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Hu Jintao’s secret plan for India

While Indians went about pursuing their hard life, they failed to take note that as the curtain comes down on 2011, India has begun overtaking China. It is a decisive leap over China, too. Of course, the info needed to be provided to us by the Americans who seem to know us better than we ourselves do, what we are capable of, despite the pervasive gloom and pessimism about the way things are going in our country.

The Foreign Policy Magazine complied a list of 10 world events which escaped humanity’s attention in the hurlyburly of life through 2001. Topping the list is – hold your breath – SHINING INDIA. Yes, India’s remarkable progress in the past one year in overtaking China in militarization. Not only China, but we have overtaken the rest of the world too in securing the covetable rank as the “world’s largest weapon importer”, accounting for 9 percent of the entire world’s transactions! Bravo! 
The performance over the Indian Navy stands out as stupendous. The FP says: “India is focusing on sea power, a crucial new area of competition [with China]. The country is planning to spend almost $45 billion over the next 20 years on 103 new warships, including destroyers and nuclear submarines. By comparison, China’s investment over the same period is projected to be around $25 billion for 135 vessels.” But then, this is not surprising. After all, China is a mere Far Eastern sub-regional power bogged down in debilitating squabbles in the South China Sea, whereas, we have the immense responsibility to secure the entire waters of the Indian Ocean and western Pacific all the way from the Gulf of Oman to Vladivostock. 
A passing thought crosses my mind. If we have such fantastic native middle class resources to give China a run for their yuan, why don’t we take on that communist country across the board and just overtake them everywhere? Say, for instance, in poverty alleviation so that we all become ‘middle class’. China just announced that it is upping by over 80 percent its ‘BPL‘ (that’s how we simplified it in Kerala’s local idiom – ‘Below Poverty Line’) index. 
China, it seems, will now onward consider all those below 2300 yuan ($362) annually as poor people. Why don’t we also up the BPL index by 81 percent (one percent over China’s) in India? Why don’t we also declare all those Indians as ‘unlucky BPL guys’ who presently don’t have an income of $363 annually? 
China’s president Hu Jintao has announced 2020 as the cut-off year when all Chinese peoples will be living in a “comprehensively well-off society”. No more BPL for China by 2020. In that case, shouldn’t we work for abolishing BPL in India at least by 2019 – just 12 months ahead of China? 
The spirit of ‘competition-cum-cooperation’ with China shouldn’t be selective – or left only to our ‘China hands’ to determine. PM Manmohan Singh once wanted to make Mumbai look like Shanghai. But this is where the real competition lies – poverty alleviation, so that 500 million Indians do not go to sleep on an empty stomach. Maybe, PM should put our able ‘China hands’ on the job to analyze what is on Hu’s mind, what is Hu’s secret success story. The FP story is here

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  1. Mathew KMathai says

    War is not the criteria.
    Any time in history, the might and deterrent is the only escape for hnourable/respected survival in international politics. If you are without defence any one like a jackal will rule over you, forget about China or Pakistan.
    Now at tthis juncture, all are safe because the American Public/ Janata are not jealous or crook like their MNC Business corporators and their cronies all over thee world. Once America is not in the picture all the hooligans from Europe or Middle East or the Asians will take the thrill to fight a chaance.
    This is a reality my friends of peace.

  2. rockytorque says

    sir we are heading economically for some serious troubles.fdi in retail is supposed to be our saviour bringing in some critically needed dollars but economic downturn seems inevitable.we may even end up being thrown out of brics.

  3. Himanshu Joshi says

    India tops the list of the nations for arm imports and militarization. This is not at all a good news. The money spent in arms import could have been utilized into other high priorities areas like education and health. Moreover, it exposes our R

  4. Fintian says

    Maybe China has achieved indigenization in its capability to build its own arms, and India continues to import thereby giving away a bulk of its GDP to foreign countries. I know native Chinese people who come to India, they say we are at least 20 years behind China in visible development. Our railways take pride in building a double decker AC train while China has started exporting bullet trains.

  5. jerin jacob says

    I feel “world’s largest weapon importer” is some kind of misleading info.

    With whatever limited knowledge i have,China is still much more advanced than India with regards to military modernization and border infrastructure. China not being the worlds largest weapon importer does not mean that they dont have weapons which India is importing. They have their own home made Weapons which sadly India lacks.

    So i feel rather than concentrating on Imports India should spent more money on Internal R

  6. Force Kirpan says

    Sir. I have foundyour latest blogs particularly harsh on the indian policies and planners. i hope they were not driven by political affiliations. But as a matter of fact, if India wants to compete with china what is wrong ? ….at least India never left its morals to air and indulged in unethical competition. Apart from that, china is way more powerful than India. If by 2050 we will overtake their population and our country is geographically comparable to china, then we should have equal arms and weaponary as they do. right ? …then how can we bridge that gap ?

    If suppose we don’t buy all those weapons. feed our hungry and invest in infrastructure development. Will china give us a gaurantee or UN or world powers give us a gaurantee that china will not attempt any adventure in himalayas ? …they already to on minor scal almost regularly.

    We have to see, if china doesn’t care about india as a competition, then what is all this bonhomie with pakistan, projects in PoK and building ports in srilanka or naval bases near indian waters ? ….and if we see a commercial and strategic interest in south china sea, all hell breaks loose…. or maybe we should sit quiet and wait for china to throw us some bread crumbss.

    And I simply don’t like media writing so much about china everyday. they may be second largest economy, but in our day to day problems they don’t figure even under a microscope. Ignore china.


    Whatever Americans know about us, they keep talking and writing about it . Of course, we know fully well about our capabilities and that is the precise reason why we do not keep talking or writing about it, because really there is nothing to write or talk about. Let not what Americans talk and write about us lead us the golden path. We should know the realities ; we should know our strength vis-a-vis China and lean to work quietly to bridge monumental three decades of gap that exist between us and China

  8. diptendra mitra says

    China is secretly helping the arms exporting countries to sale their products to India.

  9. vijay handa says

    To compare any country now in terms of military power is the most retarded comparison. War is an impossibility now…. when are we going to wake up to this fact?

    Countries who are spending money on militarization are spending their money unnecessarily and should not be allowed to do so…. The same money can be utilized in many other ways….

    India should open the borders… there is nobody to win and nobody to loose to!!!

  10. Neeraj Shrivastava says

    well said. But I don’t expect anything from our PM or Govt., they are incapable of taking such bold steps.

  11. Vijay Shivdasani says

    Not sure this story merits attention! It is Incredible not Shining!

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