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Imran Khan’s great leap forward

The reports coming in speak of a tsunami of popular enthusiasm for Imran Khan in Karachi. Over 2 lakh people turning up for his rally in Karachi. That is a major event. The PPP and ANP would feel insecure. No way can such a gigantic spectacle be choreographed. Clearly, the Pakistani people would like to look beyond the established parties.

Equally, the decision by the PML(N) stalwart Javed Hashmi to cross over to IK dispels the vilification campaign that the latter is a creation of the military. JH’s democratic credentials are impeccable and few can match them in Pakistani politics.
However, the best thing to happen would be if the present government completes its term and elections are held thereafter. That’s how things happen in India — no matter the present government’s drift and the question marks appearing about its residual mandate to rule till the next parliamentary elections become due in 2013. 

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  1. R S Chakravarti says

    Our most important concern is that they stop terrorism. Everything else is obviously secondary for us. It is not clear what will be the impact of democracy in Pakistan on terror. Some time ago, an article in an Indian newspaper claimed that Imran’s face showed glee when he was informed about 26-11! Let us hope for the best.

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