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Beginning of endgame in Kudankulam

The Tamil Nadu Chief minister Jayalalithaa has taken a decisive step toward breaking the impasse over the commissioning of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant built by Russian companies. Her choice of former Atomic Eneergy Commission chairman M R Srinivasan to head the expert committee underscores her intention to proceed with the nuclear power plant. She knows of course that MRS is an unapologetic advocate of nuclear power. 

The agitators have taken exception to MRS’s appointment and are demanding that Jayalalithaa should backtrack on her choice of MRS. But such backtracking is alien to her style of governance. The agitators are increasingly finding themselves on a weak wicket. They are also on unfriendly terms with the DMK leader K Karunanidhi. The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy S P Udayakumar overplayed his hand. 
Has the endgame begun, finally? It seems so. Jayalaithaa has decded that enough is enough and Tamil Nadu badly needs all the electricity that Kudankulam can supply. She has once again displayed her stature as a national figure capable of taking strong decisions. In fact, she is redeeming prime minister Manmohan Singh’s pledge to the Russian leadership almost 2 months ago. The commissioning of Kudankulam 1 and 2 paves the way for the next stages of power plants with Russian participation.
Manmohan Singh will be heaving a sigh of relief. Interestingly, Congress, which is an ally of the main opposition party DMK, has thrown its weight behind Jayalalithaa over the Kudankulam issue. TNCC President B S Gnanadesikan put DMK on a spot by calling for all-party unity to speed up the commissioning of Kudankulam. On the chessboard of national politics, the contrast couldn’t be sharper: cordiality is appearing in Tamil Nadu between two adversaries, while acrimony is growing between two allies in West Bengal. 

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  1. Prakash Chandrasekaran says

    Its not good sign for the people in Koodankulam…looks like we are going to get the benefit at the expense of Koodankulam people’s health and safety.
    If Nuclear power plant is safetly…can some one give the statistics, that how many higher officials (Decision makers) live in that region along with thier family and kids…

    Few questoins to understand
    Why this short minded government/scientists are not thinking of harmless energy sources (wind, Solar, Hydro etc…).

    If Nuclear power is the best source of electricity, then why major developed countries are not using it extensively

    Since becuase the Government has invested huge money here(not sure, how much have went on to thier pocktes), why shud the people suffer

  2. Prakash Chandrasekaran says

    Its not good sign for the people in Koodankulam…looks like we are going to get the benefit at the expense of Koodankulam people’s health and safety.
    If Nuclear power plant is safetly…can some one give the statistics, that how many higher officials (Decision makers) live in that region along with thier family and kids…

    Few questoins to understand
    Why this short minded government/scientists are not thinking of harmless energy sources (wind, Solar, Hydro etc…).

    If Nuclear power is the best source of electricity, then why major developed countries are not using it extensively

    Since becuase the Government has invested huge money here(not sure, how much have went on to thier pocktes), why shud the people suffer

  3. Surendra Tiwari says

    Kudankulam nuclear power reactors are badly needed in interest of our country. Few persons / agents of foreign agents and politically effected people are opposing it with greand foreign aid

  4. sridharan r says

    If at all there is risk in the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant, the worst affected first would be those scientists, technicians and others working at the site and next only the neighbourhood. When people working in the Plant are sure of the safety measures and reconfirmed by eminent scientists, there is no need for any agitation to close down the plant. The agitators should withdraw from the scene and let the plant commence operations for the larger interest of the State and the nation. They have made their point and hence should leave it at that. If the agitation enters the territory of lawlessness and one upmanship, Govt. should and will have to step in to stem the rot.

  5. Vivek Dev says

    Close down all nuclear plants. Nuclear energy will only make up 20 per cent of electricity generation, no country relies entirely on nuclear energy. The risks inherent in nuclear energy are not worth it. And let us not take the scientists at their word. Last year two highly qualified Delhi university professors junked a live source as it it were normal raddi, which led to the death of a person and burns to several others.

  6. asokan a says

    Whether Jayalalitha is consulting all her decisions with her detractors. She is unflexible but at the same time because of one bye election the decisions are put in animated suspension.On central govts projects she took one decision and on her projects she never allows anybody to interfere. Nice Federalism characters.

  7. Rajesh says

    From the recent statement by Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, its clear the Central Goverment is wantedly restricting power to force the Tamil Nadu people to accept their decision, this is the most undemocratic way of handling things.

    The power generated in Neyveli, Kalppakam for a tune of 35% is being supplied to Kerala and other states and there is no shortage of power in other states except Tamil Nadu which is getting least. This would be the state even in case of Kudankullam, so why open Kudankulam.

    The Central Govt., is also blocking Tamil Nadu govt., from getting excess power from other states such as Gujarat. This is evident and makes their intentions clear, to coerces and force the peoples will.

  8. varadan vs says

    VARADARAJAN IYER – It is impertinant to stress here about the need of the electricity. Knowing fully the need of the power the unwanted and unwarranted agitators behind the mask of public savers on the head of Udayakumar paving a drastic way of life for the people. Present need of the hour is survival that too depend on the electricity mostly. At any cost the agitatorts should be crushed with iron arm both by the State and Central Government for the cause of upliftment of the welfare and prosperity of the Nation.

  9. Ravindra Bhangaonkar says

    I am not an expert in environmental sciences or atomic power. But I do have faith in our scientists be them MR Srinivasan, K Kasturirangan, Anil Kakodkar and others to top these all is the charismatic personality of Dr, APJ Abdul Kalam. They will not play with the life of a common man. Power demand in the country is very high and power shortage is affecting industry and agriculture as well. There are risks in every type of activity. When our scientists are assuring that all known precautions are taken care of to the best of their knowledge; let have faith in them. They must have taken care for scientifically guistimated seismic activity in the region. Hopefully, these two projects Kundankulam and Jaitapur in Maharashtra will get a green signal..and all fighting and constroversies will be settled amicably.

  10. Srinivasan Iyer says

    Udaykumar’s tirade against Dr M.R.Srinivasan as being a ‘biased person’ is misplaced. He is a technocrat and scientist of repute recognised even by the world regulating body on Nuclear energy on whose committees he has served for any years. After being responsible for successful launch of nuclear power stations in India, he must be well aware of safety features as well as the latest safety features in new plants. Can Mr Udaykumar give one reason as to how he is better qualified than Dr M.R.Srinivasan on such matters? He may be a good rabble rouser but that is not a good substitute for sound reason on technical matters. I wish he had more technical reasons than a mass of innocent and ignorant people to give credibility to his movement.

  11. Ilango S says

    It is the Central Govt. knowingly restricted the power to Tamil Nadu. Intention to commission the Koodangulam project. Govt blames the agitator of Koodangulam, then what about Ratnagiri in Maharastra.
    We need to say that inhuman brains ruling the country. As we know that people does not allow the mobile tower to installation and commissioning in their residential area, as that the Electromagnetic radiation from the tower can affect the immune system and also cause cancer and other health risk. Agitator knows about the fact of Chernobyl disaster in 1986 which killed more than 16000 people and still more than 2 lac people suffering even though they were evacuated from the disaster site.
    Even though, Koodangulam is safe project, ruling Govt in both Centre and state should understand the psychic state of mind of people living near the project area.

  12. niladri mohanty says

    Had Baba Ramdev or people like him organised the agitation, our secular Gov. would have taken decisive steps and smashed the agitation by now.

    Niladrinath Mohanty

  13. trikarn says

    this somehow looks like a ploy by american companies, who have rivalry with russia!
    cannot forget old cold war soviet vilification.
    let jayalalitha go ahead and crush this anti national movement.

  14. Puneet says

    Dear Mr satyanarayana krishna,
    The design of all the structures and the equipment are done and analyzed for the seismic forces. Not only the seismic, the design has done to meet the all such external forces including the natural and the man-made. Natural external effects included the Seismic, Tsunami/ tidal waves/ flood storm, cyclones whereas the man-made encompass the Fire, Shockwave and Aircraft crash impact . For further details please visit know about KKNPP at .

  15. sajith says

    Shame on the church who is atempting to impress upon illiterate locals as their saviours from a “disaster” called nuclear plant! This shows how far they will go for their conversion programmes even at the cost of national intrest.

    A few number of converts to their religion on account of this agitation is more important to the church than the development this plant will bring in for the country.

    The financial sources for this sham agitation needs to be found out and all those who are involved in this sabotage should be punished exemplarily.

  16. Pradeep Nair says

    I am very happy see JJ’s decision. There is no doubt that the Udayakumar and the Church’s actions were field managed by lure of money from foreign foces and it is extremely worrying that these people put national interest behind money making. Velvet glove handling of these anti nationals needs to stop. The Government needs to forget religion, caste, creed etc., and act in the interest of the nation.

  17. Ramanathan Umapathy says

    Uday Kumar is non technical guy whose theories have been propounded by Russian Rivals-Name not to mention -but known to all
    This whole charade is business leverage by Rivals to Russians through proxy called Uday Kumar
    As Russians do not accept safety regulation even for future 2*2000mw this whole thing was orchestrated by all concerned to make an even field for all future suppliers-names well known!
    Politicians roped in stupid uday Kumar with crumbs and fellow fell for it
    It is nothing but different countries of potential suppliers settling score with Russians with an active Indian participation to rope in recalcitrant Russians to fall for safety regulations for all future supplies!!
    To make Indian Active Nuclear Energy program a grand success
    Now Russians have reconsidered for safety for future supplies -on equal; footing with Other guys Koodankulam will be commissioned-Uday Kumar/Local Parish were the flag bearers in the whole charade!! very soon guns will fall silent-poor local Christians -mostly have turned out to a suckers-To say in Yankee English!! They will ask for Uday Kumar’s Head-We are going to watch a new Cinema 70mm style !!
    Good Luck Ms.Jaya Lalitha!! get the plant commissioned
    Let TN and country get badly needed power with all foreign suppliers on equal footings for Nuclear equipment supplies!!

  18. satyanarayana krishna says

    I am a retired structural engineer who worked for 35 years on thermal and nuclear power plants. For a nuclear power plant, a very high seismic force, when compared to other structures in the same city, is specified based on a study done by a specialist agencies considering the hazard in case of an earthquake. All the structures and the equipment are designed for this high force. The fact that no supporting person has brought it out including the ex-president raises a doubt whether a)such binding statements are in the Contract Document between Government of India and the Contractor and b) even if it is in the Contract whether it has been conformed with by the Contractor.

  19. says

    This project was started a decade back. A huge amount has been spent so far on building the plant to make it close to operational. This is not the only nuclear plant in the country. Despite the fact the the other plants are operating without any safety issues, the protesters still adamant on abandoning the plant. Time to invoke the National Security Act against the head of the protesters.

  20. Ayyappan Ramasamy says

    It is not begining of endgame to Kudankulam power plant. There is a proverb “A stitch in time saves nine” -meaning is “a preventive step is better”.

    Now 8 to 12 hour power cut exist in most part of Tamilnadu. No continous power is for eight hours shift. There will be increased power demands during summer, with reduced power production from few units. If she did not reduce the increased power cuts(Present issue), there will be big trouble for her government in the summer. She will govern

  21. Raghavendra Bhartia says

    If the Russians are going to go ahead with their implementation of the Kudankulam nuclear power reactors, then it is imperative that India give General Electric/Westinghouse of the USA and Areva of France a mandate to deploy their power reactors elsewhere in India. Westinghouse reactors have proven themselves, so too is the technology from General Electric. India should have a mix of the best and not a Russian monoculture, our policy makers should give the US and French companies a fair share of deployment work-orders.

  22. kallol paul says

    Will the concerned officials …persons handling the sanctions and actions be made to live in the close by periphery as other general public residing there?

  23. ramakrishnan kesavaprakash says

    J J has stared and sure the end will be in the favour of her and TN

  24. Mangudi Balan says

    Hope she does not backtrack her decision on MRS. Tamilnadu badly needs the Power from this plant.

  25. muthu oixs says

    Miss.Jayalalitha is an iron lady. can be matched to Indira Gandhi for taking bold steps , disregarding any consequences.

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