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India should speak out on Iran sanctions

Why is India going so wobbly in the legs when it comes to Iran? Such timid behaviour doesn’t behove an emerging power. Say something, please. Why can’t MEA direct either its spokesman in Delhi – or, at the very least, through its competent reps in the UN in New York – to sit up straight with a ramrod back and say, ‘No, we don’t accept these latest American sanctions.” Just 8 little words would do – actually, 4 less than a dozen. 

They said those words in the chancellery in Moscow and in Beijing without hesitationThere can be no two opinions that the recent IAEA (which is a UN body) report to rake up the Iran nuclear issue has no real basis. Read the fascinating interview by Hans Blix on the subject. Now, Blix is an international authroity on the subject. Clearly, the US move to rustle up the IAEA report is rooted in geopolitics. 

The developments in the Middle East increasingly fall into a pattern at a time when the locus of the world economic processes is inexorably shifting to the Asia-Pacific region, which comprises powerful centres of growth such as Russia, China and India. 
The robust attempts by the West to reestablish its hegemony in the oil-rich Middle East in newer forms, which are evident in the reckless, provocative actions over Syria and Iran constitute the West’s pre-emptive response to the rise of Asia. The US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta had a Freudian slip when he recently clubbed India and China together as a “emerging threats” to the US’s global dominance. 
In sum, India should know where it belongs.  Delhi cannot be passive bystander vis-a-vis these developments. India should at least make its voice heard, even if Washington disregards it. India’s influence in the UN is at an unprecedented level under the present dispensation and it seems it is today far more influential as a UN member country than even rising China, ie., if latest reports are any reliable indication. All the more reason why India should become the ‘voice of Asia’ on the Iran sanctions issue. 

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  1. Ibne Ashfaque says

    The Indian elite have tied the destiny of more than a billion Indians with the neo-colonialists who are in the process of trampling all human rights in Europe and USA under the cover of a mafia style financial coup there, they have ravaged Libya and are committing war crimes in a number of countries. The Indian press has also sold its soul to them, its a few honest blokes like Bhadrakumar who are speaking out but ordinary Indians do not seem to undertsand what they are getting into.

  2. Sharique sami says

    For our energy security iran is necessiary.

  3. Mahesh says

    1. We should stop being in cold war era and adapt to new realities.
    2. We should stop ‘automatically’ opposing US policies and supporting authoritarian regimes.
    3. We should not try to bite more than what we can chew. We are emerging but not a big power like China. Opposing West to show our power would end up as a disaster for us.

  4. ashish gupta says

    why should india opposes these sanctions. How Iran is going to be helpful foe india?
    just to oppose anything against america or just because moscow or bejeing is doing , should we follow it. Our foreign policy should be decided on the basis of india whether its pro or anti american.
    What ever the reasons for americas war in afganistan, it helps releiving the pressure on kashmir and hepls india tremendously curving insurgenies. Iran never supported India on kashmir, it never excepetd indians proposal for pipeline taking pakistans gurantee.
    Rather india is expanding buisness with myanmaar despite EU or americas oposition.
    every country does that. Just to satisfy our muslim population india should not support iran.
    Nuclear Iran is and never will be beneficall for india.

  5. Shah Mohd Shahid says

    The righter remarks absolutely correct. india should say a few word regarding the Iran matter to make their presence in the world

  6. RIZVI says

    India should stand with Iran

  7. Subbaiah Biddanda says

    Well written. I agree….

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