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Pakistan winds up its war on terror

The WaPo report that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence [ISI] chief Shuja Pasha actually was present at the meeting in August between US officials and Haqqani group’s representative Ibrahim Haqqani (half-brother of Jalaluddin) is shocking. It completely exposes the Barack Obama administration’s doublespeak on the Haqqanis. The WaPo says the White House has since “authorised more intensive reconciliation efforts” with the Haqqanis and other Afghan insurgent groups. 

That being the case, Pakistan has all but suspended even its limited military operations in Waziristan. Another excellent WaPo dispatch analyses the drift of the thinking in Pakistan. What is striking is that there is a complete civil-military consensus that homegrown insurgents are after all “disgruntled brethren” who are best reconciled through peace talks and deals. Obama can’t complain, can he? 
If India’s experience with Pakistan over the decades is anything to go by, ISI will be simply unbeatable when things narrow down to a sordid game of “Talk, talk; fight, fight”. Of course, the US is bound to give up at some point. The early signs are there already that Pakistan is turning the table around and beginning to allege that the US-led coalition forces on the Afghan-Pakistan border could be actually aiding and abetting cross-border terrorism directed against Pakistan! As they say, the pot calling the kettle black?   

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  1. Vijay Rajvaidya says

    US will do what is in its best interest. Currently, it is to stabilize Afghanistan by bringing together all stake holders and get American kids home. But the conglomeration of Islamists will most certainly be inimical to Indian interests. India cannot allow this to happen. What is interesting is how Mr. Bhadrakumar’s colleagues in MEA react to it. Historically they fold and retreat. Hopefully, that has changed. Otherwise, the way India was kept out of the last conference on Afghanistan in London will be repeated at grander scale. What are the options? Figuratively speaking, if Pakistan is allowed to develop its strategic depth in Afghanistan, India should work hard to confine it to that “depth”. Us can be told clearly that any solution to Afghanistan overlooking Indian sensitivities will have implication in Iran policy of India. US cannot expect India to help isolate Iran. India will also need to aggressively pursue missile defense and operationalize nuclear triad against Pakistan. Hope MEA can leverage India’s military strength.

  2. tick says

    there is a complete civil-military consensus that homegrown insurgents are after all “disgruntled brethren” who are best reconciled through peace talks and deals

    This consensus is welcome, for it can create better climate for the internal resolution of their inner turmoils. The point of interest to both NATO forces in Afghanistan and to India is the cross-border terrorism which it seems is being instigated by military authority. If this terror tap is closed permanently, there would be no basis for expressing concern with Pakistan.

    India has suffered for decades the low intensity warfare offensive. There may now be realistic capability available to subjugate the terror authority once and for all, if coordinated decisiveness is demonstrated by Indian decision makers. The surgical severance of their terror arm from formal military would make it more amenable to civilian legal control.

  3. Grizzly says

    US again making a grave mistake by relying on pppoooorrrkkkkiis.

    But the price will be paid by us all.

  4. Force Khukri says

    I like to add. To what end Pakistan can go antagonizing the americans ? Maybe this is another grand smoke screen create by joint cooking of Af-Pak Broth. All that kept aside. Pakistan knows ery well that all its ISI and expert abilities to jump sides or mastery in game of survival will come to no avail once US starts strengthening India.

    Pakistan won’t collapse because India tries to instigate the trouble. India has only so much leverage in muslim world. What can break Pakistan is its jealousy and the margin of difference. Until now pakistanis fervently compare from Big guns to a safety pin between the two countries. All americans need to do is supply small titbits to a very potent Indian indigenous programme. That would be sufficient to even surpass China in 10 years.

    Its all in the hands of the Big Brother. Well, US still has maximum number of innovations despite reverse brain drain right ? …. The point is – diplomacy and politics can only take us that far. A nation needs internal synergy to be able to twist arms of others. That comes with innovations and technology. No other way in or out – JUST ONE STRIAGHT PATH. Indians should never lose sight of it.

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