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American Islam on march in Middle East

The Qatari prime minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jasem Al Thani is personally leading the charge of the light brigade at Turtle Bay later today, with the Arab League transferring the flag to the United States and its western allies to wage the diplomatic campaign for getting a United Nations mandate for outside intervention in Syria

A battle royal is about to commence at the UN Security Council later in the evening, which would have all the trappings of a cold war. 
Ironically, just before the curtain lifts in the UN Security Council, some fascinating news has begun trickling in from the Libyan deserts. Libya is splitting. The pro-Muammar Gaddafi Warfallah tribe, the domiant tribe in Bali Walid and the most populous in Libya, drove out a pro-government militia (trained and equipped and finaced by Qatar and its western mentors) this week, has formed a tribal-based government and Tripoli has “recognised” it. This is apart from the trouble brewing in eastern Benghazi and elsewhere, as dissatisfaction erupts over the puppet government in Tripoli installed by Qatar and the US-led western powers. 
But Sheikh Hamad has no time left for Libya anymore as he did his two bits there already, and he has been told to move on by his western mentors, now that the action turns to Syria. The show is over in Libya as long as western control has been established over the country’s great oil fields. Hamad has been told that the rest of the Libyan deserts could go to dogs. So, Hamad is done with Libya. He removes his blood-stained overcoat and puts on a sparkling white apparel as he emplanes for New York on Saturday.  
Isn’t it targic that Hamad and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in tow have arrogated to themselves the role of the flag carriers of democracy in the Muslim Middle East? The tragedy of the Muslims of the Middle East is actually their own petty autocrats who are shivering with fear within their petticoats about their own political survival if an avalanche of genuine reform overwhelms their lands. So, Hamad and Abdullah will do all that they can, no matter what it takes, to perpetuate the western dominance — political, military, economic and cultural — of the region. 
The diplomatic battle that is commencing in New York later today is of historic importance. Russia and China are coming under immense pressure as they are standing bang in the way of an overt western military intervention in Syria. If the push comes to a shove, will they use their veto to deny a UN mandate for the western intervention? That’s the big question. We may know the answer in a few days. 
Quintessentially, the covert western-Turkish-Arab intervention in Syria so far needs to be legitimised and carried to its logical conclusion.
Why should Muslims blame America for all their woes? They have only themselves to blame for allowing the likes of Hamad and Abdullah to represent their voice. 
What is the US’s game plan? Russia Today featured a brilliant analysis of the ABC of the so-called “Arab Spring”, explained succinctly by the British author and Arabist, John Bradley. In sum, the upheaval in the Muslim Middle East and the Shi’ite Sunni divide that has been triggered artificially is lending itself to creating the political environment for the planting of the germane seeds of “American Islam” in the Middle East. 
The grand design is to perpetuate the western hegemony over the Muslim Middle East for yet another century under new local political dispensations. Autocrats like Hamad and Abdullah hope to survive in the bargain as the west’s sidekicks. Whether their fervent hopes of survival prove realistic or not, time will tell. My hunch is that as dregs on a plate, they will also be washed away once the west finesses the forces of American Islam in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 
This is not about a Muslim or Arab renaissance in the Muslim Middle East. This is not about democracy in Muslim societies. This upheaval known as the Arab Spring is not even indigenous. It’s a Caesarian operation conducted with clinical perfection by the west on the Muslim lands. The result will be that the Koran that the Muslims of the Middle East may end up reading through the coming decades will be printed in the west, financed by Hamad and Abdullah. 
The Muslim world indeed deserves far better than this disgusting spectacle. A variant of the tragedy is appearing in the eastern edges of the Greater Middle East also — in Afghanistan. Qatar has been brought in by Washington for a repeat performance in the Hindu Kush. Taliban will be the rulers in Kabul except that they will be rehashed as islamists — after jettisoning their archaic form of traditional Islam and once they begin to practise “American Islam”. 
Ambassador Ryan Crocker is right. This is not about breaking up Afghanistan, it is about “Islmaizing” Afghanistan. In fact, Afghanistan’s unity becomes terribly important for the US geostrategy. Afghanistan should remain in its present form as a single geopolitical entity on the Central Asian chessboard with the ideological underpinnings of an islamic democracy or else the great game runs into cul-de-sac. 
Because, once the transformation of the Taliban is complete under the Qatari and American supervision,  Taliban will be the avant-guarde of change in the Central Asian steppes to the north and the other outlying Muslim regions of Pakistan (and of the Kashmir regions of India where “American Islam” is straining to find expression). 
And if that happens, something like half of China’s vast territorial spaces inhabited by non-Han peoples (much of it Muslims) and Russia’s “soft underbelly” become ripe for change. And Pakistan and India say goodbye to their nascent hopes for retaining their strategic autonomy as independent states. Alas, Hamad and Abudllah have their counterparts among the Pakistani and Indian elites as well. 
Paradoxically, therefore, what the US and its allies expect Russia and China (and India and Pakistan) to do in the Security Council is to remain passive onlookers of an enterprise that ultimately can turn out to be their own nemesis — implanting Islamism under American control as the life force in their body-polities. 
The grand design of the US is to get deeply embedded in the Greater Middle East in anticipation of a century through which Asia threatens to interrupt the west’s 500-year old exclusive global dominance. The west won’t give up its hegemony without a struggle. Controlling the Middle East is the key to the US global strategy. 
Without a weakening of Russia and China and India and Pakistan by exploiting their mutual contradictions (and smashing up the defiant Iranian regime which espouses justice and resistance), this march of history under Asian leadership can’t be arrested. Moscow is dead right, Syria is not a matter for Russia alone when the UN Security Council sits down today to debate a resolution paving the way for western intervention for the overthrow of the regime in Damascus. This matter is also for China — and for BRICS and Pakistan.

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  1. Bala krishna says

    As long as the lobbyist is in operation in framing the legislation or Sanctions over the weak nations
    by the UN Garb by American Muslim or the Christian is not matter much for the political administration unless the Functioning is Democratized in the UN or the alternative body is formed by Russia ,China, India and Japan with the EU there is no hope of Humanitarian development on this planet Earth On the principles of Higher Law’s.

  2. jason ho says

    have been waiting for this. Finally an essay by my respected ex-diplomat and writer on a topic which was the exclusive obsession of those so called conspiracy-theorists since the break out of United states’ Afghan War, the 911 inside job on the twin towers of New York, the Iraqi War I and II, and the tragic-comedy we call “Arab Spring”. People less respectable as writers and with even fewer credentials have been linking up the dots for many decades already. And they have seen the future and knew it was “working”, in other words it has been a work-in-progress for quite a while now. Of course, besides these amateurs, people in the know knew this too. Only they can’t go public about it.

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