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A creative week of statesmanship

The India-Russia annual summit in Moscow has lived up to the tradition of actual ‘working summits’. History is repeating: When the two leaderships get together, things begin working out far beyond the parameters negotiated by bureaucrats. 

The relationship was meandering and edging dangerously close to an arid patch, which of course would have very serious negative impact on India’s long-term interests in the current complex and formative regional and international environment. 
The dangerous slide has been not only arrested but reversed significantly. In a highly meaningful move, PM Manmohan Singh conveyed his best wishes to Vladimir Putin for the success of his campaign in the presidential election in Russia on March 4. 
Like for China, India too has a great friend in Putin. 
The outcome of the summit has 3 core achievements. One, the two leaderships have decided to sequester the India-Russia nuclear cooperation from the bad weather affecting the US-India track. Two, emanating from this basic differentiation, the road blocks can be cleared for proceeding with Koodankulam 3 and 4 nuclear reactors. 
Three, defence cooperation has been given a fillip both in terms of a big transaction over the Sukhoi aircraft as also in the highly strategic sphere of India opting for Russia’s Glonass system of constellation of satellites in preference to the so-called GPS system controlled by the West. 
PM Manmohan Singh negotiated the package keeping in mind the imperatives of a robust and dynamic India-Russia “special and privileged strategic partnership” in the difficult world situation. The summit in Moscow and his thoughtful intervention in the parliament regarding India’s relations with China (just ahead of the Moscow visit) together make a creative week of statesmanship. 

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  1. naraenganapathy says

    Russia is any day better friend than scheming deceptive conning war mongers US…

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