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Pakistan-US ties nosediving

So, has the final countdown begun in the US-Pakistan strategic partnership? The NATO has virtually admitted that its aircraft attacked a Pakistani border post Salala near Baizai town in Mohmmand Agency of FATA. Pakistan says in the overnight attacks, NATO killed 26 troops. COAS Ashfaq Kayani has strongly codemned the NATO strike. Pak FO called in the US ambassador to lodge strong protest. 

Kayani’s statement virtually threatens Pak retaliation – “effective response”. In an initial step, Pakistan has called off all transit facilities for NATO supply convoys. More measures are certain to follow. The civilian leadership has swiftly closed ranks with Kayani. Pakistan will carefully explore its range of options. Caving into the US pressure will be virtually impossible since troops have been killed and the nation is infuriated. 
It is difficult to accept NATO made a tactical mistake on such a sensitive front. And if it acted with deliberation, as it appears from all indications, then the US is likely to be behind the decision to provoke Pakistan. The timing is curious. Barack Obama may like to sort out the Pakistan problem well ahead of his election campaign peaking by mid-2012. Hillary Clinton had warned explicitly that Pakistan was left with “days, weeks” to fall in line with the US demands. 
The frustration is high in Washington that Pakistan is not bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table. The much-touted Bonn Conference II on December 2 is now a non-starter. The peace process is at a dead end and Obama’s AfPak strategy is in shambles. The war is in stalemate. 
This could well prove to be a turning point in the Pak-US ties. Imran Khan has demanded that Pakistan pulls out of the Afghan war altogether. The US-Pak communication channels are also clogged with the removal of Hussain Haqqani as the ambassador in Washington. The ‘anti-US’ sentiments in Pakistan are cascading and there will be demand for a resolute Pakistani response .  

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  1. tick says

    And if it acted with deliberation, as it appears from all indications, then the US is likely to be behind the decision to provoke Pakistan.

    If the 26/11 strike at two different location if really was thought out then the choice of date also may not be a coincidence.

    The review of long standing policies by Pakistan at this crucial juncture provides an opportunity for them to review their threat perceptions of India and continuation of the low intensity warfare. Exit from NATO partnership can come about only if threat perception from India is revised by them. An opportunity could then arise even for bilateral dialogue to take a common policy stand on foreign forces near abroad.

    This strike came with the background of a decision to invite FDI in retail, which if implemented in present format shall not only deeply divide Indian polity very deeply, but enable US business lobbies to play blatant partisan role in favor of ruling Congress party.

    May be better sense shall prevail and Central govt shall take sensible steps to defer FDI until the investment policy rises above such controversies and a reasonably broad consensus can be obtained with all except may be ideological die-hards. Else, the FDI issue reduces the ability to either obtain consensus for coordinated moves with US for terror infrastructure attenuation or towards regional assertion.

    The situation remains quite fluid and it is difficult to asses in which direction the events could turn, Indo-US versus Sino-Pak or Indo-Pak for regional assertion. A premise which does not accept possibility of Sino-US strategic coordination for mutual gain in the event of Indo-Pak assertion would be very risky.

  2. just leaveat says

    can Pakistan be the new Iraq?

  3. kannan rangaswami says

    Pakistan is unable to cope up realities and counter pulls. Ultimately all countries are losers.

  4. mohammad allam says

    Pakistan will not go for war with USA but will allow Taliban to attack in Afghanistan while Pakistan will stop all supply-line to NATO and USA in America.Other hand America is taking Afghanistan-Pakistan relation lightly on people basis.The people to people contact is so strong that no government in Afghanistan and Pakistan go against this.
    Other hand Pakistan knows that the so called terrorists are his strategic military assets that will work in the time of war.They know that America will attack Pakistan early or late.The only difference is that America wants that Pakistan Army end the terrorist/Jihadists.So,the work of America would little one.While Pakistan knows that once it will start war against terrorist , Pakistan will be under attack of both .And that will be difficult to handle.
    USA and NATO cannot attack Pakistan as NATO has strong military presence of Turkey which is pro-Pakistan.And if did so then both of will be meet the same fate what Indian Army has done with Pakistan in Dhaka.


    This had to happen some day and this is the time for US to stop playing double games and call a spade a spade. US should have learned its lessons by now that where radical Islam is concerned it is clear to see that eventually it bites the hand that it feeds from.

  6. Kiran Kumar Vootori says

    What happened to all the billions of Dollars that were transferred from US to Pak?

  7. Manoj Naduvakkat says

    India should look this situation serously,Pak will now move closer to China and America will try to be more closer to India,India should never let the Americans to sit on the drivers seat as what will follow will be PAK’s todays fate.

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