singh !!!!

  7. Mr Ekbote says

    That’s the First Blow to the “Gandhi” dynasty… its just the begining… a very soft one.. the real things are yet to come… wait and watch… people of Hindustan are not Fools… to be Fooled by the Italian always…
    abhay ekbote

  8. Makya says

    Good to see Corrupt Congress losing deposit. This is a charisma of our beloved Anna Hazare.

  9. deepak gupta says

    I love it.

  10. ravi iyer says


  11. ramesh jain says

    Dig will not dig at others with RSS card.

  12. kala prathap says

    Indian public is fed the way congress treated Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. Even Baba Ramdev’s assistant was charged for vaging a crusade against swiss bank account. So is this result. Congress mus be happy that they got 5 digit vote. Thank the dedicated congress voters left with them This is a lesson for congress for their arrogance the metted on Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare.

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