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Hazare magic works, and is for all time!

The picture on the lead story in the morning papers with Anna Hazare flanked by CPI leader A.B.Bardhan, CPM leader Brinda Karat and BJP leader Arun Jaitley has made my day. It speaks volumes of the dramatic swing in the mood of the nation during the past several months. 

The Hazare magic worked again yesterday in Delhi, and it is appropriate that he is getting the political support. Credit also goes to Hazare that he crossed the Rubicon instead of branding all politicians with the same brush. It’s been a leap of faith for both sides, and the nation is the gainer for it. 
A near-total proximity of views has emerged between Hazare and the opposition parties. What I liked best were the two thoughts in particular, which were almost unanimously expressed at the Jantar Mantar debate
One, Prime MInister’s Office [PMO] should be brought within the purview of the Lokpal, because, as Comrade Bardhan put it – and only he could have said it with the full moral authority and insight and far-sightedness as one of the country’s most experienced political leaders today – PMO has become the “clearing house” of several decisions that subsequently turned out to be scams. 
The second issue is about keeping the Central Bureau of Investigation, the country’s main investigative agency, outside the control of the government. The erosion that this institution has suffered because of political interference from incumbent governments is a key factor in the cascading corruption that we see today. 
What a legacy for prime minister Manmohan Singh! With the economy in doldrums and the country in drift, his historical legacy is going to be that he presided over the most corrupt government in independent India’s history. What comes to mind is Enoch Powell’s quote (although I detest his politics): “All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human lives.” 
MS should have quit instead of organising the cattle show in July 2008 simply for ramming down the throat of the opposition his pet project, the US-India nuclear deal. To my mind, that was when he first fumbled – and exposed himself, except that he probably didn’t realise it himself. Oh, what a fall! 

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  1. rockytorque says

    biggest threat appears to be rise of politicians who are also entrepreneurs as this will lead to a spreading of rot in corporate sector also.strong lokpal if passed will have consequences beyond the failures of present govt.

  2. sudhakar sk says

    There is logic to this so called writers “magic”.

    It is RSS money and oppositions frustration is getting them together with:
    “my enimy is your animy” fundamentals of RSS\BJP and SanghParivar. There were no worth mentioning name of opposition except the worn out oldies and the exception is laud-mouthed Arun Jaitely.

    Otherwise it is pharse that Mama -nee-anna Hazare is doing in his last moments of fake “hunger strike” in the name of humbug word “corruption”;while he whole-heartdely supporting the morst corrupt and cheaters.

  3. Solomon Ebenezer Samuel says

    Indians are ready to follow anyone who is a populist. No matter if he is an illiterate truck driver. We cant think of a mistake in ourselves, but are ever ready to point out the blame in and to others. First, the people who are feeding corruption should stop. The people who are feeding corruption is the same morons who take part in all this populist sagas.

  4. Kashinath Gowlikar says

    There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Let us hope for the best.

  5. wizardo id says

    annaji has brought a fresh hope in these difficult times. as a society we have much to reflect. its sad to see congress resorting to cheap trickery than accepting the clarion call of the country to look inwards and correct ourselves. congress alone is not responsible, its us – as a society who needs to change. what’s really sad is that congress is looking for petty gains and myopic view of being in the chair for another 5 years at a time. history will not be kind to such people

  6. megodsave says

    support anna or ruin your childrens future. choice is yours!!!

  7. Shyam Galgali says

    Among all speakers I agree with Brinda Karat’s speech in which she made a point to bring in the corporate world into the ambit of Lokpal. Yes it is 100% required otherwise the corporate world will go on fooling the public and siphoning off the funds under one pretext or the otehr and blame the government. As a result of irresponsible and unaccountable activities of corporate world the circumstances are created whereby commonman finds himself in a piquant situation to meet two ends. For e.g. pharma industry – the medicine prices are increasing qutie often whereas the power of tablet gets reduced to 1/4th thereby pharma industry earns huge profits. If corporate world is brought under LJP all schemes will be thoroughly debated before effecting such merger. No doubt the companies do approach court and get the merger scheme approved but in practical something else takes place and the object stated in the scheme is never achieved. It had happened, is happening and will happen if there is no proper check… kyon ki… MERA BHARAT MAHAN

  8. bihari babu says

    Indians have habit of blaming and find fault in something else. it give them pleasure. miserbale ego get to feel better. and we end up spreading negativism and darkness all over that perpetuates.
    We need to be positive:
    Truth is India has come long way. Starting from almost nothing. we have created so many jobs and income for people. built many road, housing, institute. we have to keep doing it. there is no magic button. MMS or advaaani cant just press the button when most of indian have attitude of leziness and shortcut.
    it will take time. but with focus and persistant, yes definetly indian will live much better life. look at the bright side that motivates you to action.

  9. divine says

    Yes. Indeed Annaji has yet again proved his true power and its quite amusing to see majority of opposition parties sitting by his side during his one day fast and extending their solidarity for a Strong Jan Lokpal Bill as envisaged by Annaji. As Bardan has said, Annaji should not be stubborn on few issues which if not included now, can definitely be included latter. But the entire government staff, PMO and its office has to come under Lokpal and the CBI should be an independent monitoring agencies also coming under Lokpal.

    The writing is on the wall for Congress. I am sure, this will be the last chance for them to rule, sorry ruin the country.

    Balasubramanian, bangalore

  10. says

    Support anna hazare or suffer gulami for another 60 yrs under congress and its supporting forces . Stand up for another revolution to clean the political mess created by
    capitalistic and non working class forces. Show zero tolerance to corruption and false promisses of congess which is guaging the public mood and trying to hold the corrupt system to its own benefits and corporates ,s benefits who are funding them in eletions.

  11. ankur thatte says

    Even if MS wanted to quit at that time, Sonia might have not allowed him to do so. Because MS is the best puppy pet Kongrez ever got after independence. Sonia wants to a pet till Rahulbaba becomes fit to swallow India.

  12. subhash bhatnagar says

    Yes it is fall , however history is yet to analyse the present political situation of coalation compulsions,intra part democracy ( Example :- How the decission in congress party is taken )and putting an non political person at the helm of affairs ( MMS ) and how not to encash the good work done by govt ,Not changing with the time and following same old way of working, ignoring the youth`s power ( handling of anna`s agitation )though Parnab Mukherjee was seen sweering about FUNCTIONAL DEMOCRACY during the debate on anna`s fast but where is the functional democracy the standing committee report is live example. etc etc.

  13. Udai KS says

    I believe it should be Central Bureau of Investigation and not criminal B…

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